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Backup v1.0

Size: 52 KB
Date: March 18, 2005
Type: Freeware
  • Palm: M100
  • Palm OS v5.0
  • Treo 300/600/650
  • backup.zip

Author: Clarence Middleton
Home: http://www.middleton.no-ip.org
Email: Clarence101@sprintpcs.com

The ultimate backup tool. With Backup your can simply Copy all ROM file to a given SD card Directory.

Then Copy all of those files back to ROM.
The pogram is simple, but it works. Give the Directory a Good name.

Please Email me with any suggestions


*** [Mar 21, 2005] by Ben
It's a good program, but can it be faster? It took almost 1/2 hr just to back up my Treo 600

*** [Mar 21, 2005] by INSENSE
The Idea that user can choose directory is really Great. I really like it :) Also it works on My T3 very well. But If there is backup & cancel Button on screen, It will be easier to use.. And Its speed to backup my Handheld is too slow.. I hope that Next Version will be faster and easier to use. Thanks :)

*** [Mar 19, 2005] by dano
Works good in my zire72, but back up takes forever! 30 minutes at max or maybe even more. Its a great app, love the whole name your own folder idea, but this program has to be a bit faster

***** [Mar 19, 2005] by Clarence C Middleton
The program is also open Source. so If anyone wants the Source code "To add Improvements" just send me a Email.

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