Top Free Games You Can Play on Palm OS

Top Free Games You Can Play on Palm OS

Top Free Games You Can Play on Palm OS – For many people nowadays, the name of Palm OS might not be that familiar. That is because this operating system was meant to be used for the PDA. Even though, you cannot deny that there are some people who missed this operating system because Palm OS is considered as the great grandfather of the android OS nowadays. If you are feeling nostalgic about this old operating system, then you might want to recall some of the top free games that you might use to play on the Palm OS of yours. Here are some of them.

The first one is PacDude. For those who have been playing games since many years ago, the term of Pac will surely remind you of one of the greatest games in the history. It is Pacman. Yes, the PacDude can be considered as the real copy of Pacman for the PDA and Palm OS. The game is quite simple, but a lot of people played this games for hours every single day. The second one is Moving Block Puzzle. This is the kind of game that will make you think using your brain. You only find two blocks and two puzzle games. It sounds quite simple, but it is not going to be as easy as you thought. That is why a lot of people love to spend their free time playing this game on the Palm OS. You might also play this game in.

Free Games You Can Play on Palm OS

The third one is IMR Snake. Yes, this is also another one of the greatest games in the history. You can even say that the 90s kids are very familiar with this kind of game. If you were playing this game on the PDA, you can be sure that your gaming experience was one of the best at that time since many others are playing the snake game on the monochrome screen. The last but not least is the Xibble. In the past, multiplayer games were not that popular because there are not many people who play games together, unless they are using one console or device. However, with the existence of Xibble, the trend was slightly changing. There are not many games that offer the multiplayer feature, but this game did. It was one of those reasons why Xibble was quite popular in Palm OS since you can play this game with some of your friends all at once.

Some of the Best Palm OS Software You Need to Have

Some of the Best Palm OS Software You Need to Have

Some of the Best Palm OS Software You Need to Have – If you want to take a closer look on the operating systems that many devices use nowadays, the options are quite limited to Windows, Android, and iOS. That is because those three are quite dominating the market nowadays with their products. However, in the past, there is one operating system called Palm OS. This is the kind of OS that was very famous for the PDA. For your persona reference, PDA is the kind of small computer gadget that you can easily use for many different things. You can say that this device was the modern computer in a handheld size. As one of the best software at that time, there are some software that you surely need if you are using this operating system. Here are some of the best that you can try.

– Vindigo
The first software is called Vindigo. On the modern device, you can easily find an application of software called Google Map. Other than that, there are some other mapping applications that you can find. However, in the past there were not many options. Even if you had, not all of them are as good as Vindigo. Yes, this application is one of the best mapping application where most of the cities around the world can be viewed. Of course, there are some limitations, but Vindigo gave you the least limitations.

– Adobe Reader
The second one is Adobe Reader. This software is still considered as one of the best software that many people use to read the pdf file. It is because of the features and access that you can get from this application. In the past, people are using Microsoft Office when they are dealing with documents. However, to make it mobile, they will convert the documents into pdf file and the best application to access that file was Adobe Reader. That is why Adobe Reader is still dominating the market as one of the best pdf viewer applications.

– Crash
The last one is Crash. As you might have known, Palm OS is meant for the PDA device. That means there will be times when you have to deal with problems related with its internal software. That is why the software Crash came for. The basic idea of the software is a bit similar with the recovery tools and some other fixing software that you can find nowadays. However, it is one absolute thing that Crash can only be used with the Palm OS.

What Happened to Palm OS

What Happened to Palm OS

Those who are interested in mobile technologies must have heard about Palm OS. This brand is known as one of the pioneers that could be a par for Microsoft and Apple. Unfortunately, its journey is not as smooth as the other competitors. Many things have happened to Palm OS and each of them mark the history of the company.
– Early 90s
Palm OS won’t be established if Palm Computing did not exist. 1992 is the year of company’s first announcement. They start with a big project: helping Casio Zoomer which at that time is the competitor of Apple. Palm Computing also takes part in Graffiti, the product that could accept handwriting input. Jeff Hawkins, the founder of the company, appoints Donna Dubinsky as the CEO.

– Late 90s and Early 00s
Business runs smoothly for seven years, and the company is trusted to handle various projects. Each of them is dealing with big companies and the products delivered by Palm Computing are always on top class. In 1999, the company releases their product named Palm V, designed to showcase its beauty.

