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Palm Reader v2.4.3

Size: 165 KB
Date: May 7, 2004 (Updated)
Type: Freeware - Document/Add-in
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.0
  • Palm Reader for Palm OS 2.4.3 (EN).zip

Author: Palm Digital Media
Home: http://www.palmdigitalmedia.co...
Email: n/a

Palm Reader is an award winning application used to read Palm Digital Media eBooks on your Palm OS handheld.

There is no charge to download and use the Palm Reader, but there is a upgrade called Palm Reader Pro that is not free.

For the first 15 days of using Palm Reader, you will have trial access to those features.

Palm Reader features include:
- Allows you to add your own bookmarks and notes to your books.
- Allows you to search the book contents.
- Supports styled text, chapters, hyperlinks, and pictures in Palm Reader eBooks.
- Can be used with small or large fonts.
- Able to read most Palm DOC format eBooks.


** [Apr 12, 2011] by Magdalene
Wana know about my love life

***** [Dec 24, 2006] by john
Works well with the alphasmart dana.

***** [Nov 3, 2006] by Satisfied User of Palm Reader
This software is awesome! Ability to make your own book using bold, italic, underline, overstrike, indent and many others isn't common in free software; moreover programs you need to create your books are free. My advise is to use dropbook (win) or makebook (java, platform independent, go to http://www.ereader.com/product/browse/software to get these programs) as an converter from pml to pdb and editor called NoteTab to edit pml files first. In this editor you can create clipbooks, which can be used double clicking on it; for example if you want to bold some text all you have to do is to select it and double click on appropiate clipbook. Go to this: http://launchpadzero.net/index.php?name=downloads.html page to read about using notetab to edit pml's and to download pre-defined clipbooks, of course you can modify them. Dropbook, makebook and notetab are free aplications. P.S. sorry for my language, but english isn't my native :)

***** [Sep 8, 2004] by gravy6
Best reader out there. Better than Mobipocket and all the others. Get this one. You'll be happy guaranteed.

**** [Jun 6, 2004] by Jeremy
It does not work well with multibyte characters.

***** [May 8, 2004] by Palm Tester
Excelent program I ever tried. I've searched the web for a great reader like this (that's free) and gave up a month ago. as soon as I saw this one I downloaded it was blow away. The size of the reader is a little large but I have a zire 17 with 16 mb memory and a 64mb memory card. So I'm all set.

***** [Oct 29, 2003] by Alan
I've tried damn near every freeware reader program, and this is by far the best program. Has speed-modifiable scrolling and multiple font sizes. You can hold the screen horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Also, not only does it keep track of what page you're on, but also shows how much of the book has been read. Best of all, if you want to read in the dark, there is an option to invert the colors (white letters on a lack ground) - makes looking at the screen in the dark very comfortable.

*** [Jan 26, 2002] by Marco Mugnaio
As readers go, I expected more especially from Palm. The program does the basics of reading doc files and the Palm's proprietary "peanutpress" books, of which I purchased and enjoyed reading two. The program does not support third party fonts except those than you can buy with Palm Reader Pro for $20. I like the large font, but reading was tedious because the paging did not work properly even with the standard, burnt-into-rom large font, an issue to which Palm support was unresponsive. In addition to diabling your font hack, the Palm Reader modifies the contrast on your device and restores neither upon exiting the program. I have to reset my contrast and reactivate my font hack. Lastly, books in the proprietary Palm Reader format cost only slightly less if not the same as the same title in paperback.

**** [Aug 7, 2001] by Osmond
This is a good reader, however it is TOO big compared to other popular readers. Hope you can do something about the size.

***** [Jul 30, 2001] by Bryan
The best ever reader for the Palm!

***** [Jun 13, 2001] by policat
This reader tops the rest! I especially love the ability to annotate my docs. I haven't found that in any of the other readers. Features found in other readers are also better in this reader, like lengthier bookmarks. Get it!

***** [May 6, 2001] by Pure
Forget all the other doc readers out here. This is THE only reader you'll ever need.

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