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HandyShopper - English v3.0.4

Size: 246 KB
Date: July 21, 2008 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • PalmPilot Professional
  • Palm OS v2.0
  • HandyShopper_Palm.zip

Author: Christopher Antos
Email: chrisant@premier1.net

HandyShopper is a great shopping list tool, with plenty of features.

You can even use it for other kinds of lists! HandyShopper works on Palm OS v2.0 through v4.0, on all Palm-based devices (including HandSpring, Sony, HandEra, etc).

Update Description:
- Using the d-pad Left button in the list of items now shows the Stores popup list, just like on the Windows Mobile version (previously it showed the Databases popup list).


**** [May 30, 2008] by choize
Awesome program, very flexible!Any more icons in the future...

***** [Apr 21, 2008] by Evelina
Without this program I would be totally lost. I've had to do a factory reset on my palm, and didn't reinstall Handy shopper right away, (I was sleepy). I forgot I didn't have it. Let me just say, without it I am totally lost! I would willingly pay for this program any day. I plan my whole shopping trips around handy shopper. The best part is the ability to import lists from a memo. Every store I have ever gone to is listed in there. I have three databases so far, grocery shopping, regular shopping, and to-do lists. I have a cook book on my Palm TX, and it exports a whole list of ingredients for my menus for the week into a memo, from which I can then import it into handy shopper. I use this cookbook in my kitchen after selecting recipes and sending them to my Palm. With Handy shopper, after I import the list of ingredients, I can then go through my pantry, and select ONLY the items I need. WONDERFUL! I just check off the items I have, and do a check-out to remove them from the NEED section. Wow! Not only that, I use Handy shopper for reminders all the time. For my to do lists, for a list of my morning routine, bed time routine, etc. I have a bad memory at times, some days are worse than others, depending on my pain levels. Making these simple daily lists reminds me to drink my water, eat my meals, (so easy to skip lunch, especially when busy at work), and it reminds me not to forget the things I need for work, including my work keys, cell phone and other items, easily forgotten in the morning rush! AND, it reminds me not to forget to tuck my spare meds in my purse! Oh, and the dogs don't get forgotten at night, as they are on the to do list - to feed and water, and bring in! *laughter* Easiy to forget when you live your life exhausted most of the time. (also, I don't forget to buy the dog food on the other data base) Now all I need is a reminder to check my to do list! Easily done on the plam! *laughter* Yes, I highly recommend this program for anyone needing something to help make life a little easier for a disabled person, (disabled by pain, and often forgetting things, and for those for whom simple activities a normal person does every day exhausts them). For someone who has painful hands, this beats writting a paper list. I happen to use mini-keyboard because the palm's built in keyboard is difficult for someone with my condition to use, (hand shakes sometimes, and my aim can be off.) For my regular shopping list, I never delete items, usually I'll need them again in a few months. I can't tell you how often these past few days I've tried to look something up in handy shopper, only to find out I have not installed it. I finally remembered I needed to install it today, and I couldn't help writting a review for this wonderful program. Thank-you so much for it - it has been the biggest blessing in my life! Evelina :)

***** [May 15, 2007] by Barb Murray
This is a superb program. It allows not just shopping lists with comparison pricing, but allows you to view an item in several stores where you might purchase an item. Other uses include any number of data bases, such as gift ideas for the future, project ideas, and on and on. I've enjoyed this program for years and highly recommend it!

***** [Aug 11, 2006] by Jenesis
How useful! I found this very useful for going to University - both writing checklists of what I needed to take and writing detailed shopping lists of what I needed to buy. Fantastic program! Works fine on my Palm m130 with OS 4.1 as well...

***** [Aug 1, 2006] by Andrew
I saw a number of "shopping list" programs on this site and chose the one that had the most flexibility. What I liked about this is the "relationships" you can build so that this became much more functional than just a ticker list. I now use it as my to do list instead of the Palm one!