In 2003, Palm Company re-arrange the management and introduces themselves as PalmOne. The goal is providing software system, a competitor to Microsoft. Many third-party companies are ready to buy the system. Unfortunately, this attempt fails and Palm Company goes back to the starting line.

– The Calm Before the Storm
Another six calm years passed but the obsession with software for operating system has not died yet. CES gadget palooza was the first event used by Palm Company to announce its latest product. The OS is called WebOS. As a software, many people admit its innovation and efficiency. This could be a great start if the pre-model is as creative as poker players’ strategies to bet in online site.

As the result of hard blow by Pre-Web OS phone, Palm Company cannot survive and should be sold to HP. This company is valued at 1.2 billion. HP would use the system for their upcoming products, but never make a big profit out of it.

To understand the timeline of Palm OS, it is easier to divide the session to early 90s, early 00s and the time before the management sold the company. All seem to be smooth and good in the beginning, especially because of the innovation is creative, essential and helpful. In the end, they give up.

Amazing Software of Palm OS Worth to Remember

Amazing Software of Palm OS Worth to Remember

Amazing Software of Palm OS Worth to Remember – Indeed, nowadays it is very hard to find people who are still using PDA. It is because the features of PDA are quite limited, especially if you compare it with many smart phones nowadays. Even though, you have to admit that PDA and its Palm OS was one of the greatest and the coolest that you can have. Since the basic idea of PDA is quite similar with the smartphone nowadays, it is something common for the Palm OS to have some nice applications or software that are worth to remember once again. If you are interested, then here are some of those software from Palm OS worthy to remember.

– Vexed
Vexed is the first software that many people were using on their Palm OS. Basically, Vexed is just a simple puzzle game that you can play on Palm OS. However, a lot of people are interested on this puzzle game because of the challenges and the colorful display. You need to remember that at that time, most of the games are monochrome so that colorful game such as Vexed in Palm OS was very famous.

– AcidImage
AcidImage is the second on the list. As one of those modern device at that time, you can view your images and pictures from the PDA directly. Palm OS also has that kind of application viewing your photos and pictures. However, there are a lot of people who used AcidImage to do that because of the better display and more features of this software. Some of you might also use AcidImage to see your photos and pictures.

– Diddlebug
The third one is Diddlebug. This application is actually something that can help you keep your notes as something privacy. In PDA, people wrote down many notes and some of them are considered as something private. That is why some people are using Diddlebug to keep those notes private. This Palm OS software is used to scrabble the notes that you have. So, no one will be able to read your private notes.

– Vindigo
The last one is Vindigo, a mapping software. It is not hard to find map software and application nowadays because of the technology. However, in the era of Palm OS on PDA, Vindigo was one of the best. That is because the features are quite complete and you can find many different routes from this mapping application. Some people said that Vindigo is actually the pioneer of the GPS map and some other mapping application nowadays.

Palm OS, How It Begins

Palm OS: How It Begins

Palm OS has helped many users to enjoy more access to the extended world of the digital era. Through its system which focuses on a mobile device, especially touch screen mobile, users can enjoy to arrange their schedule and perform many tasks and games. Here is the history of Palm OS.

– The Beginning

Palm OS was developed by Palm. Inc for touch screen mobile in 1996. It was designed under Jeff Hawkins. This operating system was made to help the user for operating their PDA based on the graphical user interface. It provides basic features for personal management and the version later on updated for the use of smartphones.

Palm OS can be said as the pioneer in the mobile operating system which later on developed into some versions which better in features and functions. Technology has developed and people tend to have their smartphones to support their daily activities. They don’t need a notebook nor paper to write down their schedule.

Using the Smartphones or PDA with Palm OS, they can arrange their schedule and manage to open a browser to play games from anywhere and anytime. They can perform their tasks faster and better with a mobile device supported by the Palm operating system.

– The Versions

Palm operating system comes in seven versions and a third party operating system enhancement. The first version of Palm OS is Palm OS 1.0 which is launched in March 1996. The second version is Palm OS 2.0 which is launched in March 1997. The third version is Palm OS 3.0 which is launched in March 1998. The fourth version is Palm OS 4.0 which is released on March 2001.

The fifth version is introduced as Palm OS 5 or people refer it as Palm OS Garnet. This version has new features and advantages that bring ease to its users, such as bigger processing power, extended connectivity access using wireless, modern multimedia features and more. This makes the user enjoy entertainment and features online casino games at more than before.

