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GeekSounds v2.4

Size: 17 KB
Date: October 30, 2010 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.0
  • geeksnds.zip

Author: Justin R. Cutler
Home: http://www.palmrat.com/softwar...
Email: cthulhu48@hotmail.com

Free replacement alarm sounds for geeks, this is my personal collection, but many people I know seem to enjoy it.

This is *NOT* an application. You will not see it in the launcher. This is a replacement alarm database. The new alarms will show up in any application that picks its alarm from 'System MIDI Sounds' (ie DateBook).


  • Airwolf
  • Back To The Future
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Indiana Jones
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Star Wars: Death Star
  • X-Men
  • ...and more than shown in the screenshot!
  • Update Description:
    - Fixed end record in some sounds.
    - Now all sounds can be exported using Mider for HoHo.
    - Added some sounds.

    - Fixed tempo on a few sounds.

    - Most of the alarms have been cleaned up and converted using HoHo.
    - Some new sounds were added by Radoslaw Nowak, author of HoHo.
    - File size has been reduced by 10kb.

    - Update with a few new sounds.
    - Verified compatability with English m505/m515.

    This has been tested on English language Palms only.


    *** [Nov 7, 2010] by EvilGenius
    Nice soun d but i got maybe a bug. Some sound dont playing! Just a bit sound like failure. Palm V v.3.1.

    ***** [Jun 23, 2010] by Andrei
    This is just awesome. Highly recommended. I used on my Visor, now i use it on both my and my girfriend's M130's. Also, worked on my German Visor Deluxe.

    ***** [Mar 24, 2008] by Matt
    Best thing I've ever downloaded for my Palm!!

    ***** [Dec 3, 2007] by Zeke
    This is really cool! I accidentally deleted my Zire71's original alarm database and I'm glad I've found this to replace it!

    ***** [May 27, 2007] by palmgeek5394
    It's really fun! Much more exciting than the original alarm tones.

    ***** [May 14, 2007] by pappalapapp
    I love it! Great thx!!

    ***** [Jan 9, 2007] by Grant
    I have a Zire 71 and this was an awesome addition. Great music, but the Jurassic Park theme really got me. No matter who you are, this is the add-on for you!

    * [Nov 29, 2006] by J.
    Low rating only because I could not get it to work on my 700p. Great idea.

    ***** [Oct 25, 2006] by pdajunkee
    Thanks for keeping it free! The default sounds on the Palm are terrible, these are much cooler!

    * [Oct 23, 2006] by Greg
    It's probably me but I can't get it to work on my 700p - it's on there somewhere but the sounds do not show up anywhere. Any tips?

    ***** [Apr 12, 2006] by Freakybat
    Oh man... Thats some really great stuff. It's all worth it after you listen though them all the first time. Then, when you actually use it as your alarm, it becomes priceless. Thank you.

    ***** [Feb 24, 2006] by Marky
    Awesome! Great variety so you can change them as your mood changes. Thanks! MMS

    ***** [Feb 19, 2006] by Rodolfo Ortega Paredes
    Thank you very much! I was looking for it for a long time!!! Palm should include your sounds and they should pay you also!!! The name for the french version of the Palm OS is: Sons système MIDI.pdb. Look for this name if your Palm is in French. Worked perfectly on my Palm TX and my Palm Tungsten T5. Greetings from Mexico!

    ***** [Dec 7, 2005] by mr. mame
    Works great on my Palm TX. Now the "death" song warms me before my weekly team meetings. Cheers

    ***** [Oct 6, 2005] by Benske
    This is FUN! Had to fiddle a bit since my Palm m125 is in french, but works great now. Can't wait for updates (Harry Potter, new Star Wars...). Thanks!

    *** [Aug 27, 2005] by runyon
    The samsung i500 only shows the text of the midis. It won't play the actual tunes. If anyone has a solution please post it.

    ***** [May 10, 2005] by Jarrod
    abosolutely the best on the net. a must have for your palm. can't wait for more updates.

    ***** [Feb 22, 2005] by Yi Yao
    Wow! I love this! The best thing sinced sliced milk! This is the best collection ever!

    ***** [Jan 3, 2005] by Martin Blank
    Wow. This program not only works for my Tungsten T and DateBook, but also works with an indispensible program called, "Diddlebug".

