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DeluxeWare Weather v0.67 beta

Size: 794 KB
Date: June 3, 2008 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v5.0
  • Weather.prc

Author: Deluxeware
Home: http://www.deluxeware.com
Email: support@deluxeware.com

Make your own weather station at Palm now! Current condition for the entire world (and for specific regions) updated every 15 minutes.

Before making travel plans for a hotel or flight it can be useful to check the current conditions for where you want to go.

Auto update mode helps to keep the weather data timely. "Weather-guard" will improve Palm's standard KeyGuard and get access to the current weather condition in easy way.


  • Fun images (clouds, sun, rain, snow) and indications of the general status
  • High and low day temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Wind direction and speed in mph, km/h
  • Dew point, Visibility, Humidity
  • Current local time for cities
  • The sunís ultraviolet intensity level (UV index)
  • Integrated weather to the Keyguard
  • Keyguard\'s weather supports all Palm devices
  • Hi-res+ devices Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Current forecast automatic update
  • Real feel temperature
  • 5-way navigator
  • Easy to use
  • 7 days forecast
  • Detailed view for each day of forecast
  • Date format settings
Update Description:
- Update all cities weather per session
- Photobank of exclusive backgrounds at "Web folder"
- Customized Hot-Keys feature
- Background images do navigation by folders
- Download backgrounds from "Web folder"
- Category "Best" for mostly downloaded backgrounds from "Web folder"
- Connection speed improved
- Minor bugs fixed


***** [Jun 13, 2008] by watts4u2
This is a great program, one I use all the time on my Centro. Recent updates include humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction. A++ Only thing I'd suggest now is radar.

**** [Mar 31, 2008] by Tamtam
Interface is absolutely fantastic, a little bit slow on response, on my TX. kMeteo is faster and has a smooth/lean interface. Also kMeteo updates every city on your list with single update command, however Deluxeware Weather only updates active city on the list.

***** [Mar 30, 2008] by Yinda
A must have application.

***** [Mar 30, 2008] by Ethan S.
Never written a review here, but figured that this product was that good. For beta, it works perfectly and flawlessly. It is a amazing. The only thing that I cannot figure out how to get to work is the keyguard, but this program works great! Syncs over bluetooth GPRS or wifi. AWESOME!

**** [Mar 30, 2008] by Jim
This works well and looks good, another alternative is kMeteo.

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