Palm OS, Pioneer In The System Of Mobile Operating

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Talking about mobile operating system, Android and iOS are some that catch attention many people due to some advantages people can get from. But in the past, Palm OS was commonly used by many people who have PDA. It is the first mobile operating system offering personal information management through some kinds of application provided in the app store. It is quite a long time users of PDA love using Palm as this helps many things to be easier done. For example, one can arrange many kinds of daily routines digitally by this OS.

To make users of Palm comfortable using the system, Palm offers something to secure PDA. It is a kind of security system letting users locks PDA so that no illegal access is available to do. Another plus point provided by this system is Palm OS always improve graphics so that users can be more comfortable in running an application. Not to mention, made for the purpose of open source make Palm able of providing more apps by which users can get something new for daily activities.

In addition to what plus points Palm has to offer, there are also some kinds of negative side anytime users of PDA using Palm. Limitation on the storage system is one of them. After downloading an application, memory of a PDA will be consumed so this way, one needs a gadget with large RAM as there is no option to store app in external memory. Operating an app is also limited, not like what Android has to offer with multi-tasking. Those negative sides certainly lead to discontinued operation of Palm as the competitors provide more than the company as to offer. But Palm also has something great to remember. This operating system offers maximum security for PDA users.

Certainly the use of mobile operating system is currently basic need for modern people. Not only do people have a chance on working from anywhere they are with mobile operating system but also enjoy life optimally as streaming movies and music is now easily done by mobile operating system. Let discuss what Android has to offer, you can use the system to make what you do daily easier. Palm OS was also popular in the past time and it serves many people just like what Android do now. Despite of the discontinued operation, Palm OS is still remembered to be one and the only in the pas time to help people easier running their life with PDA.