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tcpmp for palmos v0.65

Size: 600 KB
Date: May 5, 2005
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v5.0
  • tcpmp.aac.zip

Author: Zukae
Home: http://corecodec.org/frs/?grou...
Email: zukae@yahoo.com

Opensource MPEG4 (divx,xvid) player.


***** [Apr 4, 2008] by Zeke
This is the god of all media players! So much better than the outdated KinomaPlayer 1.5.1 I have!

***** [Feb 3, 2008] by Louie G
I actually have v0.71 on my Tapwave Zodiac. I also have TCPMPo v0.71 for BibleReader by Olive Tree. Both work flawlessly. And using headphones with the Zodiac's stereo speakers and native landscape mode really makes this a 10 star program!

***** [Jan 31, 2008] by Locke
It's a shame you can't rate something six out of five stars, or I would have for TCPMP! I was considering paying a good $50 for another comparable program, and then I see this for free! Plays my movies and music great, not to mention you can speed stuff up and slow it down (fun stuff :)) Honestly, the only thing this doesn't do is background plaback (as RealPlayer Palm OS does) but this is so minor and so easily worked around...if you don't have TCPMP yet, get it now!

***** [Sep 21, 2007] by mriojas229
Wonderful product! far better than the kinoma player that came with my TE2. the quality is superior and the audio is true stereo sound (kinoma claims it is stereo-capable but it only plays back in mono-aural). with the available mpeg4 and mpeg1 plugins, i can take the same dvd movies and tv shows i am watching at home and finish watching them on the go. and by adding the available mp3 and aac plug ins, i can also listen to any mp3 and itunes music file too. the TCPMP is a must-have program!

***** [Mar 21, 2007] by bart
It's the best player i've ever used, especialy the preamp, becouse my zire 71's volume is to low. *O* *O*.

***** [Dec 15, 2006] by poor
Love the progam, plays well on my zire31. This is by far the latest version. You can get that here "http://picard.exceed.hu/tcpmp/" at the backup download site (the actual site is not responding for me). That missing codec can be found here "http://www.radiofeeds.co.uk/pda/other.asp"

***** [Sep 8, 2006] by aso
It works gread on my T/e, including plug ins, MPEG4, MP3, OGG and its free.

***** [Aug 15, 2006] by silvarbullet1
Yes, this program is amazing. however, the download does not actually contain the program, just a codec for it! :S

***** [Jun 4, 2006] by Geroge
Great, the best player I have come across

***** [Mar 20, 2006] by Fleur
Finally some software that means I can run my mp4 files on either my Clie or my PSP - good work!

***** [Mar 2, 2006] by T5USER
Itīs able to watch films with 650MB size with 47fp/s

*** [Jan 12, 2006] by Undisclosed
I have a Palm Zire 31 handheld and I used palmOne Quick Install to move this progrma to my handheld. But the problem is it is not found on any of the home menues. Although when I go to delete I can find it listed there. Any fellow Palm Zire 31 handheld owners have any suggestions

***** [Jan 1, 2006] by anne
o ya if u want 2 watch .wmv videos u can get a converter from windows marketplace an convert it 2 mp4 or avi.

**** [Nov 28, 2005] by captian kirk
ZIRE 31 OK- for mpeg-4 playback you need the discontinued .aac audio codec, which is availible by searching for "aac codec for tcpmp.

**** [Nov 9, 2005] by Eric
I got video working pretty much immediately. It took me a sec to figure out how to install an mp4 (you just drag it into the PalmOne Quick Install. Prob is tho (at least with this mp4 file) I am not getting the audio along w/ the video... I get the following warning... "Error:: Player: Audio coden (MPEG4 AAC Audio, AAC0) not supported by the Player!"

***** [Oct 12, 2005] by Jerome
I haven't downloaded this software yet as I own a mac os10.4. Does anybody know if I could view .wmv attachments on my LifeDrive? If not what'd be a good freeware? Thank you for your time.

*** [Sep 8, 2005] by Jeff
Would be excellent, but they pulled AAC out of the supported files. I have encoded my iTunes mostly in AAC, so this for me playing AAC files the main reason I wanted this program. For MP3 it works okay though.

***** [Aug 14, 2005] by Leonardus
I can't believe myself, I knew this program before I purchased MMPlayer. I thought this program was not as good as the MMPlayer so I did not even border to download it. I purchased MMPlayer but It has so many issues especially with the audio listening to the music. I try the TCPMP, I believe able works like a champ, no bugs so far and free. MMPlayer looks nicer with available skins but I prefer the performance. Try this program you will be a happy camper.

***** [Jul 20, 2005] by Mac
Even beats most players that run in Windows!

***** [Jun 3, 2005] by Brian
All I can say is, "Wow!" As the previous reviewers noted, this player is better than the ones being sold (e.g., MMPlayer, Kinoma). TCPMP is great!

***** [May 31, 2005] by Duane
I agree with Dave - "this combined with DioPlayer is all you need for your palm." And that's all I got !!!!

***** [May 21, 2005] by dave
Totally totally awesome. this combined with DioPlayer is all you need for your palm. p*sses over all the rest. download it now if you haven't already.

***** [May 19, 2005] by David
This is what open source is all about. This plays movie formats that the others won't, and even when they do, this does it better. I'd give it a Superb rating if I could (6 or 7 stars)

***** [May 10, 2005] by pedro
I am so impressed - had issues with both kinoma and mmplayer but no problems with this at all. It's just so easy and no weird blurring. Optional settings are very useful and very simple. Works really well with virtualdub (free) and dr divx (not free)

***** [May 10, 2005] by Francesco
It's absolutely excellent. Free, simple, light, fast, compatible with almost every video format (including 3GP videos from cell phones.. unfortunatly with no audio.. you fix that and you'll get 6stars out of 5). It's a must-have for every single ARM Palm device.

***** [May 8, 2005] by Paul
I've been using since 0.63 and all three opinions below are CORRECT! Not only a terrific player - it's better than anything you'd have to pay for. Superior quality and now separate installable plug-ins so you only need to install ones you need - advise strongly you take the File manager/AAC - works really well for other than "default" folder locations. Just a superb job. MMplayer and Kinoma have been FAR outmatched by this brilliant developer.

***** [May 6, 2005] by Uwe Rehberg
Simply the best media player for Palm OS, must have for ARM based Palms

***** [May 6, 2005] by fab
Excellent indeed. It even beats the paid players.

***** [May 6, 2005] by Te_addict
This program is the best! It's actually better than MMplayer and Kinoma! The quality is just incredible! I can play Xvids at 15 fps and 130 kbs on my TE!

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