    ***** [Jan 2, 2005] by Mitch
    Great program dude!!! You should make a deal with palmone so they put it in all thier new palms! just a thought to make some $$$$$$$$$$

    ***** [Dec 2, 2004] by rakrane
    Great sounds and works great with my T3

    ***** [Nov 5, 2004] by Jennifer
    This is fantastic. So simply and easy to use and I wake up to something exciting instead of the same old built in chirp.

    ***** [Sep 9, 2004] by Jay Metzner
    Rock on! This is great! No more Boring alarms!

    ***** [Sep 8, 2004] by www.ngc1976.tk
    Excellent program. It would be nice if there was a plugin included to randomize alarms.

    **** [Sep 3, 2004] by Gort
    Very good program! Works terrific with my T3. If you can get it to work with World Clock then I'd give you an excellent!

    ***** [Aug 18, 2004] by Kathryn023
    Great alarms! and they work well on my Tungsten E. I look forward to an updated version!

    ***** [Aug 9, 2004] by Geek
    Woah! Over 100 alarms of shier geniuse! Its only minor flaw is alarm master cannot read many of your alarms. Again, other than that its perfect!

    ***** [Jul 23, 2004] by Mr. I
    It's great man!!!! I have fun all the time with it, I even wake up every hearing at my favorite songs like Terminator, etc. Excellent Job!!!

    ***** [Jul 16, 2004] by Jennie
    These are terrific - I had a blast going through and listening to them all. Nice small file sizes. I got rid of some larger sound files that weren't nearly as fun. :-)

    ***** [Jul 16, 2004] by Estelle
    Works wonderfully on my Tungsten E! It would be nice if you can incorporate some of the newer movie tunes like LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman etc. :) Just a thought.

    ***** [Jul 16, 2004] by Tagbo
    Great software. I use it on my Tungsten T3 with no problems. 1 request, can we get the theme from Shaft please!

    ***** [Jul 9, 2004] by dj boc
    Work great on my zire.

    **** [Jun 18, 2004] by Patrick
    This is quite good as an SMS alarm for my Tungsten W.. Too bad it can't work with the clock.. Anyone who knows how, it can serve as call ring tone? Thanks!

    ***** [Jun 1, 2004] by LANCE BROWN
    I just bought a Tungsten E and loaded the Midi Geek sounds and they worked jsut fine. Great add on to the palm software.

    ***** [May 1, 2004] by Luis Pinto
    Works great at my tungsten E. Just delete the original with Filez, and hotsync it. Now, I wish I could use it in more places than just Datebook...

    * [Apr 15, 2004] by JODOMOCA
    Worked fine on my m100, but doesn't even show up on my new Tungsten E. PLEASE fix this glitch- these alarms were the best & I miss them!!!

    ***** [Mar 26, 2004] by Mr Mike
    I'm using a T2 (which I just got) This list of alarms ROCKS!!!

    ***** [Mar 24, 2004] by irrelevant
    T3 Tungsten did not work at first. Was English version. It was not sufficient to rename the old version of the DB. I had to actually delete the old (renamed) file before my T3 used the new file. Great. Somebody send some salsa to add to it.

    * [Mar 21, 2004] by Nesha
    Worked fine on my m130, but doesn't even show up on my new Tungsten E. Please fix this glitch- these alarms were the best & I miss them!!!

    ***** [Mar 15, 2004] by Tim
    The best Alarm collection in the history of the universe!....It really is. Noe I'm searching for a good randomizer becuase there are to many good ones to try and choose just one or two.

    ***** [Feb 16, 2004] by Rod Gross
    Great Tool! But if your original MIDI file is not "System_MIDI_Sounds" (like on my german 505) you have to follow the steps below to avoid playing always the alert sound:
    1.Remove the original MIDI file on your pda - using FileZ or a similar tool - and remember the file name.
    2.Install the GeekSound file on the pda
    3.Now rename the GeekSound file "System_MIDI_Sounds" to your original file name (like "MIDI-Systemsignale" on my german pda).
    4.Now it works

    Note: To be able to make an "uninstall" rename your original MIDI file instead of deleting it...cause the standard uninstall only works for the "standard" file name..

    ***** [Feb 13, 2004] by Andrew
    The best program ever an absolute must have.

    ***** [Feb 2, 2004] by sl
    These work great on my Clie SJ33. I love the selection and they're short enuf to actually use! (other pack I downloaded had actual 3min songs, too long for alarm use.) Regarding above: Clie PEG-S360, I don't believe you have polyphonic (multinote) sound, so no these won't work for you.