Palm OS Cobalt released in February 2004 and introducing modern OS features, such as multimedia and security systems. The last is third party operating system enhancement which made some custom modification on some version, such as the addition of Bluetooth on Palm OS 4.0 gadget and more

With the existence of Palm OS on the smartphones, it helps the users to access entertaining content from the browser. It is such helpful and pioneer operating system in PDA and smartphone.

Disadvantages and Advantages Of Using Palm OS

Disadvantages and Advantages Of Using Palm OS

Disadvantages and Advantages Of Using Palm OS – Palm OS is a mobile operating system developed by Palm, Inc. By using Palm OS, users can enjoy many features for their touch screen mobile with graphical user interface based-technology system. It makes the user experience a new level in streaming on their mobile phone. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Palm OS.

Disadvantages of using Palm OS

However, the user also can’t download the application using the external memory. Of course, this will give a disadvantage for the user with limited internal memory. Since this mobile operating system has been stopped operating, users no longer can enjoy the new features of this OS.

Palm OS used to be a pioneer in the mobile operating system with great graphical user interface technology which can make their user enjoy more applications. Palm OS offers fewer system and extended connectivity to the users. It also weaknesses since the development is stopped nowadays.

– Advantages of using Palm OS

There are some advantages of Palm OS that will be loved by the users. Palm operating system has fewer systems which make it can be operated with any mobile devices so that the users don’t need to upgrade their PDA or Personal Digital Assistant device with the newest one which is expensive. Palm OS also doesn’t need much memory.

Users also can upgrade to the newest version of Palm OS with no worry about their previous applications and data because it will automatically upgrade into the newest version of Palm OS, for example you don’t need to worry about your data in your online casino site because it won’t lose even you upgrade to the newest version. User can enjoy more application in their mobile devices and connect to wide wireless connectivity because Palm OS provides the user with extended connectivity.

Palm OS 5 Updates Users with New Features

Palm OS 5 Updates Users with New Features!

Palm OS 5 is a breakthrough operating system which makes anything becomes possible for mobile devices users. Users can have ease in their life because many tasks can be done through the smartphone. Enjoying the gambling games from the site can be done easily with Palm OS 5. Here are the features of Palm OS 5 that you need to know.

– The Enhancement of Security

Most of the users and customers, especially in big companies need to have a guarantee about the security of their data and privacy. This is the most important thing that needs to be figured out by the most operating system. Palm OS knows this better than the other OS, that’s why Palm OS 5 equipped with the best security system its system which can be integrated into the applications.

Not only the application but also based on the company policy wants to implement this security system to protect their data and information. It can be adjusted with the needs of the company itself. Collaborated with RSA, Palm OS 5 covers data encryption 128 bit based on RC4 algorithm and support of SSL for email, web search, and commercial transaction.

– Modern Multimedia Feature

Palm OS 5 also equipped with a bigger screen than before with the support of 320×320 pixels. It brings a new concept of virtual content and world into the highest level which makes the users be able to enjoy video in high definition resolution and support the video recording as well as audio file playback. It makes the user be able to enjoy browsing and accessing the entertainment site with more fun and enjoyable.

– Broad Connectivity

Users tend to choose any technology and operating system which can give then freedom in connectivity. Palm OS 5 gives them board wireless connectivity which supports 802.11b in the system. This will give more supports for Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA network with extended connectivity. This will improve the connection speed which becomes the key point to have smooth and stable internet access to the mobile device.

– Bigger Processing Energy

With the right support of processor for ARM, Palm OS 5 can faster the software program of the device including the modern graphic and bigger data management. The Palm application will have a bigger improvement in performance up to 300 percent.

Palm OS 5 with increased features will make the user enjoy the new experience of having greater device performance. Some increased features of Palm OS 5 are the enhancement of security, modern multimedia feature, broad connectivity, and bigger processing energy. This entire make user can enjoy great access to get more entertainment.

