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KsDatebook v1.6.1

Size: 400 KB
Date: March 1, 2011 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v4.0
  • KsDatebook161EN.zip

Author: kim
Home: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/soft/....
Email: islandkimura@ybb.ne.jp

KsDatebook is a replacement of built-in Datebook of Palm OS.

Update Description:

  • Added a function that moving to the today's date with the BackSpace key.
  • Added a function that changing the categories with the Tab key.
  • Fixed a bug that when making a new event with a category of other than "Unfiled", opening the "Event Details" dialog and setting an "Repeat" event, then going back with "Cancel" button will cause the category initialized to "Unfiled".
  • Fixed a bug that when setting a "Repeat" Task event assigning a past date to the End date will hide the event.
  • Fixed a bug that when making a "Repeat" "Task" event to "Complete", choosing only the future events will cause all the events changed to "Complete".
  • Fixed a bug that when assigning a function to the Capture button using "THeGoGo" or "DefaultCapture", operating the Capture button will change the views of KsDatebook.
  • Changed the method of judgement if "Select Font" by Mr.Takumi is installed or not.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.


* [Jun 3, 2007] by paul
Crashing my treo 650. Freezes the screen and prevents syncing. How can I remove this app? rendering the treo useless. it's only a phone for now.

***** [Aug 29, 2006] by Doug
Much more capability than the standard Calendar v.1.2.3 that comes with the Treo. Weekly and monthly view with text is great. Excellent find!

* [Aug 18, 2006] by Teflon
Has potential. I like the text in the month view. Would like to see a multi-month view. It does not prompt you when changing a repeat event text to see if it should be applied to Current or All. It soft reset my Treo650 when launching for the first time. Made some changes to the preferences and it soft reset again. 2 crashes in 5 minutes are unaccepable to me. Removed immediately and went back to DateBk5.

***** [May 26, 2006] by Steve
This is exactly what I've been looking for - a great little calendar app, nothing fancy, but gives me week-ahead views, category filters, and lots of functionality that should be basic with the Treo software! Outstanding price, too! :)

**** [Apr 17, 2006] by gats
Love this software, which replaced my treo650's calendar software. absolutely appreciate the month's view. however, only downfalls are the double alarms from ksdatebook and the treo's calendar software. and that the bars in the week view aren't respectively colored based on the category the event falls on.

**** [Apr 7, 2006] by Mugnaio
¿Que pasa? Excellent program ... but verion 1.6.1 has been on my device for a year and a half.

*** [Apr 7, 2006] by OldSurfDog
I agree with the last review. This is hardly an update. On the other hand I have been using this app for several years. I am currently using a Tx and KsDatebook is a little buggy. I do like the app so much that I am willing to put up with bugs. A real update would be great though.

***** [Apr 4, 2006] by smiley
I have treo 650, just DL this.like the color and the text in the month veiw will be vary useful. thx !

** [Apr 4, 2006] by CC
How can you call this a update, when the software is from 2004!!! Has many bugs which are still not updated.

***** [Apr 4, 2006] by The Adder
The best calendar program ever, and it's free!

***** [Mar 6, 2006] by Kerstin Hansson
I wonder if any one has installation program for KsDatebook. My computer has have a crach and I have a new palm Mail me please

**** [Dec 28, 2005] by Naadir Akhtar
Totally agree with Israel Gale however also want to see attendees included. Top software however. Month view with small fonts is super cool.

***** [Sep 19, 2005] by harald van kesteren
I used it on my Tungsten W, there it was a great replacement for the datebook. Now I 'ported' it on my new Treo650. It simply is a blast: Very good work!!. In combination with the MakeSpot colors a welcome expansion of the standard software.

**** [Aug 17, 2005] by Israel Gale
Great program, I have been using it for months, way better than what came with my Tungsten E.

Only two things I would wish for:
1. Get rid of duplicate reminders (ksdatebook and palm calendar both generate them).
2. Support for the "Location" field for appointments in the Palm Desktop.

