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Digifix v1.2.1

Size: 36 KB
Date: November 26, 2010 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS v3.0
  • digifix-1.2.1.zip

Author: Cooperative Computers
Home: http://www.coopcomp.com/
Email: markmp@coopcomp.com

DigiFix will automatically save and restore your digitizer calibration, will solve Mad Digitizer Syndrome - (when digitizer slides out of alignment).

Everyone needs this free little utility. This program does everything and more than AutoDigi but is Freeware.


***** [Feb 28, 2011] by Paul
So far, looks like it completely fixed my Palm TX! I was looking at replacing the digitizer, but doesn't look like that needs to happen now. Thanks, Copera!

* [May 10, 2010] by jhwblender
My Palm m105 had a weird problem where the right top corner would be off like a centimeter and I couldn't click the home list options, I tried this program and it did nothing

***** [Aug 23, 2009] by William
I found out about this a day to late I had just hit my palm m105 with a hamer several times then I got on to day and got angry at my self but i installed it on my new palm m505 ( i had to replace my old palm i use it every day) so if it ever happens to me i will have a secret weapon!!!

*** [Jul 20, 2009] by Stefan
IMHO i dont think i had a HARDWARE problem as mentioned in most discussions regarding the "Mad Digitizer Syndrome". DigiFix didnt work for me. Digitizer was always ok until first hotsync after hard reset. What helped for me: (1) Delete directories "Backup" and "Updat" from your Palm directory on PC (better create a zip file or copy them somewhere else before!) (2) Hard reset (3) Hotsync --> all ok again - even after further soft resets or hotsyncs

***** [Jun 11, 2009] by Faith Wilmot
Wow! I was looking for a new Palm because my Zire 31 went crazy all of a sudden and I was stuck in calibration hell. I even did a hard reset after manually saving my data that wasn't backed up. I can hardly believe this worked. I couldn't do a hotsync and I have no idea how this program got around that, but it did. Simply amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

***** [Oct 3, 2007] by Marcel vd Velden
Is very helpfull! My childeren can now play with my old Palm's (instead of mine).

***** [Aug 16, 2007] by Louis Wells
Worked beautifully. I was also ready to throw out my old Palm. User simply needs to note that one of the downloaded files contains the instructions -- easy to followe.

***** [Aug 13, 2007] by Otto Schweigenthaler
Thank you all for this information. It's nice to know that something will make the palm work again. Isn't it a bit outrageous, though, that Palm doesn't provide a fix for this obviously frequent problem? I was about to toss the thing in the trash rather than go another round with palm technical service for a fee.

**** [Jul 5, 2007] by Lona
I finally got my digifix installed and have stopped the mad digitizer and the freezing on preferences. What a pain. I'm not even sure how I did it; i've tried combinations of all the things you folks have tried and it finally magically hs'd ok this time. I'm probably speaking too soon. We'll see in the next few days. Thanks.

***** [May 23, 2007] by K. Adu
This solution worked for me also. I didn't need DigiFix. "I found a way to "fix" the problem regarding the "Mad Syndrome". Apparently Palm Desktop comes with some updates and some programs that are installed automatically and are the ones causing this problem, is either the updates under "C:\Palm\updates". Just completely delete these Folders or move them temporarily to other place outside the Palm Desktop main Folder, DO NOT RENAME THEM, some how HotSync will found them. After that all work fine, the Hotsync, the Pointer, etc.. If you need to install some program, please install them one by one so that way you can "Debug" and identify which program or update is causing the "MAD" syndrome.

***** [Oct 29, 2006] by David
I have an old Vx and it works great!!! Assign a hard button to DigiFix, that way when your screen needs re-digitizing, you dont have to try to tap the screen to get to the digitizer on the welcome screen.

***** [Oct 9, 2006] by Jackie
My Palm Zire 72 was losing pen control every 2 minutes. I had to keep going into Digitizer to recalibrate. I installed Digifix a week ago and my problems appear to be solved. Thank you.

