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Today v2.3

Size: 78 KB
Date: January 3, 2011 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.5
  • Today.zip

Author: Jonas Lindstedt
Email: jonas.lindstedt@bredband.net

The Today application gathers information from the built-in applications Date Book, Mail and To Do and displays the things to do today together with current time and date and owner of the handheld device.

Other applications (e.g. DateBk4) can be launched instead of the built-in ones.


***** [Jun 1, 2008] by D.B.
Great app. Couldn't live without it as the saying goes. However the one u download here today is NOT freeware but shareware. :(

***** [Apr 18, 2008] by Datamonk
So useful, I couldn't imagine not having this on my palm now - thanks!

***** [Jan 27, 2007] by Andrei
This little piece of software really made my Visor Deluxe complete. Been using it for almost a year now, and it never game me trouble. Definatly install this one!

**** [Oct 3, 2006] by Domingo Reyes Chairez
Great app, i use it on my t3, but it crashes my zire 72s. How can i make it function on my zire.

**** [Apr 28, 2006] by Doris
Swore by this app on all 5 of my Palm units. SJ22 clocked up to blistering pace, and got crazy digitizer (hard reset) under Today, so have gone to WeeklyPlan for the SJ22, w/ or w/o HR selected. Still swear by it for all other Palms.

***** [Apr 14, 2006] by Craig
Been using this software for a few months now, thought i should write a comment! Download this program, the best app i have on my palm. They really should package this on the Palm install disk

***** [Dec 28, 2005] by John
Wow great peice of freeware.

**** [Dec 15, 2005] by Chris
Great app! I would definitely want 480x320 support and the option to display multiple days, however, for this to be of regular use to me.

***** [Sep 8, 2005] by Sandro Correia
Great aplication! So far the best program i've tried! A "must have" aplication in all palm's! Excelent Work, keep up!

***** [Sep 6, 2005] by DusanB
It is what is is. Perfect! I'm using it for few months now, and it is a ecellent staring point for my daily schedule. Simple, not too busy, easily skinable (if you need to change). It should be bundled in the standard PalmOS package. Jonas, you are the king!

**** [Jul 22, 2005] by Fuzzy Fox
This is a good program. However, true to its name, it only shows upcoming appoints for Today. In order to find out about upcomign events for tomorrow, or next week, one must switch to Week view or scroll around to different days. The Tungsten T3's built-in datebook has a pretty good summary screen that seems to just try to collect upcoming appointments in the next week or so to fill up the available space. If there are a lot of appointments coming up today, it won't show tomorrow's, but if there is nothing happening today, but there is a big meeting tomorrow, it will get mentioned. Since my T3 died and I have had to go back to my old Palm, I now find that I miss the nice summary of upcoming (in the next few days) views. Maybe this feature could be considered for a later version of this program.

***** [Apr 2, 2005] by Nadeem Afzal
A fantastic programme. I was used to pocket pc before changing to a palm interface. It works wonderfully well on my Palm Tungsten C. No bugs, quick and fast. It should be a standard for Palm machines.

**** [Mar 7, 2005] by Tobtan
Excellent but has a problem with advancing floating eventson the treo 600- they do not show immediately - only if you open the calendar do they show on the Today screen.

**** [Mar 2, 2005] by Manny Peter
Nice program! It's free and you stay organized. Thank you to freewarePalm and the programmer.

***** [Feb 24, 2005] by Cody
Friggin' Sweet. It is hard to find good freeware for my Kyocera 7135 that doesnt interfer with the phone part. This type of functionality is the only thing I liked about PPC and it is nice to have on my palm.

***** [Feb 14, 2005] by x-15a2

***** [Jan 7, 2005] by Joe
This is a very good program. The ability to be able to see upcoming events is something everyone needs. I need to be able to synchonize Outlook with my Palm and use KeySuite to do this. Since KeySuite creates its own todo list, calendar, etc. a way of getting the data for Today would be desirable, but for free, you can't have everything. Great program.

**** [Jan 2, 2005] by Richard
Since Sunday, Dec. 26, 2004 the Date section has indicated Week 53. The last I recalled there were only 52 weeks in the year. Is this a bug? I am using v. 2.2.

***** [Nov 22, 2004] by Thomas (Toem) Dornscheidt
Great tool on my Treo 600. I have only 2 problems and the mail address of Jonas Lindstedt is not working. When i use VersaMail i have 5 unread messages more then in VersaMail all the time. And second, when i use "run every 12 hours" instead of "Run always" the Treo screen goes on short every minute.

***** [Nov 21, 2004] by Thomas
Best freeware for my palm m515. thanks.

***** [Nov 12, 2004] by scokal1991
Rates with the best programs for palm OS, a must download. A sugestion is to have an option for it to be the program that launches when you tap the home button.