    ***** [Jan 7, 2004] by RandomCore
    Got it to work on my Tungsten T3. The problem lies in the names. On my German T3 the System-Soundfile is called "MIDI-Systemsignale". If you rename the pdb to this it will work. To find out, how your Midi-DB is named, use a file tool (like FileZ, my fav) and sort by Type ID searching for smfr/psys. It should show only one file. Use this Name before adding it to honsync install.

    ***** [Jan 1, 2004] by Daniel
    Great Sounds.

    ***** [Dec 27, 2003] by Jordan C.
    As if it needed another review. Works flawlessly (except not for world clock, which is annoying) and the database is absolutely enormous, especially since it only takes 38K! Airwolf is the perfect sound, very long so I'll hear it eventually, yet none of the individual notes are held too long like some of the others I would have liked.

    *** [Dec 10, 2003] by Jon
    It worked perfectly in my Palm IIIxe but not anymore in my new Tungsten E. I wish to change the poor MIDI sounds included in OS5.

    ***** [Dec 9, 2003] by El Gee
    I love the sound choices. VERY good update!

    ***** [Dec 7, 2003] by MoesMom
    I had it on my Prism and LOVED it. Just got a Treo 600 and am hoping for an update so I can install it on the Treo. ABSOLUTELY the best!

    ***** [Dec 6, 2003] by Webster
    Great! Can´t wait ´till next version. Please release it!

    ***** [Nov 23, 2003] by Jason
    Great little toy, but is it possible to make every event a different alarm?

    ***** [Nov 8, 2003] by Juan Bazan
    I use here in South America spanish version, but when I try changed my Palm language to english ... really it works very well !!!

    ***** [Nov 1, 2003] by Mike
    This is great I lays use it on my m500 and I get to put on sweet tones (suggestion:use this with interupt me and it is great).

    ***** [Nov 1, 2003] by Pyromagic1
    Top notch fun!! I had it on my Visor Prism and it funtioned flawlessly. I have a Zire 71 now and I have experienced no problems at all. I highly recommend it for those who get tired of your simple system alarm sounds.

    ***** [Oct 19, 2003] by Ray
    Works well in my Zire 71. It just won't work with the World Clock, but it's working perfectly in all other alarms.

    ***** [Jul 24, 2003] by A. Bowman
    This is great! The sounds are fabulous! The Adams Family really had me chuckling! Really nice job.

    * [Jul 24, 2003] by Juan Bazan
    In my old Palm 100 works ecellent buy in my Palm Zire 71 ... nothing. I try and try with out positive results.

    ***** [Jul 19, 2003] by Ray
    Wonderful! So many to chose from I have a hard time deciding. But I have one request--"Happy Birthday" I want to attach it to my birthday reminders.

    ***** [Jun 22, 2003] by Timm
    That is great! Too bad you don't have some more recent movies and such, but the ones available are great. Thanks for such a great program.

    ***** [Jun 20, 2003] by Cliff
    Amazing collection of sounds! Thank you! I was looking for some great replacement sounds, but these take the cake! What a collection!

    ***** [Apr 15, 2003] by Tia
    One of the best FREE downloads I've done. Would be awesome if it worked for clock also.

    ***** [Mar 24, 2003] by Dan
    This is a great addon. It gives alot more to what was lacking for the PalmOS.

    ***** [Mar 3, 2003] by pillbop
    Crap! Theres so many! Great program. I just wish that it could work on the clock.

    ***** [Feb 11, 2003] by Katie
    I LOVE THIS! Works fine on my m125. This is GREAT, it's funny to play one in the middle of class..Mwhah..

    ***** [Jan 17, 2003] by Lord Galahad
    Excelent program, it works in my Tungsten T!, unfortunately not in teh clock, but anyway it is a must have!

    * [Jan 15, 2003] by Gary
    Have tried three different times to hotsync this and eventhough it shows in my palm desktop backup as an installed program, it won't work on my Kyocera Smartphone 6035 running Palm 3.5. Is there something else I have to do or is this not compatible with my palm based phone?

    ** [Nov 12, 2002] by Luis
    I have installed it on my Palm Vx (spanish version). I can only play the new sounds in the preferences menu, but not in the agenda application. Even old sounds can't be listened. What can I do? I have lost the alarm option of the agenda.

