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X-Master v1.5

Size: 45 KB
Date: August 1, 2002 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v2.0
  • X-Master or EVPlugBase
  • xmaster.zip

Author: LinkeSOFT GmbH
Home: http://linkesoft.com/
Email: info@linkesoft.com

X-Master manages PalmOS system extensions (aka Hacks).
X-Master is a free compatible successor to Edward Keyes' Hackmaster and offers various improvements, both technical and in the user interface.

  • Easy to use, stable, fully compatible with Hackmaster
  • Safe (and complete) removal of active/inactive system extensions
  • Information about Palm OS functions patched by system extension
  • Support for maintaining various "sets" of active extensions
  • Freeware by LinkeSOFT
X-Master is available in English, German, Swedish, and Japanese.

Update Description:
Version 1.5 (08/01/02):

  • More compatibility enhancements
  • Better support for locking apps like OnlyMe
Version 1.4 (11/28/01):
  • Option to disable all extensions during HotSync (useful for installing new versions of an extension w/o manual prior deactivation)
  • Menu entries to quickly activate/add to current set and deactivate/remove from currentsetFaster switching of sets that only add/remove a few extensions (useful for e.g. XMSwitchSet)
  • Support for activation/deactivation notification of Hacks (useful for developers)
This is mainly a compatibility update, no new user interface features:
  • include new Palm OS 4.0 patch names
  • X-Master will no longer try to activate a patch if this patch is not available on the current OS
  • reversed patch chain list to be consistent with main list (first called extension comes first)
  • supports direct calling from Launcher III
  • support for JackFlash
  • support for Handera 330
  • support for XMSwitchSet extension
  • fixed bug with garbled function names
  • fixed various sets bugs
  • improved sets handling
  • added set refresh functionality
  • reduced space between lines so that 11 extensions fit on one page
  • added light version with smaller memory footprint (no patch info and no sets)


***** [Nov 19, 2006] by bub
Very Excelent App, but would its freeze on a Palm m500?

***** [Nov 18, 2003] by Wilton
Very good program.. thanks! It give me very easy to calculate in any app.

***** [Nov 17, 2002] by Matthias Bode
Works absolutely perfect. I had the original HackMaster registered, but since one of the first versions of X-Master I stick with this. Meanwhile I tried others, e.g. Tealmaster: Reliabilty may be similar but X-Master is easier to use and you can not beat the price. The best thing is a fluent switching between various sets of hacks with XMSwitchSet. You can change from 2 to 20 hacks without any reset. On average I have above 20 hacks installed on my 500m and earlier on my Palm V and never had a problem with X-Master only rarely with badly written Hacks. Highly recommended.

***** [Oct 16, 2002] by CS
v1.5 works fine on my Visor Neo. Had previously used EVPlugBase, which caused numerous soft and hard resets. No problems since I've switched. My hacks now work like a dream.

*** [Aug 10, 2002] by IR
X-Master causes hotsync problems on my m105. The only way out is to disable all the hacks and do the hotsync.

**** [Aug 9, 2002] by Kristian
Handles your hacks like no other. Sets are a boon (I use a Visor Deluxe and have had no problems since v1.1).

**** [Aug 4, 2002] by Pixel Warrior
I have a Palm m105, and have previously been using Hackmaster, which caused many freezes and hard resets. I was not able to uninstall it. After installing Xmaster, it cleaned up all of the old Hackmaster junk and my preferred logo is back at last. I am waiting to see how it performs in the long term, but I am hopeful.

* [Jun 14, 2001] by CrashW
My Palm IIIxe is locked in a Fatal-Exception/Reset Loop after initial launch of X-Master. When I launched X-Master for the first time it stated that it would take over all HackMaster Hacks safely. After those friendly screens, my Palm Reset itself (P 'Boot-up' SplashScreen). then encounters/displays the Fatal-Exception Message with the (functional) soft-reset button. Pressing the soft-reset button begins the process over with no solution. Performing Hard Reset(backcover pin-hole) yields same results. X-Master/LinkeSoft's instructions DID NOT state to deactivate any extensions in HackMaster nor to uninstall HackMaster prior to installation or launch. Awaiting reply from support@linkesoft.com

* [Apr 11, 2001] by Matthew Bevan
This program, while it looks good, crashes and burns badly when ever I install various hacks (namely: Afterburner) and I have had nothing but problems with it. Also, because I'm paranoid, I installed McAffe Virus Scanner for Palm, and lo-and-behold, X-Master is infected with something called "Libertycrack" or something like it. Delete.

***** [Mar 27, 2001] by LÝck
This is so far the best Hack Manager I've ever used. It shows what events hacks are using and it allows to delete a hack without have to uncheck it and go to system -> Delete. It can be set to be HackMaster look like and it reinstall automatically after reset. A must! :]

***** [Mar 13, 2001] by Kathleen McGregor
This is a wonderful successor to hackmaster. I had problems with freezing with hackmaster, and have had no such problem with this. I am thrilled to be able to take advantage of the great hacks people have written. Thanks!

***** [Feb 26, 2001] by William Tanksley
Great and well maintained! I had some crashes with the first version (I too use a Visor), but the upgrade came out quickly and solved them. Much easier to use than Hackmaster, and has some advantages over EVPlugBase (EVPlugBase is very unstable, and its authors aren't working on it anymore). I'm a registered user of Hackmaster, but I'm switching to X-Master. Good job.

* [Feb 8, 2001] by Paul Jaramillo
I had written this bad review for the Imager-X hack, but I later discovered that the cause of the crashes was X-Master. I am using a Handspring Delux. After placing this software on my Handspring, my PDA started to freeze and require a "soft reset". Despite this, I kept using the software until I required a "hard reset" later that day. I had all of those problems in one day. I removed the software and my Handspring runs fine now.

* [Feb 8, 2001] by elfinger
This should be called crash-master because it put my Visor Prism in an infinite reset loop. I had to hard reset and lost all my data. I think I'll wait till version 10 before I try this again, unless other Prism users verify that there are no bugs with this version.

***** [Feb 3, 2001] by TradeMark
Warning! X-Master dated Jan 30 is known to crash Visor Platinums. Get the latest version (mine is Feb 02) to cure this problem.
Otherwise, this piece of software is a great successor to HackMaster. It even shows you which part of the system your hacks plug into.

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