***** [Nov 12, 2004] by Paul Dashwood
Such a useful program that you wonder why it's functionality is not already an integral feature for the Palm OS. Works great on a Zire.

***** [Nov 8, 2004] by Patrick Lucas
Works great on my T|T3!!! I would like an extra button to jump straignt to the current date (like Go To -> Today) and support for Hi-Res screens (320x480) and landscape mode (480x320) - Hopefully in a future version...

***** [Nov 8, 2004] by Dustin Zack
This is a GREAT program! Now we just need a hi-res version! (And maybe 320x480 for us CLIE users!)

**** [Nov 8, 2004] by silversurfer
Great program! It makes my transition to palm (fr Pocket PC) a smooooother one. It would be great if it can go full screen on my SONY UX50/G. As it is, the silkscreen area is a little cosmetically challenge, otherwise I would have rated this as excellence ***** program :-)

***** [Sep 7, 2004] by Mitja Iskric
Great program! Works great on my [small&BW] Zire. Thanks!

***** [Aug 11, 2004] by Mike Nguyen
This program really helps out a lot because when I first turn on my handheld each morning, I really would like to see what I need to accomplish that day without the hassle of pressing the calendar button when I have just woken up. I also like how the themes that are downloadable for this are really cool. This program makes a Palm OS look like a Pocket PC. That is really cool.

***** [Jul 23, 2004] by gio
I think its great,I thried it on both my zire and zire31.

**** [Jul 18, 2004] by mB
I have a Treo 600, and I just downloaded this great app today. For those using the e-mail app that came with the Treo updater, do you know how to make the e-mail client sync with Today? For example, it always says "No unread messages; no unsent messages." If you have a solution, please e-mail - bym7792@asianavenue.com. Thanks!

*** [Jul 10, 2004] by Tark
This is a nice interface for a Palm. I used it on my Tungsten T however there was one major problem with the Tasks. The tasks with due dates were not showing on the submenu task list until their due date. This is annoying as one cannot look ahead and see what tasks are due. If this feature was corrected I would give it a definite excellent rating. I used the program with Ksdatebook.

**** [Jun 17, 2004] by nk
I enjoy making myself skins. But having a problem on Japanese environment. I like this than complex launcher Apps or Schedular,desire the further improvement.

***** [Jun 10, 2004] by Mangetout
Fantastic application! Incredibly useful and functional. Too good to be freeware (not that I'm complaining!) One feature I'd like (and this isn't a compleint or demand, of course) is to see a summary of email messages (I have a Treo 600)

***** [Jun 10, 2004] by Bary
This is indeed one amazing free application. If it only had an audible alarm and/or vibration when an unread message appered in the Inbox after Hotsync - WOW!!

***** [May 12, 2004] by Ramizan
Wah lau! What a great program! Finnally a customizable skin and favourite shortcuts for my SJ30! Now if only I can find some hires icons...

***** [Apr 22, 2004] by James
This is a great app - it makes the palm so easy to use. Keep up the great work.

***** [Apr 18, 2004] by Nixy (Nicholas.P.Endean)
I spent two weeks or so trying to work out why this ap didnt work in conjunction with DATAVIZ "beyond contacts"....it really got me stumped until it dawned on me that today works soley with the inbuilt date...todo etc components. Well thats what I eventually found out anyway. Having completely rid my Treo 600 of the Dataviz components and reinstalled Today......I am 100% now a dedicated.....happy and grateful user of this top top TOP free application. Only gripe though is that there dont seem to be any nice to look at skins with decent backdrops that also show the clock option. I have tried all of the ones I can find. XP skin is cool....as is the Palm OS5....but they all have awful or non existant backgrounds. I simply want a coloured background without any bells and whilstles that will show off the application screen. Apart from that this TODAY is the best program free or bought that is available today.... Keep up the Cool work...

***** [Apr 17, 2004] by JimThibodeau
Using on a Samsung SPH I-500. I have been using this program for a couple of weeks now and it works flawlessly. All features work as described and I use it every day. A really neat little program.

**** [Feb 12, 2004] by Yummi/b>
It was perfect on my clie sj30. I especially like being able to view the calendar or the today screen by pressing the datebook button. now with my tg50 I can't get that funtionality back. I also cant get the views in the description. Other than that, its a great application. My favorite!

**** [Feb 4, 2004] by Erick
Love the program, but with the latest version the week-view crashes my Clie T665. I think someone else said they had this same problem on the Clie.

*** [Jan 21, 2004] by Bob Chan
It can't be set as a default launcher but it works well in my palm m515.

***** [Jan 20, 2004] by Jeff Gross
I love this. Running it on a Zire 71, it's as good as the iPaq. You done a great Jorb.

**** [Jan 13, 2004] by Nico, Germany
Very nice! I miss only one thing: An option for displaying the meetings for the next x days. If my friend´s birthday is tomorrow, I wouldn´t notice it today...