Palm Operating System Memory and Process Handling

Palm Operating System Memory and Process Handling

Palm OS is a computer operating system that is the platform of the PalmPilot PDA. It is a Palm Computing production, part of 3Com. Palm OS is designed to be right on a palm-sized device of a certain size with a certain screen size. 3Com said that PalmPilot was more successful because the approach was focused, indeed Microsoft Windows CE and Symbian’s EPOC were operating systems for handheld devices but were designed for a wider area of devices. Users use one application at a certain time, one application program must be completed before the next one can be selected. This limitation makes the operating system fully dedicate attention to open applications. The space needed by the system for each application that is running is dynamic, reusable memory (RAM). Associated applications and databases are stored in permanent storage, but the permanent storage is RAM (not hard disk). Palm OS divides an application into executable code and different types of data elements, such as user interfaces and icons. Data elements in Palm Operating System can be easily changed without the need to rewrite the code. Palm Computing supports Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior as an official software developer (SDK) using a Macintosh or Windows. The advantages of PalmOS compared to other operating systems are that Palm has a few and fast system requirements so that sophisticated and expensive PDA devices are not needed. But this is what causes PalmPilot rarely has voice facilities, and color screens. Palm OS is a computer operating system that provides a software platform for handheld Palm series personal digital assistants (PDAs) created by Palm Inc. According to Palm, Palm OS was designed from the start to fit into palm-size devices with a specific size and screen size. Microsoft Windows CE and Symbian EPOC (originated by Psion) are also operating systems for handheld devices, but are designed to serve a wider range of devices.

This obstacle allows the operating system to devote full attention to open applications. The space needed by the system for each running application is stored in dynamic, random access to memory (RAM) can be used. The related applications and databases are stored in what is called permanent storage, but here permanent storage is RAM (not hard disk) that cannot be reused as dynamic RAM can. Palm OS is equipped with this built-in application: Date, Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Calculator, and Password Protection.

Users of the UNIX platform can use a kit called GCC, which is available through the Free Software Foundation then the programmers could use between C, C ++, or else assembler, even they can use scripting. Palm’s user interface is emulated in windows in the desktop environment, encouraging rapid application development. Simple applications can be developed using the Palm shape interface. This is provided with a basic application suite for personal information management. Then the version of the OS has been expanded to support smartphones. Some other licenses have been produced by devices supported by Palm OS.

A Glimpse of Palm Operating System

A Glimpse of Palm Operating System

Palm incorporation, a company that made Palm Operating system, was found in 1992 and based in Sunnyvale, California, United States. Palm OS is designed for devices that are easy of use with a graphical touchscreen user interface. Inside the operating system, it provides basic application suite for the management of personal information. A few years later the platform was expanded so that it could support smartphones and PDA phones. After buying Palm, the Palm trademark by ACCESS which later changed its name to Garnet OS. In 2007, ACCESS introduced the successor to Garnet OS, with the name Access Linux Platform in 2009. The advantages of PalmOS compared to other operating system is that Palm has fast system requirements so that PDA devices are not needed. It is sophisticated and expensive, and doesn’t require a lot of memory to run properly.

On the other hand, Palm OS’s weaknesses are not having external/additional storage media, although it can be filled with programs, software or applications but cannot be installed with too much capacity because of its memory limitations. In addition, the company that developed Palm has been turned down so the possibility of the Palm program development will never be done anymore, in other words the current development may only be formed as support for Palm program only. Palm OS was first launched in 1996 which is an operating system for digital devices developed by PalmSource Inc., intended for various PDA (Personal Data Assistant) brands. Palm OS is designed to be easy to use and works similar to Microsoft Windows. In a PDA, OS Palm is bundled with address book, clock, notes, synchronization menu, viewer and security application.

Palm is the main competitor of the Windows Mobile operating system in the early 2000s. Palm is also a pioneer of the operating system that is absolutely used by a smart phone. Unfortunately, Palm’s fame lately dropped as the presence of its rivals increasingly fierce. The advantage of OS Palm is that it doesn’t require a lot of memory to run it properly. With a capacity of 16MB, for example, it’s already more than enough to inject various additional application functions. Finally, Palm reportedly will release their latest cellphone called the Palm Pre. The Palm Operating System, which began in 1996, actually could have been called an OS pioneer on handsets for PDAs and Smartphones, this was due to the rapid development of products using Palm and also the large number of third parties who made programs for Palm, until now there are thousands of programs for Palm-based electronic devices.

Palm OS is designed to be right on a palm-sized device of a certain size with a certain screen size. Users use one application at a certain time, one application program must be completed before the next one can be selected. This limitation makes the operating system dedicate attentively to open applications. The space needed by the system for each application that is running is dynamic, reusable memory (RAM). Associated applications and databases are stored in permanent storage, but the permanent storage is RAM (not hard disk). Palm OS divides an application into executable code and different types of data elements, such as user interfaces and icons. Data elements can be easily changed without the need to rewrite the code.

