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Due Yesterday v6.3

Size: 194 KB
Date: August 25, 2005 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.0
  • DY63.zip

Author: Tom Bulatewicz
Home: http://www.due-yesterday.com
Email: tomb@nosleep.net

Due Yesterday is the premiere classwork, class information, and grade tracking software for Palm OS devices.

Since it's start over two years ago, Due Yesterday has combined an extensive feature set with an easy to use and intuitive user interface.

It remains the most useful and user-friendly of any student software available for the Palm OS; for any student, from middle school to grad school.

Due Yesterday Desktop for Windows and Mac OS
With the free Due Yesterday Desktop software, you can create, modify, delete and archive your class information on your desktop computer and then synchronize with Due Yesterday on your Palm OS device!

Your Classes
Now you'll have detailed information about your classes such as teacher information, grades, and classwork right in your hand; any time, any place.

Your Classwork
The robust classwork management features allow you to keep details of all your classwork such as tests, homeworks, and quizzes, organized and easily accessible. You can customize how your classwork is displayed, clearly showing what is important to you. You can even export your classwork right into the Date Book and To Do applications.

Your Grades
Always have up to the minute grade information available with Due Yesterday's grade tracking functionality providing class grades and overall GPA.

Update Description:
- Adds better support for the 5-way button.


***** [Jul 1, 2007] by T. Oaks
This program is amazing. I am a 40 year old going back to school for my masters, and this is great! I have been able to input an extensive amount of assignments from my syllabus. With the week look, I can see my regular datebook or assignments, and also export to Palm Desktop (in my case, Outlook because I have an Outlook mirror program). If you are a student, this is a must! The only surprise about it is that this is freeware!

***** [Nov 15, 2006] by due tomorrow
Awesome program...unfortunately I have to report a small bug. In the week view, when datebook events are displayed, a tap on an event shows more info at the top (great feature) but if the event is a repeated event, the date shown is the first time the event shows up, not the date displayed by Due Yesterday. Otherwise great idea, great implementation.

***** [Apr 19, 2005] by Alex
The best homework app out there! Thanks!

***** [Aug 23, 2004] by law student
Thank you so much! I have been looking for good homework software, and I love this one! The desktop piece is great too, so I can enter on my laptop at home and sync to take the handheld to school. GREAT WORK!

***** [Jul 28, 2004] by lorraine mitzner
I teach varying exceptionalities, both standard diploma and special diploma track students. I need more info and I am very interested in writing a grant or whatever it will take to have students use handhelds. I also would need advise and training. Your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

***** [Apr 3, 2004] by WK
As a high school teacher, I find this program spectacular. It helps me keep track of my lessons, as it offers view of the content by class or by date. This has it all. I highly recommend it to students as a valuable tool as well. Thank you for making it free. I'm glad I didn't spend $10 on an inferior software.

***** [Sep 24, 2002] by al
This saved my GPA!!! I was totally confuesed, papers left and right and i had forgoten what i needed to get done (i wrote stuff down everywhere) this thing reminds me a week ahead, no more burning the midnight oil ;).. this is a God send! if you are a college student get it!!

***** [Sep 6, 2002] by Kevin Ballard
This is the best freeware palm program I hav e ever used! It is incredibly useful for tracking my class times and assignments! I never liked my assignment notebook, so I'd always forget homework because I didn't write it down. But Due Yesterday makes it so easy, I keep track of all my homework, and I don't forget to do any because it's all right there! It also keeps track of my grade, so I can tell how I'm doing at any point. It has an extremely friendly interface, and I love the calendar view. I'm surprised this isn't a $20 or $30 commercial app. I'm very glad, too, because I can't afford any commercial apps for my Visor! Thank you, Due Yesterday!

**** [Sep 4, 2002] by Generic Persons Inc.
Great Program... I've been using it for a long time now. Unfortunately, the new GPA portion of the program does not save the settings you enter. Other than that, I love this helpful prog!

***** [Mar 5, 2002] by Jonathan Hoffman
One of the best school programs I have ever seen. Way to go. I love this it is perfect for any class student. And its FREE.

***** [Mar 5, 2002] by Jason
I have been using Due Yesterday 3.0 for about 5 months now and its amazing. Its extremly helpful for getting me organized and keeping me on track. I highly suggest you get this, especially if your a college student like me.

***** [Jan 27, 2002] by Kirsten
Love it!!! This incorporates my date book, classes, and assignments so they can all be run at the same time or separately. The reminder feature, when you click the clock, tells you the next due assignment and it is very convenient to enter in the information. I liked the area to record all the info on the teacher/professor including office hours! Thank you for this brilliant program!!

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