**** [Jan 12, 2004] by Damien
Very good software, but changing the monthly view screen just provides a blank screen.

***** [Jan 11, 2004] by Todayisokay
It's a great program. Works nice on my dad's Treo 90. I like the built in one on my Tungsten E. This reminds me a lot of it.

**** [Jan 3, 2004] by Jim C
Nice update except for one problem - the week view locks up my Clie T665. I don't know if this a problem just with the T665 or Clie's in general. Otherwise, a great program.

***** [Dec 29, 2003] by Katie Ngan
Thank you so much for creating this jewel. I was considering buying a pricey Pocket PC just for this very function - thank goodness I found this precious little program! I'm recommending it to all of my friends.

***** [Dec 5, 2003] by Ash
Wow! Probably the most impressive app for my palm. I've been after something like this for ages. I'm 13 and have used palm for 2-3 years and this is one of the best ever apps i have used. Very Cool!

***** [Sep 27, 2003] by destiny rain NY
THANK YOU...for this program!! It's functional but boasts an attractive layout, stable, & user friendly w/o compromising on features.
1) Other 3rd party launchers over-ride Palm 515's default launcher. Now I am free to use Today's or Palm's launcher.
2) I have 19 skins (Musique, Papillon, XP..) to match any mood (45 avail). Hide skin & still benefit.
3) Battery power avail in % is tops; & so is everything else.

***** [Sep 27, 2003] by Bubbles
Great Software, I used to have the compaq 3850 and recently got the sony clie, love the today screen. Great Job.

**** [Sep 15, 2003] by Ryan
I have found myself relying on this app more everyday. I also would like to see todo's that are in the future. fix that and you get the fifth star!

***** [Aug 17, 2003] by Shane
Great App! I have it set to appear after every hotsynch so that I can see at a glance if there is any new meetings, tasks or Mail waiting for me. The only thing that is lacking is the ability to make it show all tasks - it will only show tasks that are due on that day, where as I would like to be able to see what is comming up over the next few days (and what is high priority etc), I have had to resort to assigning no due date to any of them :-(. Other than that this is one of the best apps I have found.

*** [Aug 12, 2003] by PopofVromokolarof
That's a fair enough app, but newer versions seem to crash my m105 with a MemHandler exception every time after I turn it on. Even without anything else installed, Today crashes the Palm, as soon as I exit the Hotsync application. Running it on POSE (the PalmOS emulator), it reveals waaaay too many warnings about improper access to specific memory locations and ends with the exception on MemHandler. A nice app, but in the end nothing essential. Make it run stable first, and then play with skinning.

***** [May 20, 2003] by Eleasar
Absolutely perfect programm. Thanx!

**** [May 3, 2003] by Paul Jarmillo
Great app, however, it has not run stable on my device since several versions ago. I enjoy all of the current features but I find that it causes my Palm to crash too often. Granted, this may be a problem with two apps "not playing nicely together" but I am not aware of what the other offending app would be. Currently, I am running version 1.2 as that has been stable for me so far. All in all, this is a great app.

**** [Apr 21, 2003] by Nicola
Application is nice but the graphics on the Tungsten are not as good as they could be. They don't seem to work as well with hi-res.

***** [Apr 16, 2003] by John G
This program is excellent, and would be the exact, perfect thing I had been looking for if it had this one feature: that the "Tasks" feature only showed whateven catagory the "To Do" was set to, and that it used whatever show optioins you had set it "To Do". This would make it more useful, as it wouldn't automatically show every single item in your "to do" list, but only what you wanted it to show (whate category, only uncompleted, only due, etc.). This is the way that Palm own "agenda" display in the Datebook works, and it would be better if "Today" did the same. Other than this, "Today" is the ultimate utility for your Palm, and I am realy suprised Palm didn't have something like this to begin with.

***** [Mar 3, 2003] by Brian Kuriyama
I rate this excellent because I know this is a gret program (from 1.7), but the new version 1.8 doesn't seem to run on my palm Vx. I have no clue yet, but it might not be from that program... Oh well, I guess 1.7 will just have to do...

***** [Feb 23, 2003] by Sedat Atif
Thanks Jonas Lindstedt! Very good app! And freeware!

***** [Feb 10, 2003] by Charlie Lopez
Absolutely amazing. It organizes the screen so much better and is so quick to find my information. Keep up the good work!!!

*** [Feb 5, 2003] by B. Ni
Great program, but takes ages to open on my Clie SJ30 (Palm OS 4).

***** [Jan 24, 2003] by Jeff Spenader
I'm happy to add to the stack of five star reviews of this application. I'm not exagerating when I say that I appreciate it more each day.

*** [Jan 21, 2003] by sphere
Great program but it doesnt integrate well with the phone fiture for kyocera 6035, I really hope they`ll make an update for that phone cause I want to use it.