Palm OS 5 with A Range Of New Increased Features

Palm OS 5 with A Range Of New Increased Features

Operating system based on mobile need has been getting popular over the past few years. The reason is obvious that mobile OS allows users to get some kinds of advantage such as using certain apps fit to the need of modern people. System of open source is characteristic of Palm OS, so there will be new apps made by experts outside of Palm developers. One thing you must understand before using Palm is that this mobile system takes benefit of RAM on your gadget. So, external memory cannot be benefited to store data of applications you downloaded. Just imagine when you have limited RAM, so the more memory used, the more your gadget functions not optimally.

Some series of Palm OS has been launched to the market. One of them is Palm OS 5. Compared to the previous series, there are some new features that are more advanced so there will be significant improvement users can benefit from. Greater processing power is one among many you can gain when using Palm OS 5. Acceleration in optimal level will be what Palm OS 5 has to offer, so it will fasten the run of every single application you are using. More advanced graphics can be another plus point of this new series of Palm OS.

Sophisticated multimedia features are also available in Palm OS 5. So, you can watch movies or listen to the music in more comfortable way due to the feature. 320×320 pixel screen is brought by the new Palm OS. It means you can open application in its good way. Extended wireless connectivity is another advantage you can find anytime you use Palm OS 5. So, internet can be accessed in longer span of space making the users more addicted to this OS.

Security is firmly an important part of mobile operating system. This is the reason why Palm OS pay attention to this thing in a serious way. When you use Palm OS 5, what you can get related to security system is something increased. So, you no longer need to worry other people can take benefit from your gadget without your surveillance as Palm OS 5 has something to secure your gadget from hazard illegal access. Those are several plus points provided by Palm OS 5. For sure, at the booming of Palm OS use, this newest series is popular as there are so many advantages to take without any doubt.

System Of Mobile Operating

Palm OS, Pioneer In The System Of Mobile Operating

Talking about mobile operating system, Android and iOS are some that catch attention many people due to some advantages people can get from. But in the past, Palm OS was commonly used by many people who have PDA. It is the first mobile operating system offering personal information management through some kinds of application provided in the app store. It is quite a long time users of PDA love using Palm as this helps many things to be easier done. For example, one can arrange many kinds of daily routines digitally by this OS.

To make users of Palm comfortable using the system, Palm offers something to secure PDA. It is a kind of security system letting users locks PDA so that no illegal access is available to do. Another plus point provided by this system is Palm OS always improve graphics so that users can be more comfortable in running an application. Not to mention, made for the purpose of open source make Palm able of providing more apps by which users can get something new for daily activities.

In addition to what plus points Palm has to offer, there are also some kinds of negative side anytime users of PDA using Palm. Limitation on the storage system is one of them. After downloading an application, memory of a PDA will be consumed so this way, one needs a gadget with large RAM as there is no option to store app in external memory. Operating an app is also limited, not like what Android has to offer with multi-tasking. Those negative sides certainly lead to discontinued operation of Palm as the competitors provide more than the company as to offer. But Palm also has something great to remember. This operating system offers maximum security for PDA users.

Certainly the use of mobile operating system is currently basic need for modern people. Not only do people have a chance on working from anywhere they are with mobile operating system but also enjoy life optimally as streaming movies and music is now easily done by mobile operating system. Let discuss what Android has to offer, you can use the system to make what you do daily easier. Palm OS was also popular in the past time and it serves many people just like what Android do now. Despite of the discontinued operation, Palm OS is still remembered to be one and the only in the pas time to help people easier running their life with PDA.

operating system

The Developments of Palm OS until the End

The Palm OS can be considered as one of those best operating systems for smartphone that has died since a decade ago. That is because this operating system was ended around 2006, before the whole project and company was taken by Linux. Even though this operating system was ended about a decade ago, it turned out that the development of the Palm OS was considered as something quite amazing. If you are interested, here are some of the major developments from the first to the last version of the Palm OS that was released more than a decade ago.

The first version of Palm OS or the Palm 1.0 has some starters that many people will consider as something quite common. Some of them are the address and memo book, and also the to-do list feature. However, there is something that many people love from this version. It is the hiding feature that can help you to hide some specific files for your personal privacy. Besides that, this first version of Palm OS also has the handwriting recognition feature that will let you write down something and the system will turn it into text. Going to the second version of Palm OS, Palm 2.0 does not really have a lot of additional applications. That is because there are only two main applications that are added. They are the mail application and the expense application. However, one thing that many people and love is the network connection. This kind of feature was totally new because the world of internet has started around the year of 1997. That is why this OS did not want to fall behind and tried to implement the feature on their operating system.