***** [Dec 4, 2005] by run3_kn1ght
Excallent, as everyone else thinks. I can't believe how organized this program is! The only bad thing is that my custom palm colour is black and green and there is an ugly white background on every other entry.

***** [Aug 1, 2005] by Gretchen
Just terrific...I have packing lists for camping (was the food shopper for a 6-day, five person raft trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River a few years ago), packing lists for vacation and business trips, weight lifting routines, house cleaning routines ...any list that's worth having and reusing.

***** [May 30, 2005] by Bob
This is great! I don't need my pen and paper anymore. (My pens always runs out of ink) Simple and useful, I loooove it!

***** [Apr 5, 2005] by Martin, QC, CA
This is a great program not only for grocery shopping. I use this program all the time, for 1 year now, on my Sony Clie. You can make what you want because you can create many databases with differents views and differents options for each one. Fabulous! Thanks to Christopher Antos.

***** [Mar 19, 2005] by Andy
Simply the BEST!! Finally, I can do away with pen and paper when I'm out shopping. Anyone who has a PDA should have this neat programme. No bugs or crashes at all on my T3. Thank you for making this available to us!

***** [Feb 14, 2005] by Lisa Bates
I love this program! The best thing is that I can cross-reference my grocery list with my coupon list. I'll never miss out on a coupon again!

***** [Jan 3, 2005] by sirmais
This is owsome!!

***** [Sep 4, 2004] by Ria
I'm totally hooked on this software! Makes shopping easier. Thanks Mr. Chris!

***** [Aug 15, 2004] by Daniel
El prgrama mas increible y util que he instalado en mi palm. Versatil, facil. Los adjetivos son pocos. Se puede usar para contactos hasta como despertador, que mas. Increible

***** [Aug 3, 2004] by brownie
My most-used program ever. I use it for: grocery shopping, Christmas lists, and even a list of favorite quotes. A super gem. My only disappointment: not able to beam a list to another PDA, thus, unable to have my hubby make the shopping list up while I'm gone. This was formerly available with this prog. Minor quibble, though.

***** [Jul 23, 2004] by Al Hager
I've never even bothered to review a program before, but I felt obligated to say something! Quick! Download this one before it costs what it's worth!

***** [May 4, 2004] by Erik Mallinson
Complex but simple to start out. Great for organizing trips to the store or open projects. However, when doing a non-shopping list the terminology used by the app can be a little confusing. Great job!

***** [May 4, 2004] by Erik Mallinson
Simple, Free, Great!

***** [Mar 13, 2004] by mommawen
...Still my beating heart! I've been without catsup & toilet paper, making an extra trip to the grocery at 9 p.m. for milk. I am so grateful this is now compatible with my Treo 600!!! Thank you thank you thank you for my very favorit freeware program!

***** [Feb 14, 2004] by Jennifer
This is the best grocery shopping program I've seen. I've seen some other "purchased" ones & they don't even begin to compare to the flexibility of this one. I use this list for everything: shopping, bills due & paid, to do lists and the list goes on and on. Thank you so much for such a superb program. I strongly suggest to anyone to download this program - you won't know what you ever did without it!!

***** [Feb 13, 2004] by Nuno
It has everything, its EXCELENT. And it have more done you could imagine, like "One-Hand Mode" that gives you the possibility to manager your buy in the grocerie shops without the pen, just with buttons. FANTASTIC. Work great on Zire (2MB memory).

***** [Feb 7, 2004] by D L Crow
The uses for this program are endless. I have a list of my wife's and my own meds and one with our personal info. I have a list of our autos (VIN,license plate #, tire size and I have alarms for inspections and License due dates.

