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[Jun 22, 2010] SPINA Thyr v3.2       Category: Calculator
Calculates the secretion capacity of the thyroid gland and the sum activity of peripheral 5' deiodinase from TSH and peripheral thyroid hormone levels obtained in vivo. more...

[Feb 20, 2010] BACaroo v0.9       Category: Calculator
BACaroo calculates Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and gives warning if the legal limit has been exceeded. more...

[Nov 7, 2009] Mood Tracker v0.1       Category: Utilities
Are you in a bad mood far too often? Are you curious as to what might happen to your mood if you changed your lifestyle? If so, this application is for you. more...

[Oct 10, 2009] ACLS v3.0       Category: Reference
It is a quick reference for all busy physicians in the latest International Guidelines 2000 for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. more...

[Aug 26, 2009] Hyperbili v1.1       Category: Utilities
Hyperbili is a freeware Palm OS program, which helps Family Physicians and Pediatricians to apply 1994 AAP guidelines for the management of neonatal jaundice. more...

[Jun 3, 2009] ADR2005 v1.0       Category: Reference
Shows the dangerous substances according to ADR 2005 UNECE. more...

[May 30, 2009] Sanitas v1.2       Category: Database
Database of medical information, disease, vaccinations, medication and allergies. more...

[May 28, 2009] HRCT v1.0       Category: Reference
HRCT is a small program that provides short lists of Diff Dx associated with different patterns seen on HRCT. more...

[May 4, 2009] Check Out v1.2       Category: Database
Free program for checking out medicine ward patients, includes CC, primary and secondary diagnoses, meds, allergies, code statis, and special instructions. more...

[Apr 22, 2009] CalorieKing Health Tools v1.0       Category: Calculator
CalorieKing Health Tools is a collection of handy health and lifestyle-related calculators and regularly-updated articles. more...

[Apr 22, 2009] Archimedes - Free Medical Calculator v12.1.2       Category: Calculator
A must have for every medical professional! An innovative specialty calculator, Archimedes is unlike any other program currently available. more...

[Apr 1, 2009] Unicycle v0.03 alpha       Category: Utilities
Unicycle is a free Palm OS application for recording a woman's BBT (basal body temperature) and certain other data that can be used for the "Fertility Awareness Method" (FAM). more...

[Feb 21, 2009] Calories v1.0       Category: Fitness
With this utility you can control the calories consumed and expended, in the list you can make the automatic calculation of consumption and expenditure and the difference between the two. more...

[Feb 10, 2009] mdop BMI calc v1.1       Category: Calculator
BMI calculator for Palm OS. more...

[Feb 9, 2009] GF calculator v1.0       Category: Calculator
Easy, free calculator, that calculate GFR from given values. more...

[Feb 6, 2009] EFM (electronic fetal monitor) Glossary reference v1.0       Category: Reference
Hi folks, in Sept '08, ACOG published their new guideline on electronic fetal monitoring, this is a Palm PDA version for quick easy reference, ideal for students, residents, and attendings who need to review these things occasionally. more...

[Jan 31, 2009] Alcolator v1.0       Category: Calculator
The program calculates the blood alcohol using two different formulae (Widmark and Watson). more...

[Jan 15, 2009] ABG Acid-Base evaluation tool v1.0       Category: Reference
This Palm PDA application walks a clinician through a stepwise evaluation of ABG's and Electrolytes in order to assess all the acid-base disorders which may be present and arrive at diagnostic ideas for pt care. more...

[Jan 12, 2009] Pediatric Early Warning System (PEWS) score v1.0       Category: Reference
This is the Pediatric Early Warning System score which has been implemented in several children's hospitals and general hospitals with pediatric wards. more...

[Jan 8, 2009] HealthCalc v1.3       Category: Calculator
HealthCalc is a collection of different tools to help you reach or maintain your weight and health. more...

[Dec 12, 2008] Biorhythms v1.0       Category: Utilities
Two programs: Biorhythm, that graphs the biorhythm of a person at any given date and C-Biorhythm that does the same but for two persons and overlaps the graphs for comparison. more...

[Nov 25, 2008] GlucoBase v1.64       Category: Database
GlucoBase is a full featured suite of applications that give you the tools you need to help take control of your Diabetes. more...

[Nov 11, 2008] Renal Artery Stenosis Calculator v1.0       Category: Calculator
This is a simple calculator that allows physicians to determine the probability of Renal Artery Stenosis based on a patients clinical parameters. more...

[Oct 25, 2008] AmbulanceTimer v1.1       Category: Utilities
AmbulanceTimer allows an ambulance driver to record a timestamp for important emergency call events with a single tap. more...

[Oct 23, 2008] RxPlan v11.9.0       Category: Database
RxPlan - prescribe with confidence and ease with the most comprehensive and accurate compendium of U. more...

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