    **** [Nov 8, 2002] by Donita Holcomb
    I just wish that I could get more of the sounds that I have. I have a concerto, bird, alert, phone, sci-fi and wakeup.

    ***** [Nov 7, 2002] by Francisco
    It doesn't work on my Palm 125. Now only working with "alarm" sound on every sound. Please explain me what can I do. Thanks, Fco.

    ***** [Oct 29, 2002] by jalisquillo
    Te dejaste caer la grena perro.

    ***** [Oct 28, 2002] by MCGJoker
    Gracias cabrón, excelente programa!!!!

    ***** [Oct 26, 2002] by Gee
    I love this program! I want you the programer to make a random option so that I can hear all the sounds without having to keep on changing. It's a wonderful idea I thought of while listening to the alarms for the fisrt time. I hope you do, do it...and please keep it free! WOW this is way to cool...I've become a geek:)

    ***** [Oct 20, 2002] by Graeme
    Sheer bloody class!! Monty Python theme is my favourite... Nice!

    **** [Oct 20, 2002] by Robert Carvalho
    Achei ótimo este programa. É uma opção que faltava ao PALM-OS.

    ***** [Oct 19, 2002] by microbioman
    Awesome. Took me a second to figure it out, but it is a must have program!!!!

    ***** [Oct 4, 2002] by Alejandro Araújo
    Felicitaciones. Muy bueno.

    ***** [Sep 22, 2002] by larua
    This is so awesome! It does work on my 105. You have to down load this! It's better than ringer toans!

    ***** [Sep 18, 2002] by waveracer305
    I LOVE IT! hope to see lots of new versions!

    ***** [Sep 11, 2002] by Sorin
    Works great on my m100. In addition, I can rename the alarms and even edit them with HoHo. And the original sounds remain unchanged. Great program! Keep it up!

    ***** [Sep 10, 2002] by Kim
    I love Geek sounds!! Especially like the Uncle Fucka addition!!! More South Park!!!

    ***** [Sep 10, 2002] by John Wilson
    Hey, this would be a great "Name That Tune" game. I have plsyed these tunes with my coworker and it is amazing how many he was able to guess!

    ***** [Sep 9, 2002] by Jen
    It doesn't work on my m105. Is there something that I need to have in my palm before it can work?

    ***** [Sep 9, 2002] by Ricardo
    This is really great, all my coworkers love it, we will wait more upgrades.

    ***** [Sep 4, 2002] by Daniel

    ***** [Aug 28, 2002] by Sparticus Caine
    Excellent addition to my Palm M500. Great stuff and it works wonderfully! And by the way, for all your M505 and M515 users, have you ever thought that just maybe the 505's and 515's are inherently defective?

    ***** [Aug 25, 2002] by Owen
    Excellent, great for jazzing up your palm.Thanks for making it free!

    ** [Aug 15, 2002] by Aggs
    Won't work on my Sony Clie PEGS-360. Is there anything else to do after HotSyncing?

    ***** [Aug 12, 2002] by Napee
    One word: GREAT!!! Really love it.

    ***** [Jul 29, 2002] by Jeff
    Excellent. Great selection. Is there a way to designate certain alarms for different events without manually changing alarm? Is "Jaws" available?

    ***** [Jul 28, 2002] by Erika Miller
    Justin, I absolutely love the sounds, but it doesn't work with BugMe V3.8. It works great with my Note Pad. Could you kindly advise me on what steps to take? Thanks.

    ***** [Jul 24, 2002] by Adbo
    Any way to make it work with the alarm in the clock? Super little app.! I love the Death Star!

    ***** [Jul 21, 2002] by Reg F - Oz
    All those 515 users-try installing the Clie sounds. Then all the great geek noises worked fine. Heaps of fun!!

    * [Jul 17, 2002] by Denise Bagshaw
    Help, can not get any of the alarms to work! Any tips! Have a palm 515.

    ***** [Jun 24, 2002] by Lucky
    Great! Takes place bot very interusting!

    ***** [Jun 18, 2002] by SJM
    Mr. Cutler is very generous to share this with us. It is a wonderful addition to my Palm.

    ***** [Jun 7, 2002] by Girrlkitty
    This is an awesome database! I had so much fun going through all the sounds and it is fun to set alarms now. I am looking forward to seeing this collection grow!