***** [Jan 7, 2004] by Tracy
This is the first program for which I've taken the time to write a review, but I can't say enough about it. I downloaded it several weeks ago and played with it a little, and after becoming more familiar with it's capabilities, finally took the time to customize it to my personal needs. May I just say WOW. This is a wonderful tool, it's the most-used app on my PDA. It makes grocery shopping easier and faster by allowing categories and aisle designations, so I'm not running to the other end of the store to pick up something I would have forgotten on a handwritten list. I also set up a database for my recipes, so that when I'm planning dinner for the week I can quickly see what ingredients I need and don't end up in the middle of cooking and realize I forgot to buy something. I also set up a gift list for next Christmas, so that throughout the year when someone mentions something they'd like to have, I make a note of it and my list is already made for next year. I'm thrilled with this program, many thanks to the developer for keeping it freeware.

***** [Jan 1, 2004] by Jacque
I have been using HS 2.1 for over 2 years and it is fantastic! I am a compulsive list maker and this is an excellent tool. I have setup dbs for CDs, movies, books, websites, etc... along with subcategories...everything is organized and quickly accessed! Christopher you are brilliant!

***** [Dec 26, 2003] by Tracey
I have to say that you put great detail into this program. Not only is it useful, it is very user friendly. Thank you for such a wonderful program! Write more please.

***** [Nov 22, 2003] by Ken
Rarely do I take the time to review products, or believe all of what is said in the review section, but this program deserves the attention. I downloaded it a few minutes ago and was completely blown away at it's intuitive interface, ease of use, and feature set. I can't believe it's free but thank the author(s) for keeping it that way. Within 10 minutes of installing it, I have a workable grocery list made. The wife will flip when I come home without forgetting to pick up something. Excellence is the only way to describe this program. Thanks.

***** [Oct 24, 2003] by Matthew
I'm in LOVE!!! Thank you to the programmers of this App. Free! woo hooo.

***** [Sep 28, 2003] by destiny rain NY
As an organized shopper, HSv2.8 meets my need for a serious but user friendly program for my Palm 515. My first experience w/icons & I'm surprised by its usefulness (beyond just looks). Love the layout; many fields & options! HS is a 10. High praises for a prog designed to grow with me. Thank you!!

***** [Aug 8, 2003] by S Nordbye
HandyShopper has an amazing array of features all of which make shopping easier and more fun. What I really appreciate most is being able to check off several stores where an item is likely to be sold: then when I go to each store, I bring up the list for the store and all unpurchased items are there reminding me to buy them. If I can buy it there, I check it and it disappears from the list for the other stores also. If not available I can uncheck the store for that item and the item will still show up on lists for other stores. This wouldn't be possible on a simple ToDo list. An absolutely wonderful program!

***** [Jun 24, 2003] by John
This program has everything you need for grocery shopping. First, preprogram and categorize all of your items. When you need an item, just select it's category and then check off the item. It goes to the top of the list with a check box so you can see what you have added. When you are ready to shop, change to the needed mode and sort by aisle. Check them off as you go, what could be easier. As a bonus, I have also used this program to track daily calories for my diet. I use the price field as the calories, then I can quickly get a total for the day. This is definitey the killer app on my Palm Zire. I can't believe it was free!

***** [Jun 4, 2003] by Asaad K
It is not easy to write a program which is fun to use and extremely useful. This is not just a shopping program, I use it to track my expenses and bank accounts as well. All I can say do not miss this one. Works great on Sony Clie T625.

***** [May 26, 2003] by Raquel
Absolutely fantastic! Handyshopper is the most frequently used program in my palm, helping me keep track of everything from shopping lists to task lists. I've recommended it to friends and they love it too! Feature recommendation for future updates: ability to add Stores column when All stores (minor, but could be handy).

***** [May 8, 2003] by Melanie
The best program I have on my Palm (m130) by far!! I waited a month to write a review to make sure it wouldn't crash or cause any problems and I have NEVER HAD ONE PROBLEM with it. I use it to not only keep track of everything I need to buy in a bunch of stores, but also as a 'Travel Checklist' to make sure I do everything I need to do before we go on a trip and pack everything I need to take. Thank you for this freeware!

***** [Mar 28, 2003] by Susan
This program is reason alone to stick with the Palm operating system. I love it! From organizing my holiday lists to keeping track of dvds, it is simply the best. I've paid good money for programs that can't touch Handy Shopper. Thanks a million, Chris Antos!