***** [Jan 8, 2003] by DC
Great stuff!! That was the only thing PocketPC had over Palms.

***** [Jan 6, 2003] by Ken Brown
Great app -- one of those things that should have been included with the Palm platform. But it hasn't worked well on the Kyocrea 6035 since v 1.3. It messes up the "phone" portion of the screen when it's first run when the flip is closed.

***** [Dec 31, 2002] by Robert Lee (Hong Kong)
[Update review] Been using Today since v1.0 without any problems whatsoever on Palm IIIx and Palm V. This version will work on a Palm V upgraded to 8MB RAM and OS 4.1 *but with an incorrect OS checksum*. Thank you from Hong Kong for still making it a freeware. Jonas, you really ought to consider licensing this to Palm for the next OS release and make some money for yourself. You actually have a winner here. Happy New Year to all Today'ers.

***** [Dec 30, 2002] by tiger_bb
You're the best!!! Even if it is a commercial-ware, I will still willing to pay for it.... Thanks for keeping it free!!! Great feature! It's the most essential palmware for my palm ever!!! If there is a best freeware award, you will definitely get my vote!

*** [Dec 30, 2002] by Kirby
Nice app, but has problems with the Kyocera 6035 smartphone. I set it to 'always show on startup' and it doesn't interact well with the phone. It causes the resolution to be messed up on the phone display (when I have the flip closed). If I open the flip to go into palm-mode it works fine. But, it messes up the phone display.

***** [Nov 30, 2002] by Charles Son
This is beautifull and refresh my eyes. Many thanks to the author.

***** [Nov 28, 2002] by RR
The best program for PALM @ the moment. Excellent to use, it really brings out the organisation feature of 'TODAY' where Palm has long lagged behind PocketPC. It tells you everything you need to know to keep you organised, without having to browse through all of Palm's Programs. A true classic. Congratulations Jonas!

***** [Nov 16, 2002] by Paul "The Krow" Dixon
Wow what an amazing aplication, it's "cute" everything youwould want to know when you boot up your palm is in your face. How wonderful.

**** [Nov 13, 2002] by Andrea Pasini
Finally a well graphic utility for our palm devices. It seems that the palm programmers keep a low graphic detail, now we have the right interface. Easy to use and to configure, you can change the skins. For me is a really usefull launcher and a well interfaced way to see my jobs. Jonas, when we can see your site?

***** [Nov 11, 2002] by John
Fantastic program, just how Palm Apps should be, small footprint and easy to use. Works great on my Treo, I have it activate when I open the lid. Please, please can we have more skins. I would like more skins that are business looking. More importantly can I create my own?

***** [Nov 9, 2002] by Phoebe
Cool application for my m130. Thanx a lot man ur indeed a genius!!!

**** [Nov 5, 2002] by Angela
This is a very good program, I like seeing my day when I turn my Palm on. I did encounter a serious problem with the new skins. I installed them last week and then began getting a Fatal Exception warning. After doing hard resets, writing to Palm, reloading data, etc. I finally figured out the problem. Well, sort of! The skins that are not giving me problems are Green, Tulips, Letters, Folders and the Default Skin. If you do load new ones on your Palm, be fore-warned!! Otherwise, a great program.

***** [Oct 27, 2002] by televisionsky
Great program. Look for skins in FreewarePalm's "Graphics: Miscellaneous" directory.

***** [Oct 20, 2002] by Phil Lerner
v1.6 works great on my Palm IIIc but v1.7 crashed requiring reste when first run. I went back to v1.6.

***** [Oct 17, 2002] by Kieran Chan
I live happily with this program. I use EasyLunch Hack to override App button and DISABLE "Always run Today" option. This helps me to maintain same program when power up Palm by the power switch. This program is great ! Thanks to Jonas Lindstedt.

**** [Oct 15, 2002] by Jonathan Davis
[v1.7] Today is a great program, and is worth trying out. Its only downfall is that it needs a "concise" mode that compresses the amount of information on the screen. Sometimes the two-line entries are ridiculous.

***** [Oct 13, 2002] by Barry
For the 1st time, I have an opening page. It usually started at the last application. This is a great little program, and can't wait to see more Themes for Today.

**** [Oct 12, 2002] by CK
Very good interface, as well as the speed. But it will be better if more built-in tools available e.g. beam, VFS explorer.

***** [Oct 12, 2002] by KT
I see some review say that it can't use in sony clie, but my T665C can work. Also, it can display chinese!!!!! Very Good Program.

***** [Oct 11, 2002] by Marv Hall
This is an amendem to my 1st review, when I install 1.7 it crashed my clie T615C, I couldn't get it to work. My problem was the utilitity CRASH that was also installed on my Clie. I had to 1st disable the CRASH software THEN remove it from my Clie. With that program gone, Today works like a charm. If you are having a problem with Today try removing ALL your hack programs then installing Today. Great Program, I couldn't live without it! Thanks Jonas!