**** [Aug 8, 2005] by husam
It works great except the error when I try to make New event : (sys0505)(0,841) then if I click OK it will take me to hte previous openned program.

*** [Jul 21, 2005] by David G
Quite a few excellent features - especially like the small fonts and the week/fortnight view. However, the month view can lock my UX-40 up. If I switch off all the features for the month view then it works; however, adding features back in (small fonts, etc) can sometimes make it crash... If this issue can be resolved then it would be an superb app..!

* [Feb 26, 2005] by yepitsme
Crashes my Treo 650

*** [Feb 3, 2005] by Andy Barham
I'm sure it'd be excellent if the link worked so I could download it!!!!

***** [Nov 21, 2004] by Kevin Mathers
I love the 2-week view. It works great on my Clie SJ-22.

***** [Sep 23, 2004] by I like This tool
I like this application very much and especially when used with MakeSpot. As someone mentioned, had this application had icons it would have been a killer app. good work Kim .

**** [Sep 7, 2004] by Takia
I like the weekly and monthly views. I wish though that there is an option so that completed tasks will not be displayed (same as the original Task application in Palm). I have v1.6. All in all, a very good extension to the orignal Palm programs.

***** [Aug 25, 2004] by shorty1
The absolute BEST Datebook replacement you could ever find! I have been using it for 6 months now and still love it just as much as when I added it to my Zire 71.

***** [Jul 30, 2004] by Rick
Worth it for the month view alone. Very Outlook-looking. On my T2 it's pretty darn small, but readable.

*** [Jul 19, 2004] by Dale
Obviously a brilliant program, but the most important feature is still to be implemented - small fonts in Day View. It's there for Week List, and is available in Agendus' Day View. This feature is a must for myself.

***** [Jun 8, 2004] by Sami
Datebook item categories and month view with appointment titles. This is heaven!!

***** [Jun 3, 2004] by Ian Harvey
If I could ask for just *one* addition to this excellent program it would be the ability to add a starting year to recurring items so that the entries in the future (birthdays, or other anniversaries) could show the number of years elapsed.

***** [May 26, 2004] by tiggerr129
Love this program. Especially the month view. I can't figure out how to make Make Spot work though. The color definitions I make don't stay and the instructions don't make sense to me. Can anyone help out

**** [May 25, 2004] by Ng Lip Boon
Great add-on for your in-built Datebk. Would be even nicer if there is a duplicate event funtion. The original repeat option is not useful for re-occurring random events.

***** [May 23, 2004] by Jim Cooke
Good catch on the categories bug. I also use DateBk5 and it did mess up the category information. Doing a Desktop overwrites handheld sync set things right. The calendar categories sync with Outlook using Pocket Mirror as well, which is a first for a free program. Great job! The only thing I'd like is some way to see the category assigned to the event and a list view.

***** [May 23, 2004] by xpan
Great! An application that does almost all for free! Congratulations!! One suggestion would be to support "multiple lines" in meetings (split view)

***** [May 22, 2004] by Steve M
Absolutely amazing.

***** [May 21, 2004] by Dangiunchi
Simply great!

***** [Apr 16, 2004] by Osvaldo Morales
Great app, works perfect on my Zire 71. If you just could change the background color for every appointment I'll give you six stars. Maybe in future versions. Thanks.

***** [Apr 10, 2004] by cm
Ksdatebook is great! It's easy to use and made my life organized (duh!). Thanks for making this cool application!

***** [Mar 27, 2004] by Eric Lim
Great work. One question, anyway to get compressed font in week view using palm M515? or is this too low resolution for compressed view? can't seem to even get the choice on the options weeklist. Good work.

**** [Mar 27, 2004] by Eric
Great application!! I really want to use this, however, I have a m515 and cannot get the compressed font option on weekview and have tried select font (crashed the palm) and tspatch (said I need version 2 or higher - don't think it was talking about the palm os. Any advice would be appreciated. Keep up the great work.