***** [Aug 31, 2006] by Tanya R
So glad I stumbled onto this solution to resurrect my Palm Vx. I had mad digitizer and didn't know it. I had to install (figured it out even though I'm not a techie...read FAQs after download), do a hard reset (held down power button and hit reset at back of unit) and then re-synced...viola! Awesome.

* [Jun 29, 2006] by John
Unfortunately this sw does not work as stated. I have a Palm V that gets crazy after a HS restore. Installed DigiFix alone but it did not launch nor after soft reset neither after HS. The Palm OS is 3.5, and did the try just after a hard reset.

***** [Mar 9, 2006] by Dustin
This software is great. No one with an old Palm should be without it. I thought my Vx was trash, but now it's back in business. In my Palm's case the issue was completely resolved with software and seemed to have more to do with running Palm OS 4.1 than anything else. I also kept running into the issue where I'd sync and wouldn't be able to get out of pref's like a couple other people here. I'd long since given up on saving data, so I just deleted everything out of the backup folder and this solved the issues. I'm now running 3.5.3 without issues, but it's great to have DigiFix there in a pinch. Thanks!

*** [Dec 12, 2005] by Jonas
Finally I got it! I HS'ed, moved the 'back up' folder and 'updates' folder away so that the only thing tranfering to the Palm was the digifix files. It worked. I then put everything back in place, one folder at a time and HS'ed after each folder. Maybe this will help someone. Thanx!

***** [Nov 11, 2005] by wolfgang
If only all software solutions would be so easy to handle - and WORK! Great!!

***** [Nov 11, 2005] by Jim
I have a Palm V OS 3.3. Every time I would do a soft reset, my digitizer would go out of alignment and I could not access my welcome screen to recalibrate. After a hard reset, everything would work until I did a Hot Sync, which would require me to do a soft reset after the Hot Sync was complete. I tried to load Digifix, and could not get it to load. I found a work around by doing the following steps: 1. Do a hard reset 2. Delete the following file: c:\palm\{username}\backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts (If there are two Graffiti files, delete both). 3. Hot Sync. After the Hot Sync, I did not have to reset my palm and all my programs, addresses etc. reloaded and a new Graffiti_ShortCuts file was created. I again tried to load DigiFix and DigiFixHack and they loaded and work great. Now when I do a soft reset, my digitizer works perfectly. Thanks freewarepalm.com and Cooperative Computers!

*** [Aug 23, 2005] by James
Excellent software, but could not get Digifix to launch on Soft Reset. Many grey hairs producing the following work-around. Here is the solution for those who cannot get Digifix to work: 1.Hot Sync your old info to your "original user" profile 2.Hard Reset 3.Create a "new user" in Palm Desktop 4.Hot Sync to "new user" 5.On palm pilot, Re-assign memo button to "Welcome", just in case 6.Double-click Digifix.prc and assign it to "new user" 7.Go into your c:\palm\"original user"\backup folder and double click any of your existing .prc or .pdb that you want for your "new user" profile (this is where most of your old programs will be saved, also in the c:\palm\add-on folder) 8.In the desktop software, export all your databases from "original user" into one folder in c:\palm (maybe name it "OldDatabasesSaved23Aug05") 9.Import them into your "new user" profile 10.HotSync to "new user" 11.Write yourself a little .txt file to remind yourself of all the steps for next time (hopefully years later!). You may need to fine tune these steps to suit your palm. I have a relatively simple m125 setup, with very few add-ons and installed programs.

***** [Jul 22, 2005] by nsymons
I had tried to load a palm third party software program that required Palm Desktop to be upgraded to 4.X. After doing so when I tried to sync the handheld (Palm V) lost the ability to use the touch screen. After many soft and hard starts (no luck) I found Digifix. Downloaded it and resynced.....it immediately fixed the freeze. Got to Love it.

***** [Feb 15, 2005] by James
was about to trash my old Palm V because the whole upper right of the screen did not respond no matter what I did. Now the old thing runs fine

***** [Jan 10, 2005] by Frank
Install digifix BEFORE the digitizer problems occur, especially on a Palm V, or learn the hard way why you should have.