The Palm 3.0 might be one of those version that has a lot of changes. That is because this version has some extra versions starting from 3.0 to 3.5 OS version. Unfortunately, there are not many changes that you can get from these versions. That is because their main purpose was to maximize the internet function that will help all of their users to use the internet even better using the Palm OS that they have. Going to the fourth version, the Palm 4.0 and up, there was only one version of this Palm OS. Even though, the OS version did not get a lot of changes, there was one major thing that attracted a lot of attention from this OS version. It is the implementation of the USB device as the external storage. With this kind of feature, the limited storage capacity inside the phone will not be a problem anymore. That is because you can upgrade it using the external storage to the number that you want.

The last OS version, Palm 5.0 was originally started with the help of the subsidiary of Palm Company. Under the new name of Palm 5.0 Garnet, there are not man changes that people can find on this last version. It is as if the company just fixed the bugs that they can find on the previous version.

A Glimpse about Palm OS You Better Know

A Glimpse about Palm OS You Better Know

Palm OS was once a popular mobile operating system made for those who like using personal digital assistance, PDA. Designed for touch screen of PDA, this system provides some kinds of application so that users can operate PDA more optimally. Those applications are commonly for the use of personal information management. Using the OS, you can manage your daily routine effectively as this lets you do that paperless. Just imagine you arrange specific schedules right from the comfort of your zone without the need to take any paper for taking note.

Palm OS itself was discontinued due to inability of winning the competition in the mobile operating system industry. Emergence of Android and iOS had made Palm set aside, so it was getting difficult for Palm to bring something special to the users. Some kinds of application users can download with Palm range from address book, personal notes to some applications for personal needs. Palm also offers users of PDA wireless connectivity enabling those connecting to the internet easily. Not to mention, advanced graphics are also available making users of PDA more comfortable in operating their gadgets.

Palm OS then changed the name to be ACCESS and Garnet but still cannot be competitive in the mobile operating system industry. Some kinds of weaknesses of this operating system head to negative perception. For example, users of PDA must provide large RAM as every app downloaded from the system will be stored in internal memory.

Not to mention, limitation of only opening one application in a single operation of PDA result in something impractical so what Android has to offer by multi-tasking certainly set Palm OS aside. One among some benefits remembered by users of Palm is this system provide optimal security, so no one will be able to get illegal access on one’s PDA. Palm is also a kind of open source system letting many people get involved and this can be a benefit with no doubt.

In 2009, the use of Palm was discontinued due to some reasons. However, emergence of Palm OS becomes a milestone of new era in accessing information. Palm made everyone easy to get information digitally. Due to some kinds of limitation on that time, something like multi-tasking cannot be created so, it make sense for the OS to be set aside by the competitors. The weak one will be left behind is a common statement in business, no matter what the type is.

Strength and Weakness of Palm Operating System

Strength and Weakness of Palm Operating System

The advantages of PalmOS compared to other operating systems are that Palm has a few and fast system requirements so that PDA devices are not needed that are sophisticated and expensive, and don’t require a lot of memory to run properly. Whereas, the weakness of Palm OS is that it does not have external / additional storage media, although it can be filled with a program, software or application but cannot be installed with a lot of capacity because of only memory limitations. In addition, the company that developed Palm has been stopped so the possibility of the development of the Palm program will not be there anymore and the current development may only be in the form of support for Palm’s old product products.

Examples of products that embed the Palm operating system are Palm Treo 680, 750v, Palm Centro, Palm Treo Pro, Palm Pre, Palm 700w, and much more. But here I only explain one of them, namely Palm Treo 680 This smartphone uses the Palm operating system, namely Palm OS 5.4.9 with an Intel PXA270 processor, 312MHz. Some of the features offered are Pocket Express, Microsoft Media Player, Palm files, PDF viewer, Adobe Acrobat reader, eReader, Pocket Tsebatas unes, and Document to Go.

The main features of the current Palm OS Garnet are: simple, single-tasking environment to allow the launch of full-screen applications with a basic, general GUI set monochrome or color screen with a resolution of up to 480 × 320 pixels, Handwriting recognition input system called Graffiti 2, HotSync technology for synchronizing data with a desktop computer, sound playback and recording capabilities, Simple security model: devices can be locked with a password, arbitrary application notes can be carried out privately, TCP / IP network access, serial port / USB, infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, expansion memory card support, set standard data formats for personal information management applications to store, address calendar tasks, and record entries, accessed by third party applications. Included with the OS are also a standard set of applications, with the most relevant for the four PIM operations mentioned.

