Strength and Weakness of Palm Operating System

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The advantages of PalmOS compared to other operating systems are that Palm has a few and fast system requirements so that PDA devices are not needed that are sophisticated and expensive, and don’t require a lot of memory to run properly. Whereas, the weakness of Palm OS is that it does not have external / additional storage media, although it can be filled with a program, software or application but cannot be installed with a lot of capacity because of only memory limitations. In addition, the company that developed Palm has been stopped so the possibility of the development of the Palm program will not be there anymore and the current development may only be in the form of support for Palm’s old product products.

Examples of products that embed the Palm operating system are Palm Treo 680, 750v, Palm Centro, Palm Treo Pro, Palm Pre, Palm 700w, and much more. But here I only explain one of them, namely Palm Treo 680 This smartphone uses the Palm operating system, namely Palm OS 5.4.9 with an Intel PXA270 processor, 312MHz. Some of the features offered are Pocket Express, Microsoft Media Player, Palm files, PDF viewer, Adobe Acrobat reader, eReader, Pocket Tsebatas unes, and Document to Go.

The main features of the current Palm OS Garnet are: simple, single-tasking environment to allow the launch of full-screen applications with a basic, general GUI set monochrome or color screen with a resolution of up to 480 × 320 pixels, Handwriting recognition input system called Graffiti 2, HotSync technology for synchronizing data with a desktop computer, sound playback and recording capabilities, Simple security model: devices can be locked with a password, arbitrary application notes can be carried out privately, TCP / IP network access, serial port / USB, infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, expansion memory card support, set standard data formats for personal information management applications to store, address calendar tasks, and record entries, accessed by third party applications. Included with the OS are also a standard set of applications, with the most relevant for the four PIM operations mentioned.

The Palm Address program stores contact information, typing by several user-defined categories. Entries will be displayed and sorted in last name, first order name (this can be changed only for Company, Last Name order). There are five slots for telephone or e-mail, each of which can be designated Work, Home, Fax, Other, E-mail, Main, Pager or Mobile (the name of the slot cannot be changed). The new Contacts app adds the following features: multiple addresses, 9 new fields: Website, Birthday, More phone numbers, Instant Messaging with fast connections.

Book dates show a simple daily or weekly schedule, or monthly view. Daily schedules have one line per hour, between user-selected start and end times. Clicking on a blank line creates a new event. Empty lines are congested by actual events, which start and stop time are displayed by default brackets on the left side. The new calendar app adds the following features: New day views, use of categories for events, event locations, events can span midnight, event details, birthdays as timeless events. Supports the designation of time zones for events, features lacking in some newer competitors.