    ***** [Jun 4, 2002] by PR
    Wow! Finally some good alarm sounds! 1 question on star wars- why the cantina song instead of the theme song? Would prefer that! Hope to see new packs with new stuff (hint hint)!

    * [Jun 3, 2002] by Steve
    I cannot get this to work on my Kyocera Smartphone. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or if it is not compatible. Please advise.

    **** [Jun 2, 2002] by Joker
    If u rename "System MIDI Sounds.pdb" to "MIDI-Systemsignale.pdb" u are able to use these new sounds @ a german palm.

    ***** [May 29, 2002] by George
    Justin, This is one of the best utilities for Palm. It has made my Visor less boring and my appointment reminders more interesting. Please keep up the good work! Please know that your work is deeply appreciated and admired by all. God Bless You!!!

    ***** [May 22, 2002] by Quantum
    The defaults were driving me nuts. This is a welcome replacement that won't be replaced.

    ***** [May 21, 2002] by Seanrp84
    Whoa!!! I will never get rid of this!!!

    ***** [May 17, 2002] by H.N.I.C.
    Man! This should be on everyones "essentials" list. What a great program. AND ITS FREE. Now thats a phatty :D

    ***** [May 4, 2002] by Flatusboy
    No problems with install. Works great. This is an EXCELLENT add-on to your palm. Almost like a flash back in time listening to all the old classic TV theme songs.

    ***** [Apr 29, 2002] by Matthew T Leavy
    Very nice. Attention Audrey and David: You may be able to correct the problem you are experiencing by reselecting an alarm sound on all alarms established prior to the installation of the new midi database. Any new alarms should be fine with whichever alarm you chose at the time of their creation. Hope this helped.

    ***** [Apr 26, 2002] by TheMan
    This is great. Tons of sounds, something for everyone.

    ***** [Apr 13, 2002] by Victor Zabel
    Este programa funciona de maravila, es una gran eleccion, mi palm es una 125 y agrega vida. Es indispensable tenerlo! gracias Justin.

    * [Apr 12, 2002] by Heinz
    To AUDREY and DAVID and... just delete 'System MIDI Sounds.pdb' and it should work again. Hope it helps.

    ***** [Apr 8, 2002] by Kevin
    The best thing for my palm since...the last best thing for my palm.

    ***** [Apr 6, 2002] by Johnny Ortiz aka: Kolma
    I don't even use it as a alarm just play whenever to cheer up my day! Thanx.

    * [Apr 4, 2002] by DAVID
    It doesn't work on my Palm 505, like Audrey. Now only working with "alarm" sound on every sound. Please explain me what can I do. Thanks, David.

    ***** [Apr 2, 2002] by Lawrence
    I am having the same problem - No alarms.

    ***** [Apr 1, 2002] by Dr. Shyam B. Verma
    This is a real cool program and what a range! congratulations! A treat for an geek who is also an audiophile! Thanks!- shyam.

    ***** [Mar 2, 2002] by Louis
    Wow, it even has Britney Spears voice talking dirty. I love it! Thanks!

    **** [Feb 21, 2002] by Olaf
    It does not work on my m500 with the alarm clock or a date in the calendar. With MonkeyAlarm I can list and play all sounds. Who can help?

    ***** [Feb 18, 2002] by ^--^

    ** [Feb 17, 2002] by Audrey
    It doest not work on My M505, and now my other original sounds does not work anymore. What can I do to get it back ?? Please reply.

    ***** [Jan 31, 2002] by Colin
    Thanks for cheering up my day! It works like a charm!

    ***** [Jan 28, 2002] by Mike S. - Austin TX
    **Absolutely** the BEST thing I've added to my Visor. Great contribution. Thanks Justin!

    ***** [Jan 25, 2002] by packerwidow
    Love these sounds! My personal fave is Austin Powers. Keep up the great work!

    ***** [Jan 25, 2002] by Stephanie
    Totally and completely cool. I love the irony of being able to pencil in a dreaded meeting and then set the alarm to the theme from "Mission Impossible."

