Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Palm OS

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Palm OS is no longer used in the mobile industry but it is once a popular mobile operating system helping users of PDA to get some applications for daily activities. Developed in 1996, this mobile operating system was soon booming and it can be seen by many people using the system. Created for the purpose of touchscreen gadget user, this mobile operating system offers open-source system. This way, people who are capable of making application invited to get involved. So, there are more and more apps users can find using this mobile system. Palm also provides wireless connectivity by which you can connect to the internet from long distance. Not to mention, this system brings advanced graphics made you easy to enjoy something real related to images of certain apps you download.

Even though this mobile system was usable on that time, this mobile OS also come with some weakness as there is no option to store download app in external memory. This limited option will be a big problem for those using gadget with limited RAM. Not to mention, this mobile OS is also not capable of running multi-task. This way, you have to stop running an app before using another one. A range of benefits provided by Palm OS allows more and more people enjoy life as many kinds of app are available within. Many apps provided by Palm are not developed by experts of the Palm Company but common people who are smarts in programming.

Hard competition in fact made this OS unable to survive but this OS is the pioneer in the use of operating system based on mobile system. Arise of Android and iOs, for example, made this OS no longer able to sustain its features for mobile gadget users. As a result, this OS stopped in 2009. But however the condition is, Palm OS has become a leading in the mobile operating system on that time. This can be seen from the worldwide use of the system.

Palm Operating System is not active anymore but many people still remember how they benefit from the OS. Users of PDA benefited many things from Palm ranging from using notes to mobile watch providing by the OS. It is time to use advancement of mobile system for many purposes. Although you no longer use Palm OS, you still can get other OS providing many good features ranging from gaming to working tools.