Palm OS: How It Begins

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Palm OS has helped many users to enjoy more access to the extended world of the digital era. Through its system which focuses on a mobile device, especially touch screen mobile, users can enjoy to arrange their schedule and perform many tasks and games. Here is the history of Palm OS.

– The Beginning

Palm OS was developed by Palm. Inc for touch screen mobile in 1996. It was designed under Jeff Hawkins. This operating system was made to help the user for operating their PDA based on the graphical user interface. It provides basic features for personal management and the version later on updated for the use of smartphones.

Palm OS can be said as the pioneer in the mobile operating system which later on developed into some versions which better in features and functions. Technology has developed and people tend to have their smartphones to support their daily activities. They don’t need a notebook nor paper to write down their schedule.

Using the Smartphones or PDA with Palm OS, they can arrange their schedule and manage to open a browser to play games from anywhere and anytime. They can perform their tasks faster and better with a mobile device supported by the Palm operating system.

– The Versions

Palm operating system comes in seven versions and a third party operating system enhancement. The first version of Palm OS is Palm OS 1.0 which is launched in March 1996. The second version is Palm OS 2.0 which is launched in March 1997. The third version is Palm OS 3.0 which is launched in March 1998. The fourth version is Palm OS 4.0 which is released on March 2001.

The fifth version is introduced as Palm OS 5 or people refer it as Palm OS Garnet. This version has new features and advantages that bring ease to its users, such as bigger processing power, extended connectivity access using wireless, modern multimedia features and more.

Palm OS Cobalt released in February 2004 and introducing modern OS features, such as multimedia and security systems. The last is third party operating system enhancement which made some custom modification on some version, such as the addition of Bluetooth on Palm OS 4.0 gadget and more

With the existence of Palm OS on the smartphones, it helps the users to access entertaining content from the browser. It is such helpful and pioneer operating system in PDA and smartphone.