    ***** [Jan 20, 2002] by Chris
    These sounds rock! Please make more! So many songs and they only take up 40k! Truly amazing... cudos to the author. For anyone having trouble loading these sounds, be sure to load ONLY the System_Midi_Sounds file, not the uninstall one also. It'll nullify the sounds and you'll only be stuck with your regular stock ones, and worst case, not have any sounds at all. Congrats to the author :)

    **** [Jan 18, 2002] by PDA Hutong
    Lotta luv! The PalmRat didn't crash my Sony 760. Keep up the work!

    ***** [Jan 12, 2002] by Barbara
    Works fine on my Visor Deluxe and my son's M105. We play Name That Tune with them.

    ***** [Dec 25, 2001] by LEON TEE
    That is what i want, i will share with my friend.

    ***** [Dec 21, 2001] by Colleen
    Love it- My husband and I were playing around with it for quite some time. We have palm 105's and it works on them. The Dueling banjos has one off note but I imagine the guy who wrote this was limited to how many notes he could put in a song since it skipped some of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. He probably was limited on which notes were there- or maybe I'm just giving him the benefit of the doubt. :)

    * [Dec 20, 2001] by Dawn
    The sounds don't show up in my Visor Platinum.

    ***** [Dec 14, 2001] by Mark K.
    These are great! I have a Sony Clie 610, and the difference these "songs" make in my day are well worth the download. MORE!!!

    ***** [Dec 12, 2001] by Roberto/ San Juan
    Works great on my IIIc, specially the Indiana Jones that is my favorite.

    ***** [Nov 23, 2001] by Guy from Finland
    Sounds works fine at my Palm Vx. I was able to install sounds from Mac just fine(mac rules). Great sounds!!!

    ***** [Nov 21, 2001] by luci_c
    Works grat on my m505. Thank you.

    * [Nov 9, 2001] by Thomas
    Does not work on my Palm M505. And now my Original Sound Database does also not work. :-(((

    * [Oct 23, 2001] by Jason
    Does not work on my Kyocera 6035.

    ***** [Oct 17, 2001] by Evan Stansbury
    The best of the movie/TV alarms. A few of them actually have some emotional depth. Godfather Theme, especially! Shows off existing (but, alas, limited) Visor sound capabilities!

    ***** [Oct 9, 2001] by Stephen
    Great! if you use it with random alarms you get entertained every time the alarm goes off!

    * [Oct 2, 2001] by Bruno
    It doesn't work in my m100, too!!

    * [Sep 14, 2001] by Eroberer
    It doesn't work on my m100. Am I doing something wrong? I put it into the installer and clicked the sync button, what else is there to do? Email me if you can help. eroberer4u@hotmail.com

    **** [Jul 7, 2001] by Brant
    these are a lot of fun! And I didn't have any trouble installing them from my MAC! And remember, if MACs sucked, Microsoft wouldn't have spent 18+ years trying to clone them!

    ***** [Jun 27, 2001] by Jeff
    Awesome!! Speaking as a professional geek, I thought it was an excellent choice of sounds, and the variety was great!

    ***** [Jun 16, 2001] by Austin Bires
    Probably my most used download. I leave for work every morning to the "A-Team" theme. Keep up the good work!

    ***** [Jun 6, 2001] by IGGUS
    Awesome sounds, adds nice touch to palm, but what is a big dissapointment is that half the people on this site have Macs. I would have figured they would have computers.

    ***** [May 24, 2001] by Me
    I have had problems trying new systems sounds (on Mac). This works just great. Any chance you could incorporate the other sounds used by Act Names as well? I like their collection... the Doors, etc. You have some of the same sounds (the muppets) but not all.

    ***** [May 13, 2001] by Jasper
    This is great !! We all now the Palm Sound System sucks, but with this database, at least the beeps are beeping a lot cooler !

    ***** [Mar 3, 2001] by Cathy
    This only makes my Palm MORE FUN!!!

    ***** [Feb 23, 2001 ] by Kathleen
    This is so cool! I just go through the alarms to listen to them for fun. I was able to install from the mac just fine. Great Work!

    ***** [Feb 19, 2001 ] by Dirk Bliss
    I love all the cool sounds.

    ***** [Jan 13, 2001 ] by Geoff
    The Mac problem isn't just with this file, it's with any Midi systems file. For some reason it isn't recognized as a Palm file... not good. I'd like to use this, help would be appreciated by me as well.

    ***** [Jan 6, 2001] by Brendan
    This is the coolest thing since ice packs! This package has some of the most recognizable sounds in modern society, like the Nokia mobile phone ring! Sweet!

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