Palm OS 5 Updates Users with New Features!

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Palm OS 5 is a breakthrough operating system which makes anything becomes possible for mobile devices users. Users can have ease in their life because many tasks can be done through the smartphone. Enjoying the gambling games from the site can be done easily with Palm OS 5. Here are the features of Palm OS 5 that you need to know.

– The Enhancement of Security

Most of the users and customers, especially in big companies need to have a guarantee about the security of their data and privacy. This is the most important thing that needs to be figured out by the most operating system. Palm OS knows this better than the other OS, that’s why Palm OS 5 equipped with the best security system its system which can be integrated into the applications.

Not only the application but also based on the company policy wants to implement this security system to protect their data and information. It can be adjusted with the needs of the company itself. Collaborated with RSA, Palm OS 5 covers data encryption 128 bit based on RC4 algorithm and support of SSL for email, web search, and commercial transaction.

– Modern Multimedia Feature

Palm OS 5 also equipped with a bigger screen than before with the support of 320×320 pixels. It brings a new concept of virtual content and world into the highest level which makes the users be able to enjoy video in high definition resolution and support the video recording as well as audio file playback. It makes the user be able to enjoy browsing and accessing the entertainment site with more fun and enjoyable.

– Broad Connectivity

Users tend to choose any technology and operating system which can give then freedom in connectivity. Palm OS 5 gives them board wireless connectivity which supports 802.11b in the system. This will give more supports for Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA network with extended connectivity. This will improve the connection speed which becomes the key point to have smooth and stable internet access to the mobile device.

– Bigger Processing Energy

With the right support of processor for ARM, Palm OS 5 can faster the software program of the device including the modern graphic and bigger data management. The Palm application will have a bigger improvement in performance up to 300 percent.

Palm OS 5 with increased features will make the user enjoy the new experience of having greater device performance. Some increased features of Palm OS 5 are the enhancement of security, modern multimedia feature, broad connectivity, and bigger processing energy. This entire make user can enjoy great access to get more entertainment.