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RHMidi v1.0B

Size: 86 KB
Date: October 29, 2008 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.1
  • RHMidi_1_0B.zip

Author: Robert Huneke
Email: robh_ptc@hotmail.com

RHMidi will list and play Palm OS formatted MIDI tunes contained the System MIDI Sounds.pdb file.
Its main purpose is to allow you to test out new alarm tunes installed on your system.
  • Added option to allow each clock to reset at the beginning of each turn
  • Added option to allow Fischer time to take effect at the end of the benefitting player's turn (instead of the beginning of the next turn)
  • Switch buttons realigned Please see the web page for a complete revision history.


    ***** [May 7, 2011] by Anonymous
    This app is really awesome. Really.

    **** [Feb 22, 2005] by akmal
    works great on my palm m130, better if it can play on removable media

    ** [Feb 10, 2005] by tungstenuser113
    Caused multiple fatal errors on my Tungsten T handheld. It did work for short periods of time, but lost me vital information that couldn’t be backed up by Hot sync. If you don’t want to have to deal these problems save your self the trouble and DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!

    ***** [May 5, 2003] by ern0
    I am a ringtone composer, and I was very sad because I haven't found a simple utility which lists and plays back the System MIDI sounds. One was using own converter and database, another one was too big (written in Java), third one was freezing all the time. So, finally, this utility is simple and tiny, you really saved my life.

    ** [May 5, 2003] by Nick Guenther
    Works fine, but seems redundant. The address book already does this. Perhaps editing, exporting, etc. Features should be added?

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