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FileZ v6.8

Size: 190 KB
Date: July 11, 2005 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.0
  • FileZ68.zip

Author: nosleep software
Home: http://www.nosleep.net/
Email: help@nosleep.net

Filez is an easy to use file manager for the Palm OS.

Use it to remove, beam, or modify any file on your handheld.
It's useful for removing old programs/databases and for telling some files to back themselves up.

Features Include:
- Support for memory cards (VFS-based)
- Fast cache-optimized list refreshes
- Command bar support (palm os >= v3.5)
- Smarter selecting/sorting in the list view
- Nifty progress bar while loading
- Used memory/total memory display
- Menu option to set the backup/copy bits of all files at once
- International date support
- Scroll the list by entering a letter into the graffiti area
- Edit the create/modify/backup date/times (including "never" option)
- Customizable 2nd column: creator, type, size, record count, attributes
- Color coded list view
- Various sorting orders
- Many filtering options: filename, creator, type, size, record count, attributes
- Graffiti shortcuts from the list view
- Cool icons to indicate some attributes
- Shows files on external memory cards
- All file attributes can be changed
- Hide-ROM option
- Fast listing and sorting
- Ultra easy-to-use
- Supports MemPlug cards
- Multiple file delete/move/copy
- Preference editor

Update Description:
- Adds support for the 5-way navigation button and fixes a few bugs.

- Adds the ability to set the dirty/secret flags for records.

- Adds 320x480 support! See the user manual for details and the full update history.


***** [Oct 26, 2009] by Louie G
If you're in need of a little more real estate so you can see more folders, sub-folders, and files, then check out a freeware program called Tiny DAs: Flipper, StatBar, RotateDA, ToggleFS 1.01. It will allow you to utilize the ENTIRE screen. But you'll have to look elsewhere to find it. You'll also find it useful with many other programs, especially if you make screenshots.

***** [Jun 3, 2009] by KC
Oops, have to eat crow. I decided to delete my copy of FileZ and reinstall the latest (although both were supposedly 6.8.3). Short story: now it works, the error went away! Happy, but puzzled.

***** [Jun 4, 2008] by Ruud
Almost perfect program! One thing: if you only change a capital lettre such as flower to Flower, he doens't save it. Maybe something for a new version?

***** [Apr 22, 2007] by Louie G
I have version 6.8.3 (updated 7-19-05), not version 6.8 (updated 7-10-05)listed here, and have never had any problems with it. Changing names of files in the details box is nice and simple. Nor do I have any problems with the names being cut off as more and more folders are opened (and I have well over 200 apps). Of course, I use a Zodiac which was designed to mainly be used in landscape mode (though I use it in portrait mode when beaming or filtering, and do notice the cutoff then). I have also never experienced FileZ not showing enough information when opening sub-folders or when moving things around. If the problems are only occurring in the newer PDA models (or with the older 6.8 version), then hopefully a newer version will fix the problems mentioned below. I have several excellent file managers, including 3X Commander and FileProg, but admittedly I use FileZ the most, and have for the last 4 or five years. It accomplishes most of what I need it to. Thanks for a great program! Hope to see even better versions in the near future.

*** [Oct 16, 2006] by N.W.
I downloaded FileZ and FileProg mainly for the purpose of backing up internal files to external memory card (there are probably other tools to do this, but this is where I started). Of the two, FileZ is a bit more sophisticated - it included a hex editor for editing individual database records, displays alot of information about files - including the exact file size in bytes, and allows you to sort the display according to size/type etc. However, there are two flaws in FileZ which meant I couldn't use it. Firstly, FileZ displays both files and folders on the same display. By clicking on a folder you can then expand it and display all the files within it. All very neat. However, because the files in the expanded folder are displayed with a slight indent, longer filenames end up being clipped at the right hand edge. The problem gets worse the more embedded folder you expand, although this is mainly a problem with external cards. There appears to be no way to find out the full filename in this situation. There is an option to display an individual files details, but even this doesn't have a text area wide enough to display longer filenames. The second flaw is that FileZ several times caused a fatal fault on my Zire 31 and reset the device. The problem always occurred when I was expanding the "Internal" pseudo folder. I ended up using FileProg. They are both very good utilities, it's just a shame about the FileZ crash and filename issue - I would have given it 5* otherwise. Further details of crash in case author reads this. Clicking on the "triangle" icon next to "Internal" gave me a message box saying something like "no file(?) in fileCompare()". Clicking OK gives the same box again (and so on ad infinitum). Clicking the main Palm "home" icon causes the message box to flicker on and off rapidly for several seconds and eventually causes the crash. I was using a filter - "mem" for the memo files - and had just copied the four memo files to a folder on the external card, deleted them from the external folder, tried to expand the (now empty) external folder, then tried to expand the "Internal" folder when it crashes.

** [Oct 8, 2006] by Matt
I use the palm tx and I am trying to rename a file and put it in a different folder. Also when I select one folder it doesnt expand, and when I press expand from the menu it expands everything. It's really buggy. There is no rename option andwhere to be seen and when I try to move filkes all it shows is internal and external card, and it wont expand. Also I have to reset once in a while when I see a message " No files in FileCompare()", in which it keeps looping so I have to reset.

