Some of the Best Palm OS Software You Need to Have

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Some of the Best Palm OS Software You Need to Have – If you want to take a closer look on the operating systems that many devices use nowadays, the options are quite limited to Windows, Android, and iOS. That is because those three are quite dominating the market nowadays with their products. However, in the past, there is one operating system called Palm OS. This is the kind of OS that was very famous for the PDA. For your persona reference, PDA is the kind of small computer gadget that you can easily use for many different things. You can say that this device was the modern computer in a handheld size. As one of the best software at that time, there are some software that you surely need if you are using this operating system. Here are some of the best that you can try.

– Vindigo
The first software is called Vindigo. On the modern device, you can easily find an application of software called Google Map. Other than that, there are some other mapping applications that you can find. However, in the past there were not many options. Even if you had, not all of them are as good as Vindigo. Yes, this application is one of the best mapping application where most of the cities around the world can be viewed. Of course, there are some limitations, but Vindigo gave you the least limitations.

– Adobe Reader
The second one is Adobe Reader. This software is still considered as one of the best software that many people use to read the pdf file. It is because of the features and access that you can get from this application. In the past, people are using Microsoft Office when they are dealing with documents. However, to make it mobile, they will convert the documents into pdf file and the best application to access that file was Adobe Reader. That is why Adobe Reader is still dominating the market as one of the best pdf viewer applications.

– Crash
The last one is Crash. As you might have known, Palm OS is meant for the PDA device. That means there will be times when you have to deal with problems related with its internal software. That is why the software Crash came for. The basic idea of the software is a bit similar with the recovery tools and some other fixing software that you can find nowadays. However, it is one absolute thing that Crash can only be used with the Palm OS.