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Converter v2.2

Size: 18 KB
Date: April 1, 2002 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v2.0
  • converter2_2.zip

Author: Matt Marsh
Home: http://www.mattmarsh.net/
Email: matt@mattmarsh.net

Whether you're travelling and need to convert from celsius to fahrenheit, or if you're a scientist needing to convert radioactivity types, convert with ease, convert with Converter!

Now supporting 100 types in 14 different categories, Converter covers all the types you need and plenty more besideds, all ltucked into a compact, easy to use application.

Converter lets you configure the types you frequently use so that you can access those without the others getting in the way. One click and the rest of the types are still available to you.

Give Converter a try today, it uses only 22K of memory on your Palm and best of all it is completely free. Converter is the definative Palm conversion tool and the only one you'll need.

Update Description:
v2.2 (4/1/02):

  • Added engineering categories including Acceleration, Density, Energy, Flow, Force and Power
  • Added ''Numbers'' category which allows conversion between decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal andeven Roman numerals
  • Added automotive categories of Fuel Consumption and Torque
  • Added many types to existing categories
  • Added small icon for the application launcher list mode and also a color icon
  • Fixed bug with conversions of Kilometers to Furlongs
  • Fixed bug with shoe size conversions giving wrong results when converting to or from USA shoe sizes
  • Fixed bug causing conversions from Atmospheres to Atmospheres to always return zero
  • Fixed readme file in the .zip to have proper formating for viewing on a Windows system
  • Eliminated annoying flicker at application launch and on opening the preferences dialog


**** [Jan 19, 2006] by Tyler
Very good. Missing volts, eV and a few other things but over all quite nice.

**** [Jul 16, 2005] by Andrew
Its a really great program, however the torque category doesnt have inch-pounds or foot-pounds. Its not a dificult conversion to make, but it would be nice if it had it.

***** [Nov 10, 2004] by Riddar
Simple, easy, incredibly handy. Exactly what I needed

***** [Oct 12, 2004] by CreatedBy1
This is DEFINITELY handy! Whoever designed this gets five stars from me! Thanks again... Now I don't have to figure out what 12 degrees celcius translates to!

**** [Sep 3, 2004] by chchu
Simplicity at its best.hope you create other palm programs.

***** [Jun 14, 2004] by Kal
Installed on Tungsten W with no problems. I love it!

***** [May 4, 2004] by Bruce
Splendid utility! Thank you, and congratulations to Mr. Marsh.

***** [Apr 19, 2004] by Pedro
Very Good Software, it works GREAT! Thank You.

**** [Feb 15, 2004] by glommer
This program has almost everything you could want in a units convertor. The only thing it seems to be lacking is the ability to convert currency. It is very easy to use and to find the units you wish to convert. Highly recommended!

***** [Oct 5, 2003] by C.G.
Fantastic. Easy to use. Runs perfectly.

**** [May 4, 2003] by E M-B
It's a good tool. It only lacks (and I think it is a major fault at that) a Currency section. It would be great it could even be configurable! Then we woldn't need anything else in our Palms!!

***** [Mar 25, 2003] by finalcut
Wow. A must, period! A tool that all engineer like me must have!

***** [Feb 7, 2003] by Chris
There should be a rating above EXCELLENT? Because this program is fantastic. Great variety of categories and units within each category. Great program, just what I was looking for.

**** [Feb 4, 2003] by Danny
I found that the shoe sizing is off in comparison to the shoe sizing marked on the actual shoes.(from us to european).

**** [Aug 21, 2002] by Nard
Great program! Just one comment, can't input more than 5 digits when converting numbers getting result (out of range).

***** [Jul 30, 2002] by Gary
A must have for your PDA. Simply amazing tool to have.

***** [Apr 2, 2002] by Dennis Khaw
Excellent Program and very easy to use. The newest update has so much more additional functions!! Thanks for the great work!

*** [Apr 2, 2002] by Dale F. Martin
I try to put known sizes in the converter for clothing and I get invalid answer. I think your program is very good except for this problem. I am using a Visor Platium.

***** [Mar 15, 2002] by Mitch
Finally a converter that converts almost anything! And a snap to use too! Thanks!

***** [Feb 21, 2002] by David
One of the BEST utilities for the Palm. Hope that more categories are added in the future.

***** [Feb 21, 2002] by Rolando Edwards
Muy buena herramienta para Palm. Gracias!!!

***** [Feb 14, 2002] by Cuong Nguyen
Wonderful tool for Palm. Thanks!

***** [Dec 14, 2001] by Vassilis
Thanx for the great utility!

***** [Mar 13, 2001] by Osmond
Great tool to have around for your palm!

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