***** [Dec 19, 2004] by Frank
Like with Alphonso it did not work at first. So, I did a hard reset, calibrated, synced to a NEW profile, added digifix, connected Welcome to the memo key (to make sure I could recalibrate anyway), synced again, calibrated (using the memo key). Then I exported the data from the old profile and imported into the new, synced. Then used my Palm and did occasional soft resets. Soon, I will reset the memo key to the memo app.

**** [Dec 14, 2004] by Jon
I have a mad digitizer. Digifix 1.2.1 doesn't autorun on my Vx with OS v4. I was lucky enough to be able to find my home button and hit it until I got to the "All" screen. Then I found the Digifix icon. After running it, I was able to calibrate. It still doesn't run after soft reset though.

* [Nov 30, 2004] by Alphonso
Installed this and nothing happened. I have a Palm Vx running OS 3.5.0. Digifix installed but I dont think it runs, I cant get my palm to do anything useful after a hotsync or a soft reset. Advise would be appreciated.

** [Sep 14, 2004] by Johnny
It was good for it's purpose, but it made the touch screen respond REALLY slowly. I dunno if that's happened before, but I couldn't stand it any long and deleted it. Sorry, but I'd rather just readjust my digitizer once in a while than have to wait a few seconds for one spot to finally be touched.

***** [Sep 10, 2004] by Mike
Just fixed my mad m100. It works now. It's great, of course, but I'm afraid nevertheless it's the last days (if not hours) of it's life :( The screen is dying slowly but unhesitatingly. What a pity!!! :((((((((((

***** [Aug 2, 2004] by Sam
Great software!!! WARNING: Do not use the security feature "Lock & Turn Off..." Once your palm is out of calibration, there is a possibility that you will not be able to write in your password and login. Despite the soft reset, the security screen prevents access to the digifix screen. Like me, I had to hard reset my palm.

***** [May 13, 2004] by ericb
Fantastic piece of freeware that solved my screen calibration issues in a flash! Good work, guys: your software was a lifesaver!

***** [Apr 16, 2004] by Christophe
Excellent ! j'ai achetÚ un palm d'occase mds inclu ! digifix bien moins cher qu'un numÚriseur neuf... pourvu que ša dure.

***** [Feb 14, 2004] by shankar
I have a palm VX handheld. The calibration was off on the top of the screen and on the graffiti area. I downloaded this fix and the probelm was gone in 20 secs.

***** [Jan 11, 2004] by Carlos Guerra
Hi all. This is for people that neither Digifix or DigiE fix/worked on their Palms (like me), I found a way to "fix" the problem regarding the "Mad Syndrome". Apparently Palm Desktop comes with some updates and some programs that are installed automatically and are the ones causing this problem, is either the updates under "C:\Palm\updates" or the programs under ""C:\Palm\Add-on".

Just complete delete these Folders or move them temporarily to other place outside the Palm Desktop main Folder, DO NOT RENAME THEM, some how HotSync will found them. After that all work fine, the Hotsync, the Pointer, etc.. If you need to install some program, please install them one by one so that way you can "Debug" and identify which program or update is causing the "MAD" syndrome.

***** [Jan 6, 2004] by carlos from Spain
Thank you for your app!!! I was about to trash my Vx when I knew about your product. I really don┤t know why the Palm people do not include it in their software. Live to see Sancho!!!

* [Dec 26, 2003] by A. Gougousdouis
I have a Palm V with Palm OS 3.3 and after a softreset the Palm crashes totally. Seems like a bug in DigiFix.

***** [Dec 24, 2003] by LennyB
Outstanding...My Vx has been real steady until yesterday. I thought I would check the forums on the digitzer probs and came across this. Thanks.

***** [Dec 17, 2003] by Osi
You legends! worked a treat problem solved. As we say in Oz, ONYA!

***** [Dec 5, 2003] by Alex
The ultimate solution to the mad digitizer syndrome. Use this application together with X-Master and App/Da Launcher 0.7 and Slow Launch 1.0 hacks. All can be downloaded from this site. This way you will be able to set any of the PDA buttons in addition to its original task, to launch DigiFix any time your digitizer goes mad and return to your previous application by means of a simple key stroke. A real life saver for Palm Vx users.

