The Developments of Palm OS until the End

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The Palm OS can be considered as one of those best operating systems for smartphone that has died since a decade ago. That is because this operating system was ended around 2006, before the whole project and company was taken by Linux. Even though this operating system was ended about a decade ago, it turned out that the development of the Palm OS was considered as something quite amazing. If you are interested, here are some of the major developments from the first to the last version of the Palm OS that was released more than a decade ago.

The first version of Palm OS or the Palm 1.0 has some starters that many people will consider as something quite common. Some of them are the address and memo book, and also the to-do list feature. However, there is something that many people love from this version. It is the hiding feature that can help you to hide some specific files for your personal privacy. Besides that, this first version of Palm OS also has the handwriting recognition feature that will let you write down something and the system will turn it into text. Going to the second version of Palm OS, Palm 2.0 does not really have a lot of additional applications. That is because there are only two main applications that are added. They are the mail application and the expense application. However, one thing that many people and love is the network connection. This kind of feature was totally new because the world of internet has started around the year of 1997. That is why this OS did not want to fall behind and tried to implement the feature on their operating system.

The Palm 3.0 might be one of those version that has a lot of changes. That is because this version has some extra versions starting from 3.0 to 3.5 OS version. Unfortunately, there are not many changes that you can get from these versions. That is because their main purpose was to maximize the internet function that will help all of their users to use the internet even better using the Palm OS that they have. Going to the fourth version, the Palm 4.0 and up, there was only one version of this Palm OS. Even though, the OS version did not get a lot of changes, there was one major thing that attracted a lot of attention from this OS version. It is the implementation of the USB device as the external storage. With this kind of feature, the limited storage capacity inside the phone will not be a problem anymore. That is because you can upgrade it using the external storage to the number that you want.

The last OS version, Palm 5.0 was originally started with the help of the subsidiary of Palm Company. Under the new name of Palm 5.0 Garnet, there are not man changes that people can find on this last version. It is as if the company just fixed the bugs that they can find on the previous version.