* [Oct 10, 2002] by cel
Would have really loved to have this program, but it immediately crashed my sony peg-s360. Please do something for it to work for clie users!

***** [Oct 9, 2002] by taina
I have been using Today for some time now and think its absolutely great. With the v1.7 it doesn't launch Today when I turn on my handheld I was able to set it up to launch at startup. v1.6 worked nicely. Everyone should give Today a try-you won't be dissappointed. Thank you for a fine program.

** [Oct 9, 2002] by Marv Hall
v1.6 was great v1.7 crashed my Sony T615. Don't know why. When it worked, (v1.6) loved the program but something is up with v1.7.

***** [Oct 9, 2002] by Antney
VERY nice looking, very functional and very needed addition to the Palm platform. I would like to say THANK YOU for making this available to us and especially for free! I really missed the Today screen from my Jornada and now I am thrilled all over again now that I am back to the Palm OS. If anyone reading this knows where to get additional skins, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks again!

***** [Oct 8, 2002] by moog
Wonderfully elegant ~ give this a try! (works on my m515).

***** [Oct 8, 2002] by Rob
Absolutely perfect for everything that is happening on the day selected. I have to hand it to the creator : YOUR A GENIUS MATE!!!!! :-)

***** [Oct 8, 2002] by ou_bien
Absolutely necesairy on the clie PEG NR70VH (there is no front buttons).

***** [Oct 8, 2002] by Marlon
I love this program!

***** [Oct 7, 2002] by KaSaMaaN DRaKoN
WHOA!!!...it even looks and werks gr8 on my m100! Thx alot.

***** [Oct 7, 2002] by P.de Kramer
Very good. very usefull.

***** [Oct 7, 2002] by televisionsky
Great software. You need this: get it, install it, link it to the hardware button.

***** [Oct 7, 2002] by Mel R.
I love this guy!!! This program rocks!!!

***** [Oct 7, 2002] by F Pundol
Splendid! I wish, though, that it could pop up notes attached to events or to-do items.

* [Oct 7, 2002] by hotmac
Oops! While v 1.6 runs quite well v 1.7 killed my m515 several times (hard reset). By the way, Today is a real great app (5 stars for that) but with a bug (?) like that... : (

***** [Sep 1, 2002] by R.Waldon
An excellent program! Most useful too. Perhaps you could add a line to tell you when the last HotSynch was. Keep up the good work!

***** [Aug 27, 2002] by Freedie
I love the program. This was the only thing I missed when I switched from a pocket pc. Good job, I do have a suggestion though; there should be a way to remove the arrows from the calendar screen.

***** [Aug 25, 2002] by Jef
Thanks for making this "GREAT" software. I am really happy to use this software for free.

***** [Aug 16, 2002] by LLL
Great! Gathers everything that's happening TODAY on one screen. Good options. Palm should pay the author well and integrate it into the next OS version !!!!!

***** [Aug 14, 2002] by Jonas Johansson
Great app, this keeps me up to date all the time.

***** [Jul 26, 2002] by wanderingrose
Thanks for a great app and it just keeps getting BETTER!

***** [Jul 23, 2002] by Bryan Tan
v1.6 is very nice and user-friendly, but unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the program... So, I had to re-download it again. This time, the new installation crashed my m130! What happened?

***** [Jul 23, 2002] by Dan Holloway
How did I get by without this up to now? Makes knowing what needs to be done extremely useful.

***** [Jul 23, 2002] by Hernando Cardona, MD
Thanks, it works wonderfully. I had to delete Weekview from my TRGpro, as it had a conflict with your application, but thereafter there were no more fatal exceptions, and it seems that I am going to keep it in leu of Weekview.

**** [Jul 23, 2002] by Ewan
A vert well thought out App, but a word of caution - entries 'Hidden' in the Datebook will appear in clear when previewed in 'Today'!

***** [Jul 23, 2002] by M.A. Napier
Excellent update to the Today UI. I really like what the author has done in regards to offering more use of themes. Looking forward to using this on a regular basis.

* [Jul 23, 2002] by ST
v1.6 crashes my Workpad c3 (Vx) for some reason... yet v1.5 [which is really excellent] works perfectly fine... but I don't need the new stuff in v1.6 anyways... the program is slowly getting on the large side.

***** [Jul 22, 2002] by Steve Lovejoy
I love this program. I've used version v1.5 and, now v1.6, on my m500 with no problems whatsoever. I wish the time would update a little faster when turning on the Palm, but the 10 seconds wait really isn't going to make a huge difference.

***** [Jul 22, 2002] by db
Great program. v1.5 used to cause problems with my Kyocera 6035, and I eventually had to delete it and live without. Today 1.6 seems to have all the prior bugs fixed and I love it. The best freeware I have seen. Thanks for making my day even more productive, it gives me time to play on the internet.