***** [Feb 5, 2006] by LK
Thanks! This is just what I was looking for. I wanted to use IR to send some files (which my Palm doesn't support) to my cell phone and this was a great work around. Excellent, excellent product, must have for all Palm users.

***** [Jan 12, 2006] by Latios
Wonderful application, and better than apps like UniCMD, in my opinion, since this can also be used as a hacking software, if you know code ;)

***** [Jul 18, 2005] by Tim
I am so stupid, I did a master reset on my z600 and all my files were gone, I had a PalmOS (no bluetooth) and this file help my upload things to my z600 (which is a Sony Ericsson cell phone). Thank you soo much 5/5.

***** [Jul 13, 2005] by coto
Great application, definitely a must have for every Palm user. And remember, not only is the app free, the source is as well! Thank you guys, you are great! :-)

***** [Jul 12, 2005] by Jeroen
Many thanks for the program. Excellent. I'm about to install 6.8.

**** [May 30, 2005] by E.H.R. Pondman
Love the programm, easy to work with. I only miss the "formatfunction".

***** [May 10, 2005] by Austin
Grate program! I use it all the time!

***** [Apr 2, 2005] by Andrew
I've used this program since it began with the original handspring. It's nice that you guys can keep this free.

***** [Feb 19, 2005] by Calvin
Love it!!!

***** [Dec 13, 2004] by John Farrell
Be very careful on the T5! Don't install the PRCs for the T3, because they break the graffiti area and it's very difficult to get rid of them. FileZ works fine on the T5 without them.

***** [Oct 24, 2004] by Mrs. B
Totally Awesome. "Off the Hook!" One of the best and most valuable utilities I own for my T3... the fact that you make it available for free is a real blessing. Outstanding work!

***** [Oct 13, 2004] by Vince3d le Belge
Just one word about the 6.2 update : excellent update to a most excellent software. Great in every aspect! Keep up the good work!

***** [Sep 18, 2004] by J
I love this guy! You rock man. Thanks for keeping it going. This app comes in soooo handy soooo often. I know the big dogs must hate you, but you're #1 cool in my book.

***** [Sep 16, 2004] by Wayne H
Fantastic app and it's free. Seems to do it all. Works great on my CLIE. The only change that would make it better is HI-RES support. Still, deserves 5 stars.

***** [Sep 14, 2004] by Glenda
I find Filez an extremely useful program. However I downloaded this one and is was not v6. but 5.3.2 with only a couple of bytes of code different. I was extremely suspicious and deleted it.

***** [Apr 12, 2004] by Peter
Indeed a great great tool. My previous file manager, crashed a couple of times on my memory card. FileZ has no troubles at all! Thanx!

***** [Mar 15, 2004] by lordmayo
Very straightforward and hassle-free. NO MEMORY FAULTS!!!

***** [Feb 16, 2004] by Pete
Need to move files into/out of ROM and also set read-only attributes? This is the only file management tool that can do it. There are others that cost money, but why go that route when this program is best?

***** [Jan 11, 2004] by Phillip Partipilo
Absolutely invaluable tool to view, edit, and manage the files on your Palm at a granular level. Every power user needs this program.

***** [Apr 11, 2003] by Anysia
Great utility. I had some 'leftovers' on my Treo that I couldn't seem to get rid of, and Filez cleaned it up.

***** [Feb 9, 2003] by S Nordbye
I've been using various versions of Filez for over a year now to do things on my TRGpro that couldn't be done otherwise. It has become one of the utilities I depend on for general use of my PDA.

***** [Dec 31, 2002] by Gizmo
A wonderful file manager for your Palm. I have been using it since v4.0 and just love it! Allows the best way to beam (even locked programs) and to also delete files from the Palm. Very stable and very small.

***** [Dec 29, 2002] by bmh007
Brilliant program, worked really well on my Palm Vx.

***** [Nov 29, 2002] by Joe
After using this application for a while I did try another similar one; I realized that this one is much better, because it is fast and easy to use! Thank you.

***** [Oct 23, 2002] by Andrei Andreev
The one and the only VFS browser which do works on my m125. Great work!

***** [Sep 17, 2002] by Mark Masters
FileZ rocks! I have only had my m505 for about a week now. From the start I have been trying to get a handle on what kind of file structure is used in a handheld.
Anyone remember this: C:\>
MS-DOS? I still don't know what is what, but FileZ has helped quite a bit just to have some interface with files listed. This is no Windows Explorer - but then again Palm is no Windows either. The only question is, "Why oh why doesn't Palm provide software like FileZ by default?" FileZ is great software. Just get it!

***** [Sep 11, 2002] by j.s.
SelectAll and DeselectAll fills the file listing window with the same file. After scrolling the listing, it goes back to normal. I'm using M100 (Japanese version, upgraded to 8MB).

**** [Jul 22, 2001] by terry chay
Excellent replacement to a program known as 'ZarfCatalog that was never updated. This added color support and recently added memory card support. The sorting and editing features are just short of essential. I'd give it a five except that the color coding seems washed out on a Palm m505 and the interface, while wonderful at the time, is actually inferior to McFile when copying files to/from memory cards. Oh, and it would be nice if I could cache the file information so that startups would go faster. Put this on your palm and you won't regret it.

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