The Palm Address program stores contact information, typing by several user-defined categories. Entries will be displayed and sorted in last name, first order name (this can be changed only for Company, Last Name order). There are five slots for telephone or e-mail, each of which can be designated Work, Home, Fax, Other, E-mail, Main, Pager or Mobile (the name of the slot cannot be changed). The new Contacts app adds the following features: multiple addresses, 9 new fields: Website, Birthday, More phone numbers, Instant Messaging with fast connections.

Book dates show a simple daily or weekly schedule, or monthly view. Daily schedules have one line per hour, between user-selected start and end times. Clicking on a blank line creates a new event. Empty lines are congested by actual events, which start and stop time are displayed by default brackets on the left side. The new calendar app adds the following features: New day views, use of categories for events, event locations, events can span midnight, event details, birthdays as timeless events. Supports the designation of time zones for events, features lacking in some newer competitors.

History of Palm Operating System

History of Palm Operating System

Palm OS 1.0 is the original version present on Pilots 1000 and 5000. Versions and all previous versions of Palm OS 5 are based on the 68000 AMX kernel [11] licensed from KADAK Products Ltd. Although this kernel is technically capable of multitasking, the “license terms and conditions which specifically states that maybe the Palm Protect API is for creating / manipulating tasks in the OS “. Palm OS does not distinguish between RAM and file storage systems. The application is installed directly into RAM and executed on the spot. Because there is no dedicated file system supported, the operating system depends on a constant RAM refresh cycle to store memory. The OS supports 160 × 160 displaying monochrome output. User input is generated through Graffiti or optional handwriting recognition systems via a virtual keyboard. This system supports synchronizing data to other PCs through HotSync technology by itself several serial interfaces. The latest bugfix release is version 1.0.7. Version 1.0 features the classic PIM Address application, Date Book, Memo Pad, and To Do List. Also includes a calculator and security tool to hide notes for personal use.

Palm OS 2.0 was introduced on March 10, 1997 with PalmPilot Personal and Professional [13]. This version adds TCP / IP networks, HotSync networks, and backlight display support. The last bugfix release is version 2.0.5. A couple of new applications, Mail and Load are added, and the PIM application standard has been improved. Palm OS 3.0, this version adds IrDA infrared and improved font support. This version also has a PIM application update feature and an update for the application launcher. Now, application code and data must be loaded into the device’s RAM, similar to the behaviour of a desktop operating system. A Universal Connector support with new USB is introduced. Optionally before Mobile Internet Kit is now part of the operating system. This version also has increased security and UI.

Palm OS 5 (not called 5.0) was inaugurated by the PalmSource Sawit subsidiary in June 2002 and was first implemented on the Tungsten Palm T. This is the first version released to support ARM devices, with support for the Dragonball application through the Palm Environment Compatibility Application (PACE) emulator. Even with the addition of PACE overhead, Palm applications usually run faster on ARM devices than previous generation hardware. New software can take advantage of ARM processors with small ARM code units, referred to as ARMlets.

With a stronger hardware base, Palm OS has been substantially enhanced for multimedia capabilities. High density 320 × 320 screens are supported together with full digital sound playback and API recording. A separate Palm Bluetooth stack is added together with the IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi stack. Secure network connection via SSL is supported. The OS can be customized with a different color scheme. Palm OS 5 PalmSource was developed and licensed a web browser called PalmSource Web Browser, [20] which is based on the NetFront 3.0 ACCESS browser ‘. Palm OS Cobalt (6.0) is the successor intended for Palm OS 5. This was introduced on February 10, 2004, but was no longer offered from ACCESS (see the next section).

What Exactly Palm OS

What Exactly Palm OS Is All About?

For users of PDA, Palm OS must sound familiar as this is the one and the only in the past time helping many users of PDA to manage personal information. Those having PDA have a chance to download a range of apps designed to make life more convenient to run. Not only does this OS offers something like book address and personal note in digital form, but also many kinds of app such as game and music player. So, PDA users can download anytime they want certain apps that they think important for daily life.

But Palm OS is not inactive. Palm Inc as the founder of this system announced to the public that Palm was no longer in the mobile industry. The reason for this condition might be due to existence of other operating systems like Android and Blackberry providing more than Palm has to offer. But PDA users still remember how they benefit from anything provided by the system to make operation of PDA more than what they expected. Security system designed optimally by Palm is also a plus point PDA users get. Another useful feature is improving graphic that made pda users like to access many kinds of app.