**** [Feb 12, 2003] by Lynn
I recently downloaded Handy Shopper and its been great. The only problem I have is when I delete an item I get a Fatal Alert "MemoryMgr.c, Line:4384, Free Handheld" Does anyone know how I could fix this problem cause it locked up my palm?

***** [Dec 6, 2002] by Gbob
WOW!!!! I have used this for quite some time, but you have ALL the bugs fixed!!! I use a Tungsten|T. This is a must have now!!

***** [Nov 30, 2002] by LDP
I used this last year and will again use it for my christmas list. If you just turn stores to names on your Christmas list, it works great and gives you a real cost for each person and how much you really spent(INCLUDING TAX) on this Christmas. AWSOME APP!!!

***** [Oct 28, 2002] by Ronnie
Undoubtedly one of the best freeware apps out there. I've deleted at least three other DBs from my palm because HS2 does exactly the same thing--only better!

***** [Oct 27, 2002] by Carol Hoh
Very useful tool. Would like to be able to add a value to "coupon" so that the final price reflects the actual price. Just a thought for the next upgrade.

***** [Oct 25, 2002] by Juan Carlos Caceres
The best shopping program you can get, for FREE!

***** [Aug 29, 2002] by Moana
This is the best program ever!!! I use it not just for shopping but to organize my otherwise hectic life! Thank you very much Chris for such an awesome program and making it available for free : ).

***** [Aug 14, 2002] by Denise Strongq
This is a GREAT program. I use it for shopping, Christmas List, you name it. Easy to use - Highly recommend!!! I can't believe that a program this good is free.

***** [May 4, 2002] by moog
Simply awesome. Works on my m515.

***** [May 4, 2002] by WorldWide WeatherMan
I use it for my jobs "soda fund" and is a great tool. Very stable and easy to use. Works good on my Handspring Visor Deluxe.

***** [Apr 4, 2002] by James Teague
Great program. Works fine on my Clie.

***** [Apr 1, 2002] by H
Just LOVE this program!! Have used it from day one and with the most recent updates I like it even more. Great for shopping, christmas lists, etc. Thanks!!! :o)

***** [Mar 7, 2002] by John Prince
One of the greatest Freeware apps out there today. VERY easy to use, lots of options, etc. If you are a guy like me who hates shopping, who wants to get in and out, this app is for you!

* [Mar 5, 2002] by Betsy
The previous version was EXCELLENT. Unfortunately, every time I open Handy Shopper 2.2, it crashes my Sony Clie. I just wish I could get this to work. Sigh.

***** [Feb 19, 2002] by Proteus
I use HS not only for shopping (groceries, CD's, hardware, pharmacy, etc.) but also to make lists for almost everything I might have to remeber and check off. Very stable.

***** [Feb 18, 2002] by Zip-Zilla
I love HandyShopper! I've been using it since the v1.x releases! And whenever someone at my local PUG asks me which expense program I use, I beam them HandyShopper! :) Great app!

***** [Feb 18, 2002] by mg
Wonderful, works as advertised -- pick it up!

***** [Jul 27, 2001] by Wayne Kushnier
Since I got my palm, I have loaded many different types of software - this is by far the simplest and the most useful one so far! It's not just for shopping - keep track of things you want... or that you need to buy for gifts - you can use it for any sort of list you can think of. Now i wish he'd write a financial program just as good!!! Thank-you for this one - sincerely!

***** [Jul 3, 2001] by Karen Talarico
Easy to use, great list features--the program I would have designed if I knew how.

***** [Jul 2, 2001] by Lance
Never thought I would use this program. After using it for a few days I found it to be very easy to use and highly useful. I now use it all the time for work and home. Download it!!!

***** [Apr 3, 2001] by LÝck
Great program! Simple but very useful. Finally I can write my listes and then decide what item to buy or try combinations to stay within a fixed price. Compliments Chris! :]

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