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PalmPDF v1.5

Size: 1660 KB
Date: November 5, 2006 (Updated)
Type: Freeware - Document/Add-in
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v5.0
  • PalmPDF.zip

Author: MetaViewSoft
Home: http://www.metaviewsoft.de/
Email: n/a

PalmPDF is a native PDF viewer for your Palm OS powered device with unique presentation mode.

Features are:
- Fast and easy to use
- Zoom, Pages, Rotation
- Uses the original fonts (Postscript1 and TrueType)
- Find support and content bookmarks
- Scratchpad and custom bookmarks
- Link support
- Text extraction to device clipboard
- On-device conversion to PalmDOC
- Invers mode and Autoscroll
- Support for password proctected documents

Update Description:
v1.5 (11/01/06 "Halloween update"):

  • Added: enabled bytecode interpreter in freetype lib (thx to Theo)
  • Added: links to other PDFs in content list allowed (also bugfixed)
  • Added: mouse pointers for link, move, mark and zoom
  • Added: support for history of viewed pages
  • Added: links are always underlined
  • Bugfix: link detecting
Note: there seems to be a problem with SkinUI, Mark and Zoom doesn't really work. Please disable SkinUI (Popup List) for PalmPDF.

v1.4 (09/30/06 "Hilbert's first month"):

  • Bugfix: on Zodiac, page up/down also with right buttons
  • Bugfix: volume labels were broken on very first start
  • Bugfix: right/left on older Palm devices was broken
  • Bugfix: JogDial on Clie was broken
  • Bugifx: SCBK_ files weren't removed from internal memory
  • Added: skin files can now be on the external/internal card, folder /PALM/Programs/PalmPDF/
  • Added: PalmPDF can now send the current page as Jpeg
  • Added: PalmPDF can now print the current page on a PCL or PS network printer using the same settings and the same protocol as the great PrintIt from Alex Pruss, see http://handypalmstuff.sf.net/
  • Added: ReFlow-mode, text is extracted and displayed page-wise
  • Added: zoom-select, mark and zoom into the selected rectangle
  • Added: when pressing the middle 5-way button (debug) you can also scroll to the next page with up/down
  • Added: "Clear" to scratchpad
  • Added: some small feedbacks


***** [Feb 17, 2010] by Veronica
Excellent, it works well on my tunsgten T3, thanks

***** [May 25, 2008] by Louie G
Though programs like this are slow, PalmPDF works very well in landscape mode on my Tapwave Zodiac. With it I keep my cell phone manuals, digital camera manuals, chess books (even showing two chess boards simultaneously on the same screen), and my Zodiac User Guide. Next will be vehicle owners manuals, etc. It shows the images nicely and I can adjust the text to fit the screen perfectly. Great software!

***** [Mar 4, 2008] by Domo
Excellent, works with my Treo 680 (in loading files, takes some secs but it's a fair speed)

***** [Jan 1, 2008] by bob
Works well on my wife's new Palm Tungsten E2. We like the rotate and zomm features.

***** [Dec 20, 2006] by Sukhairi
That was a great effort. Works well with my Palm TX. Perhaps a simple undo action to reverse options e.g. "To Card" or strip PRC. But hey... The functions are better than most other softwares out there...

** [Nov 7, 2006] by machete
Not the best option for using with Tungsten E2. I'm still waiting for a good pdf handler...

***** [Sep 27, 2006] by Sonia
I have been struggling for months with my Treo 650 because it would give me an error message when I tried to view any pdf's (I have Verizon as my carrier). Thank you so much!! this is a godsend..keep up the great work!!

**** [Aug 28, 2006] by etimer
Works well on my T|X but not 100%. There are a few files that will not work, they are large, color maps. Unlike Adobe, this program will open a PDF file after an e-mail download. With Adobe's reader, after receiving an e-mail, I chose to install and I would get a "could not beam" error message. Fine but I wasn't beaming, I was installing to view.

* [Jun 26, 2006] by Jamie
It crashed my E2 and me TXjha

***** [Jan 27, 2006] by MMQ
Works just find on my T3. I find that the speed of page loading can depend on the SD card; my Lexar SD seems to transfer faster than my Sandisk SD. I'm now using it to read a document that's 42MB of captured images. PalmPDF and the T3 handle the large file with no issues.

***** [Jan 23, 2006] by rod
Works fine on my t3! thx, I was just looking for something like this!

***** [Jan 23, 2006] by Adan
Perfect, itīs much better than WTG-PDF. Thanks

**** [Jan 23, 2006] by 123 LAU
It works,but It show ragged on traditional chinese doc. I think the font DB have problem.

***** [Jan 13, 2006] by Marshall
Loads quick and looks good on my TX (speed will obviously depend on size and contents of your pdf). It's easier to view at higher magnifications if you switch to landscape before launching the reader. Didn't see any obvious way to switch once the program was launched. Overall, an excellent program, and very useful.

*** [Jan 12, 2006] by Mario Chisari
It works, provided the PDF uses a simple layout, and it's not too big. But the time needed to render a page is from one to several minutes, and I was unable to read a 16-pages newsletter in grayscale on my TE2 at an acceptable zoom level. However, better than nothing; especially because, if the PDF is mainly made of text, you can convert it "on the fly" to palm doc format and read it with another program, which is convenient and handful.

**** [Dec 1, 2005] by Ivan
Not bad! Works OK for my Lifedrive

***** [Nov 25, 2005] by Zukae
Do not use UDMH on devices with NVFS (flash memory), such as TX, Tungsten E2, and T5. There are reports of malfunctions with E2 units, and TX, so far no T5s broken. Its propably becouse UDMH writes into the protected part of the flash. Read more: http://palmpowerups.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=40

*** [Nov 21, 2005] by Dan
Nice Programm, but I wouldn't recommend it on a T1. It is working, but very slowly with small PDFs. Fortunatly, I spent some money on RepliGo. Its not a native PDF-viewer, but it was no problem to handle 12MB-Pdf shrinked to 7 MB in RepliGO-Format. So from a T1-User only ***

***** [Nov 21, 2005] by lex
DataViz is going to have a hard time selling DtGv.8 with a program like this floating around! I dumped some very complex .pdf's into my T5 and they all rendered just like they would have on the PC! (I am running UDMH to increase my dynamic memory heap.)

***** [Nov 21, 2005] by RKHSBC
This must be the first (..maybe the fitst freeware) to access native PDF files on Palm and IT WORKS ON MY TREO 600!!!!! A BIG THANKS,

***** [Nov 21, 2005] by DonFelipe
Perfect job. It works great on my clie nx70.

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