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What Happened to Palm OS

What Happened to Palm OS
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Those who are interested in mobile technologies must have heard about Palm OS. This brand is known as one of the pioneers that could be a par for Microsoft and Apple. Unfortunately, its journey is not as smooth as the other competitors. Many things have happened to Palm OS and each of them mark the history of the company.
– Early 90s
Palm OS won’t be established if Palm Computing did not exist. 1992 is the year of company’s first announcement. They start with a big project: helping Casio Zoomer which at that time is the competitor of Apple. Palm Computing also takes part in Graffiti, the product that could accept handwriting input. Jeff Hawkins, the founder of the company, appoints Donna Dubinsky as the CEO.

– Late 90s and Early 00s
Business runs smoothly for seven years, and the company is trusted to handle various projects. Each of them is dealing with big companies and the products delivered by Palm Computing are always on top class. In 1999, the company releases their product named Palm V, designed to showcase its beauty.

In 2003, Palm Company re-arrange the management and introduces themselves as PalmOne. The goal is providing software system, a competitor to Microsoft. Many third-party companies are ready to buy the system. Unfortunately, this attempt fails and Palm Company goes back to the starting line.

– The Calm Before the Storm
Another six calm years passed but the obsession with software for operating system has not died yet. CES gadget palooza was the first event used by Palm Company to announce its latest product. The OS is called WebOS. As a software, many people admit its innovation and efficiency. This could be a great start if the pre-model is as creative as poker players’ strategies to bet in online site.

As the result of hard blow by Pre-Web OS phone, Palm Company cannot survive and should be sold to HP. This company is valued at 1.2 billion. HP would use the system for their upcoming products, but never make a big profit out of it.

To understand the timeline of Palm OS, it is easier to divide the session to early 90s, early 00s and the time before the management sold the company. All seem to be smooth and good in the beginning, especially because of the innovation is creative, essential and helpful. In the end, they give up.

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