***** [Jul 22, 2002] by Mike
Just tried v1.6... and it works great! Lots of the bugs I was seeing earlier are gone. My only suggestion would be to show ToDo's on every line (instead of every other line) when the user chooses not to display Due Date and Priority information. Keep up the great work!

***** [Jul 22, 2002] by Mostho (Italy)
Great Great Great!! Simply, pretty, and indispensable program. Now with this last release it seems perfect on my M515. Thank again!!

***** [Jul 19, 2002] by Stan
Great job Jonas! It works great with my sony t665c! Thanks!

***** [Jul 9, 2002] by Claude Lachapelle
This software is one of the very good and it is free. I am usind the 1.5 version and I cant remove the check mark in the preference «Alwayse run Today», this I dont like, we should have the control on the software on not him on us.

***** [Jul 9, 2002] by Rover Lai
That's a very useful utility for me. Easy-to-use and the pretty layout are my favourites.

***** [Jul 7, 2002] by Griffin
Today is AWESOME! I especially like the title-bar system information. I only wish Today could tell when my Kyocera 6035 Smartphone has unread messages (Jonas, I believe they're in a file called "kwc_messages").

***** [Jul 6, 2002] by Ken Brown
Sorry, on that last comment, I was referring to the Palm-powered Kyocera SmartPhone.

***** [Jul 5, 2002] by Ken Brown
Superb application. Only bug I've seen is that versions 1.4 and up distort the "phone" portion of the screen when the flipscreen is in the closed position and the Today program launches automatically on wakeup. 1.3 doesn't have that problem. But other that that this is a much-needed addition to the Palm -- one of those things they should have built in.

***** [Jul 3, 2002] by Roger Elsasser
A "Terrific Application" and it is "Free"! Thanks for "fixing the Bug" in the May '02 Release that plagued this Visor User. Have "valued" your application for some time and told others of its "value". Great Work!

***** [Jul 3, 2002] by Antonios
Great app! Used 1.4 for some time now. Just got 1.5 and still works great on my Clie320. Good job!

***** [Jul 3, 2002] by Luca
Just a little bug on launching something with Calendar button..... Could you solve it? Thanks.

***** [Jun 27, 2002] by Mathrocks314
I love this app!! Its great! A must have.

***** [Jun 26, 2002] by Terry
Kudos, Jonas, on new features! Only one problem for me: If there is more than one screen full of info, tapping the scroll bar on my IIIe causes a fatal error. CRASH! Never had any problems with your program 'til now. I still love it!

**** [Jun 18, 2002] by Demiurge
Sweet! Here's a really useful, simple app! The only thing I wish is support for the Handera soft grafitti area. But even without that it's a must-use!

***** [Jun 15, 2002] by CLP
I just installed it to my m505 and love it! It shows holidays, unread emails, and the day's scheduled activities. Wonderful!

* [Jun 4, 2002] by PR
Every time I try to scroll down, I get fatal exception error, requiring soft reset. Very annoying. Great concept, buggy program :+(

***** [May 31, 2002] by P.T.
GREAT app! Thanks a lot. I was using version 1.0 until now because newer versions were crashing my Clie S-320. Now I downloaded 1.4 and it works just perfect. Thanks again.

***** [May 29, 2002] by Robert Lee (Hong Kong)
I've been using Today ever since it first came out. Excellent on my IIIx, with no problems whatsoever. This is a must-have app. Cheers.

***** [May 29, 2002] by Bryan Tan
Downloaded v1.4 a few days ago... Well, as a follow up to my previous review, this version is indeed a great improvement from the previous one. I especially like the tiny clock at the top of the app that will also move according to the time, very interesting! Thanks Jonah!

***** [May 25, 2002] by Laude Lachapelle
Just downlaoded the 1.4 on my Palm Vx and work fine. Thank You.

***** [May 24, 2002] by Richard
Causes fatal error when Teal lock is on. But perhaps the best freeware I've seen in a while. Great work.

**** [May 24, 2002] by Storms'End
Nice work. I appreciate the effort. Had a little trouble with the Owner displaying my info, but after reinstalling the app, it worked fine. What can I say, I'm vain. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Note: Downloaders/commentators, please read the programmer's README txt before nagging about any bugs.

* [May 23, 2002] by Droppo
Version 1.4 results in fatal error. Using Palm V (Version 1.3 works great).

***** [May 22, 2002] by PegsGuy
This is a super useful app. It puts the stuff you need right up front, giving you an instant summary of date and time, anything scheduled for the day, any unread messages or things to do, with access to those apps by tapping the appropriate icon. And it tells you the state of memory and battery with a simple bar graphic. Works great on my Clie PEG-S360. Highly recommended.

*** [May 22, 2002] by Gavin
What's with the + and - buttons to scroll between days? What's wrong with arrows? Why is + before - ? Nice app, but UI things like the + - just annoy me. 3 seconds to make it look right.

