A Glimpse about Palm OS You Better Know

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Palm OS was once a popular mobile operating system made for those who like using personal digital assistance, PDA. Designed for touch screen of PDA, this system provides some kinds of application so that users can operate PDA more optimally. Those applications are commonly for the use of personal information management. Using the OS, you can manage your daily routine effectively as this lets you do that paperless. Just imagine you arrange specific schedules right from the comfort of your zone without the need to take any paper for taking note.

Palm OS itself was discontinued due to inability of winning the competition in the mobile operating system industry. Emergence of Android and iOS had made Palm set aside, so it was getting difficult for Palm to bring something special to the users. Some kinds of application users can download with Palm range from address book, personal notes to some applications for personal needs. Palm also offers users of PDA wireless connectivity enabling those connecting to the internet easily. Not to mention, advanced graphics are also available making users of PDA more comfortable in operating their gadgets.

Palm OS then changed the name to be ACCESS and Garnet but still cannot be competitive in the mobile operating system industry. Some kinds of weaknesses of this operating system head to negative perception. For example, users of PDA must provide large RAM as every app downloaded from the system will be stored in internal memory.

Not to mention, limitation of only opening one application in a single operation of PDA result in something impractical so what Android has to offer by multi-tasking certainly set Palm OS aside. One among some benefits remembered by users of Palm is this system provide optimal security, so no one will be able to get illegal access on one’s PDA. Palm is also a kind of open source system letting many people get involved and this can be a benefit with no doubt.

In 2009, the use of Palm was discontinued due to some reasons. However, emergence of Palm OS becomes a milestone of new era in accessing information. Palm made everyone easy to get information digitally. Due to some kinds of limitation on that time, something like multi-tasking cannot be created so, it make sense for the OS to be set aside by the competitors. The weak one will be left behind is a common statement in business, no matter what the type is.