Aside from many kinds of plus point, Palm also existed to the mobile industry with some negative points. One among them is inability on storing file to external memory. This way, people need to have large capacity of internal memory. Multi-tasking is not available in the system of Palm. Just imagine people using PDA need to stop running of an app before open another one. It is certainly not comfortable compared to ability of Android that provides feature of multi-tasking. You do not need to close an app as many applications can run at the same time. Certainly this is not what Palm can do to the users.

Palm OS is said to be a pioneer in mobile operating system. It is true without any doubt since what this app has done to users of PDA is just like what Android done to the users. And Palm begins all and then other operating systems follow. Weaknesses are firmly part of Palm due to some limitations on that time. And some business aspects also influence the decision to stop operation of Palm OS. One for sure, Palm OS has become history of mobile operating industry and this system will be remembered until the end of time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Palm OS

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Palm OS

Palm OS is no longer used in the mobile industry but it is once a popular mobile operating system helping users of PDA to get some applications for daily activities. Developed in 1996, this mobile operating system was soon booming and it can be seen by many people using the system. Created for the purpose of touchscreen gadget user, this mobile operating system offers open-source system. This way, people who are capable of making application invited to get involved. So, there are more and more apps users can find using this mobile system. Palm also provides wireless connectivity by which you can connect to the internet from long distance. Not to mention, this system brings advanced graphics made you easy to enjoy something real related to images of certain apps you download.

Even though this mobile system was usable on that time, this mobile OS also come with some weakness as there is no option to store download app in external memory. This limited option will be a big problem for those using gadget with limited RAM. Not to mention, this mobile OS is also not capable of running multi-task. This way, you have to stop running an app before using another one. A range of benefits provided by Palm OS allows more and more people enjoy life as many kinds of app are available within. Many apps provided by Palm are not developed by experts of the Palm Company but common people who are smarts in programming.

Hard competition in fact made this OS unable to survive but this OS is the pioneer in the use of operating system based on mobile system. Arise of Android and iOs, for example, made this OS no longer able to sustain its features for mobile gadget users. As a result, this OS stopped in 2009. But however the condition is, Palm OS has become a leading in the mobile operating system on that time. This can be seen from the worldwide use of the system.

Palm Operating System is not active anymore but many people still remember how they benefit from the OS. Users of PDA benefited many things from Palm ranging from using notes to mobile watch providing by the OS. It is time to use advancement of mobile system for many purposes. Although you no longer use Palm OS, you still can get other OS providing many good features ranging from gaming to working tools.

Palm OS, What You Really Need To Know

Palm OS, What You Really Need To Know

Palm OS is platform used for PDA, which was made in 1996. This operating system was widely used at the time PDA booms, just like Android system right now. Palm OS is easy to use and created for PDA with touch screen system. When a user of Palm applies the system, there will be some kinds of application designed for personal information, so PDA user can get a range of benefits such as easily recording daily activities and reminding time of certain activity. In 2007, Palm was owned by ACCESS and then soon changed the brand to be Garnet OS.

Palm OS was the competitor of Windows Mobile on that time. But this operation of Palm was stopped in 2009 due to a range of reasons. What make Palm OS differs from others is that this offers optimal speed and to run the system, one does not need to provide gadget with large space of memory. Aside from the advantages, Palm OS also has some kinds of weaknesses. One of them is the system has no capability on storing data on external memory. And this system for PDA Gadget is no longer in the operation so that there will be no advancement you will come across in the future.

Anytime you use Palm OS, certainly some kinds of features are attached within. For example, you can use address book, notes, mobile watch and security system. Palm OS is said to be pioneer of mobile operating systems popular right now such as iOS and Android. Compared to popular OS that are being popular like Android, Palm has no ability on running multi-tasking, so you need to accomplish operation of an application before you open another one.

Every time you download an application by Palm OS, what you have installed will be stored on RAM so the more you install the application, the more your internal memory lessens. So, it will be something effective to delete an application you no longer use in order that your gadget can run at its best. Palm OS is also an open source, so those who are smart in creating certain applications allowed to participate. This system had made Palm system grows rapidly and users can get many kinds of Apps that are proper to the need of PDA Uses. Unfortunately, this open source cannot survive due to hard competition in the mobile operating system industry.