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RAFT: Rapid Access Facts Tool (Palm OS) v1.1.6

Size: 8100 KB
Date: October 6, 2008 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.5.3
  • RAFT_PLM_v1.1.4.exe

Author: USBMIS
Email: n/a

From the common to the esoteric, RAFT has been designed to deliver all health care practitioners difficult-to-remember, but essential medical information at the palm of your hand.

This free application, currently in Beta Test, was designed and edited by a board-certified surgeon specializing in trauma surgery and critical care.

RAFT is in every way the lifesaver of medical applications. It contains lab values, an audio Spanish reference, ACLS protocols, formula calculators, treatment of poisons, and other information needed in real time to make a difference in patient care.

RAFT: Rapid Access Facts Tool Beta Test is open to everyone that would like to participate. We are eager to obtain all the feedback we can so we encourage you to share this software with your colleagues.

RAFT will be continuously updated with new tools and content based on user demand to make it a powerful and comprehensive free application for all health care practitioners.

General Reference

  • Acid-Base: Basic clinical information about acid and base physiology.
  • Basic Medical Spanish: A Spanish/English dictionary with two modes: "General," which includes audio pronunciation and "Quick Lookup." Audio works on Pocket PC, BlackBerry, and Palm devices with OS 5 or higher.
  • Clinical Statistics: Basic health related clinical statistics.
  • Common Abbreviations: A quick lookup tool for finding the definition of common medical abbreviations.
  • Common Pediatric: Some basic pediatric information such as childhood immunization schedule, normal vitals, and an apgar score calculator.
  • Notes and Order Templates: Common forms and notes used in hospitals with examples of how to fill them out.
  • Tubes and Lines: Identifying tubes and lines in patients and their purposes.
  • ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • Basic Trauma: Common tools and information relating to trauma situations, such as initial engagement, hypovolemic shock, coma scales, and burn scales.
  • Anyphylaxis: Initial treatment of anyphylaxis.
  • Poisoning: Antidotes and comments about common poison treatment.
  • Snake Bites: Common snake bite treatment.
ABX / Drugs
  • Common antibiotic and bacterial classes.
  • Common drips for emergency hypertenstion
  • Common cardiac meds and drips for emergency hypertension
  • Common narcotics for the ICU
  • Common Lab Values: Quick lookup of over 1,000 common lab values .
  • Fluids and Electrolytes: Composition of fluids and daily requirements
  • Formulas & Rules: 50 interactive calculators and forms.


* [Jan 16, 2008] by A
Looks like a good program, but because they would not let me install it without giving them the password to my email I declined. I will try it if they don't require my protected info to use it.

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