***** [May 21, 2002] by Peter Lavis
Awesome app. I switched to Palm OS from PPC, and not having a prog like this was the only thing I missed. Highly recomended.

**** [May 21, 2002] by C Herreman
I've used Today since version 1.0 (If I remember). All of them worked without problem until 1.4. It is causing a fatal exception on my Palm IIIxe. I hope the next version works for me. It's a great program.

* [May 21, 2002] by Doc H
Will be a great improvement on v1.2, but causes a Fatal Error on installation on my m500.

***** [May 21, 2002] by Bryan Tan
Wonderful app! I am presently using v1.3, which has been excellent thus far and I presume that v1.4 will be an improvement on a superb product. This is a must-have for all business people who use Palm OS handhelds. Thanks, Jonah!

* [May 21, 2002] by Jonathan
The new version crashed my Visor Prism :-(. PLZ fix it cause Ive liked this program a lot but now the new version just ruined it all for my Prism. Thanks.

***** [May 20, 2002] by Puck22
Outstanding! Simple, uncluttered,elegant and extremely flexible - I can honestly not believe it's free. Runs smooth as silk on my m515, and I'm loaded with 3rd party fun & games, and NO crashes. VERY WELL DONE!

***** [May 20, 2002] by Mike
Great app! It also works on the Sony CLIE S series now.

***** [May 20, 2002] by Joe Famme
Just what I've been looking for. This app brings it all together into one screen. Very cool, Thanks!

***** [May 20, 2002] by A. Villeneuve
Excellent application until v1.4 that crashes on opening on my Palm IIIc and a reset is needed, whereas v1.3 works perfectly well.

**** [Apr 6, 2002] by Bart Goddyn
Great app but it crashes and needs a reset (m505) when several appointments are made on the same moment. Needs to be fixed towards a new version.

***** [Apr 4, 2002] by Geeker
Hey! This apps reminds me of my Pocket PC Outlook interface. Everytime I switch on my iPaq, I see this screen in beautiful colour. Great that someone wrote this for PalmOS.

***** [Apr 3, 2002] by Warren
GOOD FRIGGING APP. I can't say more about it. I have a Palm515 and is working without problems with this app. I am a tech at a staffing company in San Diego and I am constantly busy. This is an excellent "At-a-Glance" app. I have Beamed it have suggested www.freewarepalm.com to all my associates. Keep going with this,.. this is AWESOME!!!!!

**** [Mar 25, 2002] by Alexander
Great application. It would be great to be able to see all tasks for today from the initial screen.

* [Mar 13, 2002] by Luxomni
Fatal error. Crashes a Clie S-360.

***** [Mar 12, 2002] by K. Parussini
I always felt something was lacking on my M100, but never knew what it was until now! Whee! It makes using my Palm that much easier. Now if I can only get it to make my coffee in the morning...

***** [Mar 12, 2002] by ._l_l_l
Just what my Visor was missing. After reading the comments from other people about this program, I noticed that some features you asked for, such as being able to choose the programs(so you could use datebook+ instead of datebook), and having it start automatically whenever you turn it on or after x hours. And its still just 25k. Just a few ideas I wouldn't mind sacrificing space for: let the user choose a program to launch for the clock(such as citytime), be able to list a specified number to do items, instead of just a number(scrolling would probably be required), and maybe add a battery section, with a voltage/percent visual guage. All in all, this is one of the most useful programs I've found.

***** [Mar 11, 2002] by Lock
Always better, always better... Compliments Jonas! :] Very nice and useful pgm, very responsible author. A must have program! :]

**** [Mar 7, 2002] by Jonas Johansson
Needs a colour version.

***** [Mar 7, 2002] by kevgale
An absolutely brilliant app! The only thing I've ever envied about Pocket PC's was the fact that their PDA's resembled MS Outlook. Now you have transformed my Palm m505 into the best unit on the market, purely by a simple interface to my Datebook and ToDo's. Thank you, especially for distributing it as freeware. I look forward to any updates in the future. PS: I have mapped Today to my Datebook button which has freed up my ToDo button for a different app. Also, my Palm has yet to crash with this app. Lastly, the reason why you might have active ToDo's is because you haven't assigned due dates to them. Palm automatically treats them as due today.

*** [Mar 7, 2002] by Rick Urban
Version 1.1 was great, but latest version 1.2 crashed my Sony Clie!!!

***** [Mar 7, 2002] by aXoom
Super, V1.2 works well on my 505, also the run after a defined off time, I would prefer to define this time in minutes, and I like some ideas from other users mentioned here, but I like also the smallness only 20 kb for this fine tool. Regards from berlin.

