What Exactly Palm OS Is All About?

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For users of PDA, Palm OS must sound familiar as this is the one and the only in the past time helping many users of PDA to manage personal information. Those having PDA have a chance to download a range of apps designed to make life more convenient to run. Not only does this OS offers something like book address and personal note in digital form, but also many kinds of app such as game and music player. So, PDA users can download anytime they want certain apps that they think important for daily life.

But Palm OS is not inactive. Palm Inc as the founder of this system announced to the public that Palm was no longer in the mobile industry. The reason for this condition might be due to existence of other operating systems like Android and Blackberry providing more than Palm has to offer. But PDA users still remember how they benefit from anything provided by the system to make operation of PDA more than what they expected. Security system designed optimally by Palm is also a plus point PDA users get. Another useful feature is improving graphic that made pda users like to access many kinds of app.

Aside from many kinds of plus point, Palm also existed to the mobile industry with some negative points. One among them is inability on storing file to external memory. This way, people need to have large capacity of internal memory. Multi-tasking is not available in the system of Palm. Just imagine people using PDA need to stop running of an app before open another one. It is certainly not comfortable compared to ability of Android that provides feature of multi-tasking. You do not need to close an app as many applications can run at the same time. Certainly this is not what Palm can do to the users.

Palm OS is said to be a pioneer in mobile operating system. It is true without any doubt since what this app has done to users of PDA is just like what Android done to the users. And Palm begins all and then other operating systems follow. Weaknesses are firmly part of Palm due to some limitations on that time. And some business aspects also influence the decision to stop operation of Palm OS. One for sure, Palm OS has become history of mobile operating industry and this system will be remembered until the end of time.