***** [Nov 13, 2003] by Wayne King
WOW!!! I can use my Palm Vx again. It has been months since I was last able to use it. I had given up hope and was looking into getting a new one when I found digifix. Why couldn't Palm make it right in the first place? I was thinking it might have been a built-in obsolescence feature. Anyway, thanks for a wonderful program.

***** [Nov 3, 2003] by Bernard Weinraub
I've been bracing myself for a hassle with Palm; I had to re-digitize as many as five times a day, and it was getting worse. Digifix spared me all that, and my Palm works like new. Superb software!

***** [Sep 27, 2003] by none
PERFECT, this tool rocks, I can finally start using my palm again. :)

***** [Sep 11, 2003] by Jimmy
Thanks for this superb program! I couldn't use my palm because I couldn't tab on the menu to calibrate my Palm. But this program fix my problem.

***** [Aug 14, 2003] by Nicoletta Chierego
Dopo aver inutilmente tentato di recuperare il mio Palm Vx con un soft reset e quindi un hard reset, il supporto Palm mi ha fornito ci˛ che davvero ha risolto una situazione che credevo irrecuperabile: I riferimenti al sw Digifix!!! Complimenti davvero e grazie.

***** [Aug 3, 2003] by Carlo Cavaliere
Eccezionale! Grazie a questo programma ho potuto continuare ad usare il mio Palm V pagato 35 euro ;-).

***** [Jun 24, 2003] by Steve Slater
This rocks. Thankfully I asked the Palm customer support person if there was any other solution he'd heard of before I spend $100 to repair my palm. This program saved me that $100 and loss of my palm for a week. Well done!

***** [Jun 14, 2003] by Neil Horwitz
An excellent program-and a perfect solution!!!! Congratulations on providing a sorely needed remedy which could have resulted in me abandoning my Palm V.

***** [Jun 10, 2003] by Leon T
Fantastic! Soft Reset ruined my digitizer alignment, leaving me no option but hard reset. Once digifix is loaded, you may hear a beep after a few seconds when the general settings page comes up -- you should find that the digitizer works OK now. Thanks for saving my Palm Vx from the dumpster.

***** [Apr 28, 2003] by M.G.
I bought my Palm m515 just this month. The alignemnt was acting funny so I searched for some info. to help. Digifix was easy to install and I was impressed when it solved my problem quickly.

***** [Apr 21, 2003] by xlat
Fantastic! I needed this years ago. I used to have to hard reset (with a broken power button that's anoying.) Now I've set it to launch when I press the "To Do" button. I need it that frequently. Thanks a lot for this great hack!

***** [Apr 21, 2003] by Alan
Excellent tool! Got real frustrated with the Palm vx screen alignment issue. Almost gave up and wana dump the palm into the dustin until I found this amazing tool! A BIG THANK YOU to the developer!

***** [Apr 20, 2003] by Emre
This is amazing. Long before I was aware of the 'Mad Digitizer Syndrome', I had to hard-reset twice, soft-reset many times to try to get the digitizer on my PalmVx to work properly on separate occasions. Now I am a happy soul to have found this wonderful program. Great job.

***** [Mar 28, 2003] by Walter M Pereira
My PalmVx touch pad was not functioning properly. I was able to solve the problem normally using the welcome screen. However this time I was not able to access through home button. I tried all trick but failed. I then went on the net to check if other users had similar problems and how they solved it. I found Digifix solution. As I am not too familier with how to go about, it took me some time but finally the software worked wonderfully and the software is free. Thanks a million times and more.

*** [Mar 5, 2003] by jo31
Thinks go better with than without but still need hard reset on PalmVx, trying Regidi.

***** [Feb 27, 2003] by Monika Klein
Excellent, thanks, works great and is easy to use. I bought a used Palm Vx in ebay and could not believe my eyes when I tried to use it. Whatever I clicked did not work. I entered "palm digitizer" in google and found this web site with your tool, and now everything is fine. Thanks a bunch!

***** [Feb 21, 2003] by Sean
A miracle! I had pretty much decided to give up on Palm computing before I found this product. Why are the Palm people so stupid that they don't include this as a standard function of the handheld? Thank You Too Much!!!!

