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Phoinix v1.4.2

Size: 622 KB
Date: June 17, 2008 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS v3.0
  • Phoinix-1.4.2-Lite.zip

Author: Bodo Wenzel
Home: http://palmboy.suburbia.com.au
Email: mrmiscellanious@home.com

Phoinix is a free Nintendo Gameboy(TM) emulator, it is capable of running most free and commercial cartridges.

Since this is a Open Source project under GPL (GNU General Public License), all source code is available.

The archive file you're gonna load down is just a starter kit. Please visit the homepage for full information.

You'll find links to sites with free Gameboy games, documentation how to convert them, and mailinglists to subscribe.

Update Description:
- Direction control via the pen was enhanced


*** [Feb 24, 2011] by Gary
Needs button-mapping support for the Palm's attachable Keyboard.

**** [Feb 10, 2011] by Vince
Works on the Alphasmart Dana with Mario Land 1 and 2, Link's Awakening, Tetris, and Pokemon Red! GEEZUS! A bit slow though, especially when Link uses Manbo's Mambo to warp. In the original, the screen got all wavy and screwy during the warp, and it takes AGES to render. This app is made of awesome, but speed is its weakness.

***** [Jun 21, 2009] by Why is this not more famous?
While trying to find a version of "Bomb Jack" to run on a Vx I stumbled upon this. I've subsequently wasted huge amounts of time downloading and playing ROMs. And yes, Bomb Jack works fine. It's a great piece of software and it's free, but the most remarkable thing is that it works at all: normally you need a lot of grunt to do hardware emulation. Kudos to the author.

***** [Jul 27, 2008] by christopher walken
Does it work with palm centro well? Can u get pokemon?

***** [Jun 19, 2008] by israel
One of the best palm softwares. It should be top ranked.

***** [Mar 9, 2008] by Mo
Works great on my Treo 680, it works great, and installing games is so simple, no long wait times or any problems, perfect! :)

*** [Oct 14, 2007] by Zeke
Works ok on my slow Zire71 but I'm unable to load or play my own games.

***** [May 20, 2007] by Axel
It's cool ! I have an Palm VX and Palm OS 3.5 Updated and it works ! I dont know why, but the colours is automaticaly convert to an black and white screen ! REALY GOOD PROGRAM !!!

***** [Apr 15, 2007] by Some Guy
Super program, especially when I can't afford any Gameboy at all. The error messages sometimes are funny, such as this redundant one,"An error occurred with the emulator kernel: a runtime error occurred."

***** [Aug 23, 2006] by Edward the Great
Works absolutely wonderful with my Z2. Thought I do wish it could use gameshark codes. It would be pretty sweet if you could play gbc games on it, too.

***** [Apr 6, 2006] by riftwalker
Absolute best program for palm I have seen. For those using older palms (ones using the 16 MHz Dragonball EZ processor) you might look into freeboost (also on this site) which can speed up your palm in general and works wonders for this program. I just wish there was gameshark emulation included...

***** [Nov 11, 2005] by jk
Works just fine on my nice new palm z22, now I can play final fantasy!

***** [Aug 11, 2004] by Me
I don't usually write reviews, but this program is honestly the best I have ever had. **Warning**Can cause thumb and back problems due to hunching over the screen, furiously clicking buttons for hours. The only problem is is that due to the emulation, some(if not most) games are too laggy to play. I e-mailed Bodo and it is because Phoinix uses all of your proccessor trying to draw the pictures of the game. But I still give it 5-stars because unless you have a t-3 it can't be fixed. DOWNLOAD THIS APPLICATION, IT IS WELL WORTH IT!!!

***** [Apr 20, 2004] by Robert Bindler
WARNING: Your PDA's buttons wil get messed up, and you will discharge your battery much, much more rapidly! No, but seriously, this is the best Palm program I have. It gives your palm almost infinite possibilities (well, only thousands really).

For much better speed, sometimes even faster than the original gameboy, do two things:
1. Use the afterburner hack
2. Get the framskip-enabled version of phoinix, available at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=41834

Just get the ones with the "fs" in the names, under experimental. Run it at 2 or 3.

***** [Apr 12, 2004] by phrog
This program should be on that top choice list down at the bottom. o_O

***** [Feb 6, 2003] by Girt
Unbelievable program - as good as Liberty, but FREE! Thank you, Bodo!

***** [Sep 25, 2002] by Tejas
Excellent Game Boy Emulator. Works well if you install AfterBurner. Sound would be nice, and support of Game Boy Color games would kick Liberty out of the ring.

**** [Mar 15, 2002] by Chin Kiat
Very good gameboy emulator. Pity it is slow to respond and it is not in colour. Still, it is better than Liberty.

**** [Mar 14, 2002] by Chin Kiat
Superb time waster. The author did a great job. Thanx.

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