***** [Mar 4, 2002] by TEREWONG
Comment: Great Application and see if next version can show active to-do tasks.

**** [Feb 26, 2002] by axoom
Looks very good, but can't work with plenty and long calendar entries! crashes my 505 hard - only a system erase bring me my palm back. for the future I would like error free function and for todos a listing or a filter possibility.

**** [Feb 24, 2002] by David Freeman
Fantastic application, especially when combined with the power on hack--so it is the first thing that you see when you turn your unit on! One suggestion that would be a great improvement--allow users to specify which programs are used for each section. I use Datebook+ on my Handspring--but this program only uses Datebook. This improvement would make this application a 5-star!

***** [Feb 21, 2002] by Craig Price
This app previously crashed my M105 but I tried version 1.1 which now works perfectly. I like this function on the Pocket PC's but cannot fault the Palm OS so it's like having the best of both worlds. Clean and tidy interface, and really useful. Nice one!

***** [Feb 17, 2002] by chris
I love. However, I wish you could browse to tomorrow or 2 days from now or 3 days from now. So you could get that useful information.

**** [Feb 8, 2001] by Mike
I had a Pocket PC and loved the Today screen. Really nice to have this on my m505! But there really should be an option to have the Today screen be the 1st thing you see when you turn on the Palm, just like with the PPC.

***** [Jan 30, 2002] by ehay
Nice. I agree w/ fairbankstech below on the selection of apps launched from the tap.

* [Jan 30, 2002] by cornflux
Crashes my clie!!! :( wish I had v1.0 back!

***** [Jan 27, 2002] by Philippe
Excellent programme, couleur de surcroit (Palm IIIc). J'ai traduit l'interface en Français - c'est plus clair tout de même...

***** [Jan 26, 2002] by Jack
Works fine [NO CRASHES] on my Handspring Visor. Very usefull on a quick check of my busy life. Thanks Jack.

**** [Jan 26, 2002] by Kirk
Works great on my prism! I like how you can tap on tasks or calender and be taken to those aps. I am a recent convert to palm o/s from p/pc and it is very nice to have this function back.

***** [Jan 26, 2002] by Web*
Great! Works fine on my m505! Very useful as I've already assigned the datebook button to the application! Greetz, Web*

*** [Jan 26, 2002] by Napee
I like the interface. And should be better if I have a color device. But one thing annoys me, the To Do active task counter is not accurate. I just can't figure out how it comes out with the active task number. I thought this is fixed in this update, but it's not. Quickly deleted off my Palm.

***** [Jan 25, 2002] by packerwidow
I love this! I love looking at just one screen to see what I've got going on instead of tapping from one program to the next. FABULOUS! Great work, Jonas!

***** [Jan 25, 2002] by Nomar Ramis
Very nice looking interface. Works great with the Powerlaunch Hack.

***** [Jan 25, 2002] by Andrew
I tried the version 1.1 on my m125 and it works. Great Work.

***** [Jan 25, 2002] by [osx]moogle
Slight visual artifacts left if you attempt to drag an item up but the program is excellent -- works on this palm v with palm os 3.5.

**** [Jan 12, 2002] by Peter da Silva
If I wasn't already using HotDate on my Palm I might be interested. It certainly looks prettier than HotDate, but I don't think it's as useful: in fact I'd rather replace Today on my Pocket PC with something more like HotDate... :-)

***** [Jan 12, 2002] by Jun
Very useful and simple application. Working great on my Prism. Assigned a button for it. Cool!!

***** [Jan 12, 2002] by Jason Dunn
"It seems so simple and it's extremely useful, you would think someone would have done it before now." They did - it's called a Pocket PC. :-)

***** [Jan 12, 2002] by Sergio Nayar
In fact someone did it before... and that's the exact same Today Screen as the PocketPC OS... :)

**** [Jan 9, 2002] by Nisse
Outlook today now in my Palm!

**** [Jan 9, 2002] by Ron Preedy
Does what it says. Small bug on my (German) version corrected in hours by Jonas - nice one! Would be nice to have alternate options (Eudora vs. Mail; Diddlebug vs. ToDo), but a good example of KISS software.

**** [Jan 8, 2002] by FairbanksTech
It would be really cool to be able to change the default programs that are launched when you tap the icon. (For those of us using programs like DateBK4 or DataViz Mail.) All in all pretty cool.

***** [Jan 8, 2002] by PalmSorcerer
This *has* been done before, just not for the PalmOS. This is a replica of the Today screen for the PocketPC. It's extremely useful for PocketPC's, but it's also a useful tool for PalmOS. Enjoy it, but Jonas was not the first.

***** [Jan 7, 2002] by Lock
Great application, compliments! Simple, clean and powerful. All main tasks of the day in one screen. :]

**** [Jan 7, 2002] by N.C. Weber
Now this is what I would call a D'uh! application. It seems so simple and it's extremely useful, you would think someone would have done it before now. Kudos to Jonas Lindstedt for coming up with it first.

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