Palm OS 5 with A Range Of New Increased Features

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Operating system based on mobile need has been getting popular over the past few years. The reason is obvious that mobile OS allows users to get some kinds of advantage such as using certain apps fit to the need of modern people. System of open source is characteristic of Palm OS, so there will be new apps made by experts outside of Palm developers. One thing you must understand before using Palm is that this mobile system takes benefit of RAM on your gadget. So, external memory cannot be benefited to store data of applications you downloaded. Just imagine when you have limited RAM, so the more memory used, the more your gadget functions not optimally.

Some series of Palm OS has been launched to the market. One of them is Palm OS 5. Compared to the previous series, there are some new features that are more advanced so there will be significant improvement users can benefit from. Greater processing power is one among many you can gain when using Palm OS 5. Acceleration in optimal level will be what Palm OS 5 has to offer, so it will fasten the run of every single application you are using. More advanced graphics can be another plus point of this new series of Palm OS.

Sophisticated multimedia features are also available in Palm OS 5. So, you can watch movies or listen to the music in more comfortable way due to the feature. 320×320 pixel screen is brought by the new Palm OS. It means you can open application in its good way. Extended wireless connectivity is another advantage you can find anytime you use Palm OS 5. So, internet can be accessed in longer span of space making the users more addicted to this OS.

Security is firmly an important part of mobile operating system. This is the reason why Palm OS pay attention to this thing in a serious way. When you use Palm OS 5, what you can get related to security system is something increased. So, you no longer need to worry other people can take benefit from your gadget without your surveillance as Palm OS 5 has something to secure your gadget from hazard illegal access. Those are several plus points provided by Palm OS 5. For sure, at the booming of Palm OS use, this newest series is popular as there are so many advantages to take without any doubt.