***** [Feb 15, 2004] by Robert Lee (Hong Kong)
Works on my Palm m515 running OS 4.1. Now, why can't the built-in DateBook be something like this? The Palms are now running level 5.2 or something, and the DateBook is still more or less the same as OS 2.0 - such ludicrous lack of improvement. Many, many thanks for making this a freeware.

***** [Feb 10, 2004] by Steve
Great datebook replacement. I've never found a datebook replacement I like till now. I've tried Datebook 5 and agendus but for some reason I didn't really like them. This is simple but a real keeper.

***** [Feb 10, 2004] by Pete
Very nice addition to Palm's Datebook appplication - Like having a handheld Daytimer, with `text in date' enabled in month view! (I wish `makespot' was available in English, to complement this fine program). No problems on Clie 760.

**** [Feb 10, 2004] by J11
WOW real rival of Agendus. And freeware. 10nx!

***** [Feb 10, 2004] by Chris
Fabulous program. Australia Croc is right (see above): once it is complemented with MakeSpot, ksDateBook is nearly perfect ! Just follow Australia Croc's instructions to install MakeSpot, it is worth the pain !

***** [Feb 10, 2004] by Tommy Fung
This is the best datebook replacement software I ever used. I used it since it first released in Japanese. Thanks for the developer to make it a freeware!! 6 stars!!!

***** [Feb 9, 2004] by Australia Croc
Wow, this has got to be one of the best Freeware Calendar programs on this site, especially if you also install the program MakeSpot, described in the KS Date Book manual, which was a difficult site for an English speaker to find (see below instructions). I have no association with either program nor its makers, but wow, with the capacity for colouring your calendar many different colours, using the Makespot program, (and for having smaller fonts on a Sony high resolution model, ?and maybe other types of Palm) this may be the best calendar freeware on this website, even beating my previous favourite on this site, Maximus ! Of course, with these independently created programs, you have to back up your Palm first, in case the program isn't stable. I've had no problems so far, and am amazed at the flexibility of the colouring of the calendar. Of course, it isn't a fully fledged Date program, its just one that vastly improves the capability of the existing Date Book, with a small file size. If you want a bigger more comprehensive program (with a much larger file size) then of course you can purchase several alternatives. But for basic uses, this improvement to the native calendar takes some beating; but reply here if you find a better freeware calendar program !

Make Date installation instructions. Of course this could be out of date, read the KS Date Book manual for any updates to the website address for MakeDate. First go to the address "http://www.ne.jp/asahi/soft/miday/", then click on the "Download" button at the top of this page. Scroll down until you see "KS Datebook" written. Move your mouse around to the left of this until you find another hyperlink, when I did this I found one which was linked to the address "http://www.ne.jp/asahi/soft/miday/SpotDef/SpotDef.html". Click on this link. Go down to near the bottom of this page, where you will see a link to "MakeSpot.zip". This is the download. Install the MakeSpot_usa.prc and you have installed MakeSpot. This program lets you colour in the days on the calendar...very useful. This is a similar function also found in Maximus, a program also on this site. Give it a go ! Can I give 6 stars for ingenuity ?

***** [Feb 9, 2004] by Marc Collin
Very great freeware application.

**** [Feb 9, 2004] by Ghisura
It's a good application, but with icons support It'll be perfect.

***** [Feb 9, 2004] by Winner Chan
Great job!! All the improvement just fit on my need! If have the T-Chinese(Big-5) Version, Thanks God!!

***** [Feb 9, 2004] by E. Arkell
Great program. Provides flexibility not found in Palm's Date Book and a lot of useful features.

***** [Feb 9, 2004] by Clayton
The best I have found so far. Love the month view.

** [Feb 9, 2004] by Paul
I get a fatal exception error every time I try to run the program on my Clie S360.

***** [Feb 9, 2004] by lee copp
Very clean application. Adds some nice datebook views without the overhead and complexity of DateBk5 . Does not lock up the todo database except in the agenda view (allows popup todo to work). Very nicely done. No Problems on Clie SJ33.

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