Palm OS, What You Really Need To Know

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Palm OS is platform used for PDA, which was made in 1996. This operating system was widely used at the time PDA booms, just like Android system right now. Palm OS is easy to use and created for PDA with touch screen system. When a user of Palm applies the system, there will be some kinds of application designed for personal information, so PDA user can get a range of benefits such as easily recording daily activities and reminding time of certain activity. In 2007, Palm was owned by ACCESS and then soon changed the brand to be Garnet OS.

Palm OS was the competitor of Windows Mobile on that time. But this operation of Palm was stopped in 2009 due to a range of reasons. What make Palm OS differs from others is that this offers optimal speed and to run the system, one does not need to provide gadget with large space of memory. Aside from the advantages, Palm OS also has some kinds of weaknesses. One of them is the system has no capability on storing data on external memory. And this system for PDA Gadget is no longer in the operation so that there will be no advancement you will come across in the future.

Anytime you use Palm OS, certainly some kinds of features are attached within. For example, you can use address book, notes, mobile watch and security system. Palm OS is said to be pioneer of mobile operating systems popular right now such as iOS and Android. Compared to popular OS that are being popular like Android, Palm has no ability on running multi-tasking, so you need to accomplish operation of an application before you open another one.

Every time you download an application by Palm OS, what you have installed will be stored on RAM so the more you install the application, the more your internal memory lessens. So, it will be something effective to delete an application you no longer use in order that your gadget can run at its best. Palm OS is also an open source, so those who are smart in creating certain applications allowed to participate. This system had made Palm system grows rapidly and users can get many kinds of Apps that are proper to the need of PDA Uses. Unfortunately, this open source cannot survive due to hard competition in the mobile operating system industry.