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PocketDoan v3.4.1

Size: 453 KB
Date: June 24, 2007 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.0
  • PocketDoan.zip

Author: Joseph Stadolnik
Home: http://www.getjar.com/products/...
Email: jstadolnik@hotmail.com

PocketDoan is rich featured, flexible meditation timer suitable for both individual and group sessions.

Highlights include:

  • Single and multi-stage meditation sessions.
  • Each stage can be assigned a unique time duration and alert.
  • All stages can be viewed and configured from a single edit screen.
  • Large screen buttons for stylus-free (finger) starting and stopping of sessions.
  • Analog progress wheel.
  • Various audio, vibration, and LED alerts.
  • Five volume levels (including "off" and "whisper" modes).
  • Device can turn off during a session to conserve batteries.
  • Stages can be set to block upon completion requiring user input to move to the next stage.
  • Support for 5-way navigator and jog dial controls.
  • Runs on Windows Mobile devices using StyleTap® emulation.
  • Freeware.
Update Description:
  • Fixed start-up reset bug introduced in v3.4.0.
  • Now supports up to 40 intervals per session.
  • New Utilities menu item with 3 options:
    • Move built-in .wav sounds to a memory card/drive (frees main memory).
    • Delete built-in .wav sounds (if they aren't support or desired)(frees memory).
    • Create /PDoan directory on memory cards and drives (for playing any .wav file).
  • New Hardkey Only key mode (ignores screen taps when running).
  • New Random chime interval (rings on the hour and randomly in between).
  • Vibration support for Treo 680, 700p, and 755p models.
  • Vibration support for StyleTap® platform (emulator for Windows Mobile devices)
  • New single .prc distribution file.
  • Various minor bugfixes.


***** [Aug 5, 2009] by Chris Benz
This is exactly what I've been looking for to time my meditations...and so much more! Thanks!

***** [Apr 10, 2009] by PE
I have been using it daily for over 2 years and it works very well for me. With it, I do not need to open my eyes to check the clock. The feature to set different sessions is especially useful when I need to switch from Metta to Vipassana meditation within 1 sitting. My favourite alert is Bowl-2.

***** [Jun 26, 2007] by glistam
I've been using this for years on a Tungsten C. I got a new Palm TX, and the 3.4.0 version made it reset. HOWEVER, 3.4.1 fixed this problem and now it works fine! The TX does not have vibration or LED, but still works fine with all my custom made wavs.

**** [Jun 21, 2007] by Simon
Last two versions crash my Palm TX. I have to use v2.1.0

***** [Feb 9, 2007] by garethB
Fantastic software. Designed for gently structured mediation with many gentle built sounds. The keyword here is gentle, you don't want loud nasty alarm sound spoiling a nice mediation. It also has many other uses as a structured timer and it has an hourly chime feature which I love - not sure whether my work colleagues do though! Highly recommended

***** [Feb 4, 2007] by drew nichols
I have been using it daily for years. A classic palm freebie. Thanks your effort :)

***** [Aug 6, 2006] by clark saturn
Awesome program! Great for meditation and so many other things. You can edit and copy sessions and put in as many minutes or different intervals as you want. The addition of the ability to start and stop your session with WAV files, such as chanting, etc. is out of this world. Great stuff!

***** [May 7, 2006] by Lisa
Awesome program! Its great for timing just about any routine you can think of! not just for meditation, I use it for walking!

**** [Mar 15, 2006] by weareborg
Works fine on LD. Never mind meditation.. it makes a nice timer for work as well with nice sounds to change focus of work. Cool freeware program.

***** [Nov 11, 2005] by Ion Frantzis
Awesome program use it on my Zire 72s. I use it for Tai-Chi Standing meditation and I also use it for my stance work. Pushing my self alone is tough but if I have an audible time keeper I don't have to worry I just do my thing and let pdoan tell me when to move onto the next stance.

***** [Nov 8, 2005] by Larry Badiner
What a great program! I emailed Joseph S. with a problem (PDoan reset my silent settings on my Treo). The developer emailed me back a solution within a day. I've never got this kind of response from any programmer. How about 10 stars?

**** [Aug 29, 2005] by zenmaster raven
This little programm makes your Palm become a virtual Jiki-jitsu. Real dojo-feeling.

***** [Feb 10, 2005] by Julien
This is a very well-done, light and useful program for all sequential, time-fixed activities. I personnally use it for running : PD allows me to run at different paces according to my pre-defined schedule. Very nice piece of software, thanks to the developper.

***** [Jan 20, 2005] by jotheman
this app has everything it needs and is still very easy to use and to configure. The vibration feature is the best thing about this program, as i don't like my meditation to be interupted by beeping noises an often wear earplugs. i actually bought a new palm to take advantage of it. 5 stars!

**** [Oct 12, 2004] by Jeb Bush
The program is great. It has all the features it needs to have. a nicer layout (color etc. - just a better look) would make it apear more modern. On the other hand - it does everything you need and your eyes are close anyway.

***** [Jul 23, 2004] by Jim Chamberlain
This program is ideal for it's intended purpose. The minimalist visual design is simple, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks for fixing the Z-21 bug, because I'd tried the program in the past on my 21 and was disappointed that I could not use it. A beautiful program that I recommend it to anyone who meditates who needs a non-intrusive timer.

**** [Jun 22, 2004] by Tim Fikes
My wife and I use PocketDoan when we walk. We follow an interval walking routine - 4 minutes walk, 1 minute speed-walk. It is nice to program the different intervals ahead of time and just follow the tones.

**** [Feb 4, 2004] by german guy
This program is realy useful for strctured meditation sessions. It has got all the features you need without being oversized. The fact that you are not allowed to choose any number of minutes, say 7 should be changed, though.

***** [Feb 4, 2004] by Andy Dufek
Despite my using PD for non-meditation purposes, the author was quickly responsive to my request for a non-meditation hardkey setting which made it suitable for my use (at work). The reminder beeps at every quarter are also especially handy! Thank you!

***** [Nov 9, 2003] by TIM TAVIS
Does just what it says. Makes meditation a lot easier when you want to do a series of activities, and the graphics help. Well thought out.

***** [Nov 9, 2003] by Simon McGrath
A lovely and easy to use meditation aid that frees you from any need to keep track of time. I like the options to choose alert tones and to set volume to 'whisper'.

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