***** [Feb 21, 2003] by Robert Lee (Hong Kong)
If you have a Palm V upgraded to 8MB RAM and OS 4.1 but an "incorrect checksum", then you have no choice but to use this. My own handheld was saved from the dustbin with this. Many thanks for making this freeware.

***** [Feb 16, 2003] by Tony
Awesome!!! You saved me having to reinstall all my software. I had auto-digi installed and it didnt do anything about this problem, simply installing this app fixed it!

***** [Feb 16, 2003] by Konstantin
This is something!!! You saved my lovely Palm from trash bin, and kept myself from a lot of nasty problems with shift to new PDA. You're the best, folks.

***** [Jan 17, 2003] by Hanns-Christian
Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...I love you. You saved me from deep trouble!

***** [Jan 14, 2003] by Jonathan Brimfield
You saved me. I couldn't figure out any fix for my "Mad Digitizer Syndrome" and Digifix save the day. Thanks.

***** [Jan 7, 2003] by Russ
My PDA had been in my desk draw for weeks due to calibation problems. Had similar problems to those reported in other reviews. Even started to look at buying a replacement PDA. Came across this site and within the hour my Palm V was back up and running with a complete HotSync and good calibration. This utility is brilliant. Thanks!!!!!!!

***** [Nov 30, 2002] by Sanju John
Great Tool. This just saved me the hassle of calling tech support. A must recommend product!! Thank You to the author!!

***** [Nov 21, 2002] by djk4160
AWESOME!!!!!!!! Saved me the hassle of technical support, or worse yet , buying a new one. THANK YOU!!!!

***** [Nov 20, 2002] by Fred
This is great! Saved me buying a new PDA. I'd suggest you leave the guy who wrote this a tip - I did. http://www.coopcomp.com/tips/.

***** [Nov 19, 2002] by Shyam
Very useful utility. As with most palm users, the palm is your life and was scared i was going to lose the device, but this utility solved the allignment problem. Kudos to the developer(s) of the utility.

***** [Nov 7, 2002] by Phukie
I almost giveup my Plam Vx and go to Sony. But thanks to Digifix! I can hardly found any words to express my appreciation!!!

***** [Oct 21, 2002] by John Chiang
Thank you. I cannot express how easy I am when I solve my probelm with your DigiFix. I will tell every plam user I know about this freeware. Thank you again.

***** [Oct 17, 2002] by Stefan Rindeskar
Thank you! Thank you! I had the same frustration over that the digitizer menu wasn't accessible and a restore even restored the faulty digitizer settings. I said some very hard words for myself about the idiotic behavior of Palm until I found this fabulous software.

***** [Sep 25, 2002] by Paul Melton
What an un-believable tool! I tried everything and thought I had lost the use of my Palm V. A little searching brought me to your site, spent a few reading the instructions, and poof!!! It's now working.... Thanks a ton!

***** [Sep 22, 2002] by Chris Newman
My Palm vx has been out of alignment for months. A hard reset would allow me to set up but as soon as I did a synchro it went out again. I have had contacts with palm who went through the proceedures to re install everything but always the same thing happened. I got to your sight accidentally, installed digifix 1.2.2 and in three minutes all was fixed! Why was palm support not able to assist? Thanks!

***** [Sep 16, 2002] by JŘrgen Schlegelmilch
My Plam Vx digitizer was completely out of sync, with no menus or silk buttons accessible. Thanks to DigiFix, it is usable again!

***** [Aug 23, 2002] by Mats
Thanks, I was on my way to trash my 3 years old Palm V due to digitize problem but now it works correct again.

***** [Jun 18, 2002] by starsoft
Great soft!! I had to switch my pilot since the old one had a broken diplay so I did a full backup and restore on a new one - including digitizer settings since they're save among all other preferences. It was not possible to calibrate the digitizer without deleting all data - but thank to this proggy it IS possible! Small proggy but can save lot of work and help where the appears to be no solution.

***** [Nov 8, 2001] by robie
Thank you, thank you.... after this, I do not need autodigi, redigi, and ondigi softwares.... thanks again. more power!

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