Disadvantages and Advantages Of Using Palm OS

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Disadvantages and Advantages Of Using Palm OS – Palm OS is a mobile operating system developed by Palm, Inc. By using Palm OS, users can enjoy many features for their touch screen mobile with graphical user interface based-technology system. It makes the user experience a new level in streaming on their mobile phone. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Palm OS.

Disadvantages of using Palm OS

However, the user also can’t download the application using the external memory. Of course, this will give a disadvantage for the user with limited internal memory. Since this mobile operating system has been stopped operating, users no longer can enjoy the new features of this OS.

Palm OS used to be a pioneer in the mobile operating system with great graphical user interface technology which can make their user enjoy more applications. Palm OS offers fewer system and extended connectivity to the users. It also weaknesses since the development is stopped nowadays.

– Advantages of using Palm OS

There are some advantages of Palm OS that will be loved by the users. Palm operating system has fewer systems which make it can be operated with any mobile devices so that the users don’t need to upgrade their PDA or Personal Digital Assistant device with the newest one which is expensive. Palm OS also doesn’t need much memory.

Users also can upgrade to the newest version of Palm OS with no worry about their previous applications and data because it will automatically upgrade into the newest version of Palm OS, for example you don’t need to worry about your data in your online casino site because it won’t lose even you upgrade to the newest version. User can enjoy more application in their mobile devices and connect to wide wireless connectivity because Palm OS provides the user with extended connectivity.